Sunday, May 22, 2011

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  • MaxMike
    Apr 12, 03:37 PM
    A fall release doesn't really matter to me. Getting a Verizon iPhone 4 next week with a different upgradable line. Then my own upgrade in November. Although hopefully the late release later in the year means Apple is working to put LTE in the iPhone 5 :D

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  • mahonmeister
    Oct 23, 01:36 PM
    What's that other program that lets you run windows without an actual copy? Maybe I'll use that. Wait, are they even supporting Vista or just XP?

    Oh I found it: CrossOver Mac. Not sure if it will support Vista though.

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  • cmChimera
    Mar 31, 10:52 AM
    I like it, but I also liked the iPad's Calendar.

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  • AlphaBob
    Jan 30, 10:02 AM
    LOL... my friend, lets look at this logically....

    100% of our income tax pays the interest on our national debt.

    This is absurdly false. In the debt service was approximately $400 billion. In that year personal income taxes amounted to $1044 billion dollars. Corporate taxes amounted to $354 billion dollars, and other taxes (which includes social security) amounted to $1009 billion dollars. The total tax receipts by the Federal government was over $2.3 TRILLION dollars.

    The assets OWNED by the United States (it's citizens and the government), excluding those owned by foreign investors, were $62.5 trillion dollars in 2005.

    So the total national debt is less than 4% of the net worth of the cournty.

    PS: For what it is worth, a measure of a healthy business is a debt to worth ration of 2 to 1. In other words, if the US were a business, it would be doing uncommonly well. Apple would be doing even better!


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  • hooch
    Oct 18, 04:36 PM
    Man, I wish I had enough money for Apple stock!

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  • JLL
    Mar 31, 04:10 PM
    Can someone confirm there isn't going to be a to-do list in Lion? This is ridiculous!

    There is a To Do list in iCal in Lion.


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  • Michael Scrip
    May 4, 01:40 AM
    Originally Posted by Actarus
    3 months... Or more, we don't know, that's the problem. Meanwhile, the Galaxy S2, an outstanding phone(reviews say), will be in the market. Apple, wake up.

    Apple sold 34 million iPhones in the last 6 months... and how many other amazing Android phones were available then?

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  • Mystikal
    Mar 14, 01:51 AM
    At 10:30 this morning Bristol had a few white Verizon pads and a few black 16GB WiFi pads. Neither was what I was looking for. I went to MV, Spectrum, Fashion Isalnd, called Brea and Cerritos - all sold out. I am going back to Bristol for opening time tomorrow.


    Bristol Apple store? Ill be going to Best Buy (Tustin / the District / Costa Mesa, either of those) to reserve an iPad tomorrow. If they happen to have one, ill get a black 16gb WiFi. Ill probably call each store before I go though. Either way, Ill have one by the end of the week it seems.

    And if that doesnt work, Ill try the Apple stores (Irvine and Fashion Island and South Coast.)

    Then if I am totally empty handed Ill just expand outside of the OC if I have to.


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  • appleguy123
    May 1, 10:45 AM
    Appleguy will bring them to you when he leaves the kiddie party.
    There are no wings there, but I can bring him some Gerber.

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  • DagazaGZ
    May 2, 01:20 PM
    My friend is working an overnight with the visual team tonight at a UK apple store. that only means one thing. cannot wait for tomorrow.

    *Crossing fingers*


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  • res1233
    Apr 23, 12:45 AM
    Apple does not have to use two chips. They could just design separate phone for Verizon (just like iPhone 4) which does not support GSM. Not ideal but that's where technology is today. At least Verizon customers could enjoy iPhone 5 with LTE.

    And there we have it friends! This guy has no clue what he's talking about. There are no hybrid LTE/3G chips available yet, so the multiple chips thing has nothing to do with GSM/CDMA. If Apple wanted to support 3G AND LTE which they would have to do considering how scarce LTE is at the moment, the only way for them to do it is to use two chips. Battery life would drain.

    Here's a site for you to consider: Thunderbolt Battery Life (

    This is what people are talking about when they say the iPhone's battery life would be horrible. It has nothing to do with a hybrid CDMA/GSM chip, and has everything to do with the lack of a hybrid 3G/LTE chip.

    In fact, hybrid CDMA/GSM chips exist, and are already being used by Apple.

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  • maclaptop
    Apr 21, 11:30 PM
    Record-breaking quarters and the position as the trend-setter in consumer tech.

    These legal skirmishes haven't and won't result in any major untoward changes to Apple products. We all know this already.


    That and Apples incredible profit is what makes them look so paranoid, petty, and stupid.

    Instead of acting like the world class company they could be, Apple comes across as fools.

    I must admit, I'm much happier being seen with my Galaxy S.

    When one is seen in this town (New York) with an iPhone they look at you like "oh, you're one of those snobs".

    Yet the irony is they're a dime a dozen here.


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  • DaBlackMamba
    Mar 17, 01:25 PM
    2 White Ipads 16GB! :apple:

    Had fun in line too.

    Waited from 7 AM.

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  • twoodcc
    Dec 2, 08:48 PM
    well i'm not very worried


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  • twoodcc
    Dec 2, 06:52 PM
    i'm already over it, in the grand scheme of things it doesn't matter too much. if i were to be credited all the stuff over the years i should have been im sure id have 100s of thousands more points :(

    yeah i'm over it as well

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  • ten-oak-druid
    Apr 29, 07:48 AM
    It's actually 2.4 grams, which may not be a huge difference per se but in a product with such tight parts tollerance to me suggest differences in parts used. It may be the white casing, it may be a reshaped chassis or even a different chip. iFixit will tell.

    Thanks for catching that. 2.4g yes.


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  • DavidLeblond
    Apr 14, 07:57 AM
    You don't need Rosetta, iOS is Intel 64 native. You get a copy with Xcode called the Simulator.

    Uh, no. iOS is certainly not x86 native. When you compile for the simulator, XCode compiles it against an x86 SDK. But when you compile to publish, its only compiled in ARM code.

    So yeah, you can run the CODE on the simulator, but you can't run the published apps on it.

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  • rmhop81
    Apr 26, 02:46 PM
    Not sure what n "MBA" is :confused: - But I don't have a dedicated server, just my normal home PC that I have iTunes on that I already sync my iPhone to. I put it in SLEEP mode - it consumes almost no power unless it's gets "woken up" by the streaming app, after which it puts itself back to sleep. I never have an issue. It doesn't run 24 hours a day - only when I stream or am actually using it.


    MacBook Air=MBA

    A lot of people nowadays only have laptops. I could understand if you have a desktop that you want to come on all the time or is on 24/7.

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  • jmor
    Sep 12, 09:21 PM
    I love them! I've met the couple that makes them and they're all done by hand. Very sturdy and obviously, very beautiful. They look great on a shelf and feel even better in my hand.

    They're very nice and I love the look, but a little too expensive maybe soon if I can justify the purchase.

    Jan 30, 03:44 PM
    I just ordered this bag

    I was just looking at this one, it looks huge on the site. If you could, shoot a line back on what you think.

    Apr 24, 11:26 PM
    I have a friend that has had his iPhone 3g on T-Mobile for a year:confused:. He got it unlocked (T-Mobile had to have his phone to do it) and he was on the service! Problems he had with AT&T made it possible.

    Apr 12, 09:01 AM
    Looks like ill be going to Android.

    Apr 1, 07:21 PM
    My 1 year-old a couple of days before his first birthday (click for larger).

    Jun 6, 08:23 AM
    Where's the personal responsibility/Apple shouldn't do things for their customer comments? I thought that was all the rage now a days...

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