Tuesday, May 31, 2011

sunny leone wallpaper

sunny leone wallpaper. sunny leone wallpaper. sunny leone wallpapers. sunny leone wallpapers. akw. Mar 20, 05:50 PM. Echoing a comment I saw elsewhere,
  • sunny leone wallpaper. sunny leone wallpapers. sunny leone wallpapers. akw. Mar 20, 05:50 PM. Echoing a comment I saw elsewhere,

  • Machead III
    Sep 7, 08:07 AM
    Judging by the ratings, I get the sensation that some of us here don't like disney movies.

    Like I've said already, Disney own Touchstone and Miramax, both of whom have a vast catalog of films between them covering practically every genre.

    Miramax also pick up the odd non-English language film too, which is important for serious film fans. I know a whole bunch of Jean-Pierre Juenet and Adurey Tautou movies were, like "Un long dimanche de fiancailles" and "A la folie... pas du tout", both of which are fricking brilliant.

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  • daneoni
    Jan 4, 05:02 AM
    Im not really holdng my breath.

    Sales and figures

    Leopard pitch

    iPod updates (excluding Nano)

    iLife/iWork updates (Lasso?)

    Mac Pro updates

    Display updates

    I think thats it. Then further down the line...say April/May/June, we'll get iTV, iPhone, MBP/MB updates etc. I feel a Leopard release coming on at WWDC. iPod refreshes and more iTunes content in october and then Merry Christmas to all.

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  • mdntcallr
    Aug 24, 11:48 PM
    lets hope they do more than just put in a new CPU.

    ie a bigger better macmini

    Also, i echo the thoughts of looking forward towards a new MBP (hopefully in new design also)

    People also believe the iMac is due for a refresh, even new form.

    To be honest, I hope Apple does over all those units and announces some killer new ipods.

    basically to launch an entire new line of consumer products for the fall winter season. Would love that!!

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  • ErikGrim
    Apr 4, 07:25 PM
    I don't know about this whole fullscreen mode thing. The more "features" they add, the less I like it. I like to see pertinent information at a glance. I don't understand why the menu bar has to be hidden. I lose the ability to see my battery %, wifi status, even the time of day at a glance. All for what? to save 20 pixels of space? I'm sorry but if you need screen space that badly you should invest in a bigger monitor. Even the iOS devices leave the information bar at the top... :o

    Just my thoughts...
    Then don't use full screen �? No one is forcing it on you.

    I use full screen for mail on my 27". Would be useless to put Safari on FS on that size, but I can see why it would be useful on an 11" Air.

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  • BC2009
    Oct 25, 05:58 AM
    Bullcrap. WTF looks through CR to read bad reports? I look in it to find the BEST performing and quality products, not the worst. I only care about the worst if it was something I was considering at which point I take a much closer look.

    I agree with you on that point -- nobody looks through CR for a bad report -- but you missed my point. If I am NOT a CR subscriber and the news comes out with some big thing CR uncovered then I am more likely to think "Wow, CR is a great publication -- I should subscribe". But if CR releases yet another glowing review of something from Honda, Apple, Toyota then I would think "I already knew that -- those are good brands".

    CR gets notoriety in the media when they uncover something on one of the brand favorites. It also helps give them credibility with the masses by going after these guys. Sometimes they are over-zealous in their efforts. Their reviewers have personal bias too and I fully believe that comes to play in their reviews. It was just over obvious in the video they released on iPhone-4. The reviewer's little attempts at humor tipped his hand. Watch the video again and ask yourself "was this an unbiased reviewer?" The answer is an obvious "No".

    The reviewers at CR make their mark by uncovering the missteps by the big-name brands. Its how they build their career. Apple is a big target for any of their reviewers (as are any automobile manufacturer when it comes to safety issues -- these are big news).

    I've never seen the 11:00 news lead with a story on "Consumer Reports says the new iPhone is the best", but they are certainly going to lead with "Consumer Reports says Apple's new phone is fundamentally flawed". The reviewers know this and they look to get the big story. They are human and their personal motivations play into what they do, just like everyone else.

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  • lordonuthin
    Mar 18, 01:30 PM
    ill try my best to explain haha.

    its running off my imac i7 machine (in sig).

    edit: ok dw i installed the system preferences pane and now its running fine :D (didnt realise there was one!). is there anyway to control the amount of cores/CPU usage? and also to view the images of it computing? check your stats? hehe

    my network usage is sitting on 9.4MB/s now. how odd....

    As far as network usage, the folding clients seem to do quite a bit of that for some reason, I haven't heard a good explanation for it though, but I have really looked for one :p

    I think there is a place in the last pane for additional parameters you can add "-smp 8" (without the quotes) or other parameters like "-bigadv" if you have a key. I can't remember now how to get the key :rolleyes:

    Glad you got it going finally:)

    A good stats site is kakaostats (http://kakaostats.com/tsum.php?t=3446)

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  • cube
    Mar 24, 03:02 PM
    OpenCL /DirectCompute are COMPUTE tasks that are hardly anything currently supports(both of which support hardware before DX11, completely eradicating the point of even bringing that up in the first place). You do not have a better CPU. In theory and vaporware tests you could outperform Sandy Bridge by itself. But Sandy Bridge with a discrete GPU will smoke Llano with a discrete GPU any day of the week.

    I'm not talking about using a discrete GPU, but about what you can do with just the CPU (or should I call it "APU"?).

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  • Lord Blackadder
    Mar 7, 01:34 PM
    All this said, I've never needed any additive myself, car is never garaged, and has never failed to start as of yet.

    A neighbor of mine drives a ratty looking 4th generation Jetta TDI. She has it on an engine block heater, not sure what she does to prevent gelling but it works just fine, and we've had sustained temperatures well below -10F.

    So while it may require steps to be taken to prevent fuel gelling, diesels will run just fine at very low temperatures.

    Was only a young kid when that Focus was around.......

    Anyway, when the current US Focus debuted back in 1999 I believe it was, it wasn't a bad car. In typical bad Ford fashion, it was left to rot on the vine. It got a heavy redesign/MCE for the 2008/9 MY I believe it was, but it was too late. The 2012 Focus is so much better. Although I prefer the Chevy Cruze.

    My brother has a Mk1 3-door hatch Focus with the 2.0L Zetec four, and while I'm not a huge fan of the driving position I think is a great little car and miles ahead of what GM was making at the time. Unfortunately, Ford kept the Mk1 for sale in the US (with only facelