Tuesday, May 31, 2011

assassination of franz ferdinand

assassination of franz ferdinand. Archduke Franz Ferdinand
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  • zwida
    Sep 6, 07:52 PM
    It's too bad that these Hollywood execs will not let Apple handle how movies will be distributed.

    Apple will win them over, I suspect. Or rather, the dollar signs in their own eyes will win them over.

    That is, if it works (which I guess I have to believe it will).

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  • Raska
    Mar 31, 06:01 PM
    A few things I've noticed in playing around with Dev 2:

    You can now switch between blue and graphite in the 'Appearance' setting of the Appearance pref pane.

    Full-screen Safari now hides all tabs and the bookmarks bar unless you move the cursor to the top of the screen.

    Mail now auto-hides account and RSS information and just displays the inbox and message view.

    Instead of the Menu bar sliding over top and away when moving to/from full-screen app to desktop, the full-screen app stretches itself in sync with the menu bar.

    If I notice anything else I'll post it up.

    assassination of franz ferdinand. Archduke Franz Ferdinand
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  • twoodcc
    May 8, 11:03 PM
    Thanks, I hope this will be my best month yet, we shall see...

    you and me both. i've got this month and most of next month before i'm going to have an outage

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  • Stella
    Jun 23, 11:42 AM
    This doesn't sound like Apple at all. I call shenanigans.

    And HP Touchsmart sucks (to me).

    Agreed - Apple just don't implement features 'because they can'. There has to be a benefit to the user for adding touch screens on a desktop. Apple generally don't do gimmicks.

    Perhaps there's a new iMac in the pipeline, redesigned to take advantage of touch screen interface?

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  • ingenious
    Aug 20, 02:39 PM
    As far as sharing in your range. Again a waste of battery to support this. I have what I wnat ton hear for the most part. I don't much care to drain my battery searching other users' libs (that will come and go as they wander around and in and out of range - oh great, I found a cool Streets video I don't have!! Oh wait he just left range!!!), it's short-lived enough already.

    I think a better idea is just a listing of what others around you are listening to. You can choose (by using the (->) button like in iTunes) to look it up and either buy it or listen to a preview.

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  • Al1n
    Apr 11, 07:26 AM
    I never drove a manual in my life. LOL.
    So, no, i can't drive a stick shift car. :)

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  • HecubusPro
    Sep 6, 06:06 PM
    Personally, I wouldn't want to DL a large movie file without the option of being able to burn it to DVD so I can have that tangible hard copy that makes me feel safe and warm. Then I wouldn't have a problem deleting it off of my hard drive.

    I could be wrong, but I don't see them dealing with rentals. Most people still don't have fast enough connections to warrant downloading a big movie file when they can just have it delivered to their door via Netflix or they can head down to their local Blockbuster and have it right away. Same goes for purchases. I like having the retail box. It just makes me a little bit happier. :) Now, if they offered HD downloads, I'd definitely be interested in that, even if it is a super big file.

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  • Deej
    Oct 23, 06:44 AM
    Could it *really* be true....??? :D

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  • Surely
    Nov 24, 12:41 AM
    Not really, The reason I spent the money on Oakleys is because from what I've read and seen, Oakley's are tough and will last you years. But also if I travel and don't wish to wear them I want to put them somewhere where they will not be crushed, or drowned, or broken.

    I'm also planning on going into the Coast Guard, So if/when I travel or etc, I want to take great care of my equipment & personal belongings.

    I got that size because it was the smallest water proof size, I also plan on getting another pair someday.

    When I spend $200.00 on a pair of sunglasses, When they are not on my head, I want them put away.

    Totally overkill for a pair of Oakley's, but hey, that's your choice. They're not our sunglasses.

    For the first visit i had to pay 154.00 when i broke my toe 4 weeks ago. This time I had insurance so I don't know how much it will be. i've been going to this guy for 13 years im sure they have me on some discount program hahah.

    That just makes me sad.


    Moar of these:
    http://www.singleservecoffee.com/pictures/IMGP3839.jpg x 50

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  • balamw
    Sep 6, 07:07 PM
    Honestly though, am I the only one who thinks they should change/add/replace iTunes and just keep it for music, and make a separate app for videos & films? The "iTunes Movie Store"? That sounds like the "Home Depot Car Dealership & Laser Tag Center".
    :p I concur. iTunes is getting too busy with Music/Audiobooks/Podcasts/TV Shows and Video already...

    As some have suggested perhaps "Showtime" refers to something like a new app...


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  • kretzy
    Aug 7, 03:52 AM
    Any Aussies staying up? I think i will have to.
    I'm still considering my options. I'd like to stay up but it starts around 3am here and I have to be at uni by 10am and Tuesdays are my fullest day. I might try to get to sleep earlier than usual around 12 and then get up for it.

    Stupid timezones.

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  • MacinDoc
    Sep 5, 12:12 AM
    Would something in this realm be feasible for the mini updates? Just wondering while waiting for updates. Of course this is very vague on my part.

    $499: Core solo - 1.5
    $599: Core duo Yonah - 1.66
    $699: Core duo Yonah - 1.83
    $799: Core 2 duo Merom - low end (Not sure what that is)
    Won't happen, all Core Solos are now the same price as the 1.66 GHz Core2 Duo. So, the Solo is dead. And, regrettably, a price drop is unlikely.

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  • aiqw9182
    Mar 24, 05:12 PM
    I am talking about graphics capabilities now.

    Actually, you are just confused and trying to back peddle:

    You are talking DirectX version numbers(which already has nothing to do with what we're talking about and has no bearing under OS X) in relation to OpenCL when OpenCL has nothing to do with DirectX? Something doesn't add up here.

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  • razzmatazz
    Aug 6, 11:21 PM
    i dunno if this has been cleared up in any other posts or whatever, but does anybody know if there will be a live quicktime video feed? i figured if steve is going to be demo-ing stuff in leopard, he'd want the hundreds of thousands of people to actually *see* it! anyway, just curious.


    There won't be a live VIDEO feed. Just the live TEXT feed supplied by MacRumors

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  • rasmasyean
    Mar 19, 12:53 PM
    Umm kind of hard to do this with out the US and its military power. My understanding is the US it mostly going to provide support for it but not as much of the combat forces. The support being things like aerial refueling as we have the most of those flying gas tanks. They will circle over the Mediterranean Sea refueling planes going to and from missions. Kind of key to extend the range of the fighters and Fighter bombers.

    Other thing the US I believe will provide is cruise missals as that they can launch from the Mediterranean Sea. This mostly to take out the Air Defenses. They might provide a few bombers to help take out artillery
    US is not taking the lead. But is providing support. US is going to have the other countries really provide most of the planes needed for this.

    Actually, the US is supplying EWar and Communications as well. The AWACS (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Airborne_Early_Warning_and_Control) planes themselves can be considered like "mother ships" of today and fill command and control functions.

    Command craft often make the decisions and lead attack and defense tactics. It's not necessarily the ppl who have the "front line" forces are in the ones who are the major player. "Fighter planes" are just like drones with people in them. They follow orders and do not lead anything. It would be like saying the marines are the leading authority in war. They are not. They are just machine operators who pull the trigger.

    It's really too early to tell what we are going to see, because they never tell you anything. Maybe with this rag tag army, you don't need $billion stealth planes to beat them up so you might not see these kind of things. Maybe later on you will see some predators or some crap only, who knows. But for now they just give the press a story and if the reporter steps out of line, they get him fired, like Geraldo Rivera during the Iraqi Freedom.

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  • Al Coholic
    Apr 3, 10:36 AM
    Since the iPad does nothing useful this appeal to the wimpy "feelings" crowd is no surprise. Replace the iPad with a pair of pants and this could easily double as a Levi's commercial.

    assassination of franz ferdinand. Archduke Franz Ferdinand
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  • cecildk9999
    Nov 28, 10:03 AM
    I know that it's not quite fair to compare the two right out of the launch (a baby product versus a mature one), but MS didn't help themselves by setting up this product to compete directly with the iPod. If they had tried to target a different market (maybe primarily video as opposed to music), they might have more success, and let the hype build from there. But the way they seem to be playing it now, they're going to just throw a lot of money into something that will be in Apple's shadow. It'll offer a compelling alternative to some, but will not necessarily convince too many to become switchers. :p

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  • Mokona
    Apr 27, 07:25 AM
    Geez... You guys talk about intelligence...

    I actually feel more stupid after reading this thread.
    Real knowledge is knowing you know nothing. How are we to say "apple thinks this" and "apple should do that"?

    Being the crass business student I am, I say, let Steve do what he wants. Should Apple die, let it. Multimillion dollar corporations come and go, and if it goes it will be replaced by something different (probably with as many fundamentalists following it as apple has). This entire thread is just unnecessary. (and so's the petition, sorry.)

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  • franswa za
    May 3, 04:55 AM
    took 5 versions of the iphone, 1 version of the ipad and a s-load of developers to get here.


    Apr 20, 08:20 AM

    The 6950m and 6970m are also available in 2gb models. That would help with the larger resolution of the 27" display. Let's hope for that as well!

    Apr 21, 12:02 PM
    It's not a terribly big concern for everybody I'll admit but for those it is a concern to, this is a sale killer for all of these little GPS enabled electronics. Their safety is worth waay more to them than some piddly little iToy or other GPS enabled microdevice. Even normal cell phones and credit cards allow for too much risk.

    Mar 21, 06:13 PM
    Perhaps square miles would be a more useful measure. ;)

    A simple omission of single word qualifies the person(s) as 'illiterate'?

    BFD. :rolleyes:

    Apr 2, 08:06 PM
    I really like this ad. Maybe this will be the new direction of Apple's marketing?

    I liked the ad too. It seems Apple was finally addressing the bazillion iPad wannabes and to some extent the gazillion iPhone wannabes, who's commercials tout the latest tech specs or a keyword like 'lightening fast' but yet fail to demo the everyday usefulness. Something Apple has long touted in its iPhone commercials let alone their iPad ones.

    Beat that Xoom! I don't want to feel cacooned by my tablet and I don't want my eyes turning into the next Terminator. I want technology to get out of the way and just work while the ad points to what would be useful if I purchase one.

    Apple, for it's iOS devices, have nailed that roadmap! :cool: :apple:

    Nov 26, 02:42 PM
    The quad core CPUs in Xserve definitely make sense. However, I'm not sure what you're saying.. Apple started shipping Xserve on Nov. 1st with the dual-core Xeon CPUs and they're currently listed with 24hour shipping times.

    They shipped the XServe but there is no longer an XServe Cluster node model. Apple used to ship a stipped down XServe with only one drive. You used to be able to get dual processors in the Cluster Node for the price of a single Proc XServe [proper].
    The Cluster nodes had better price/performance but they weren't designed for running real 24x7 server tasks.


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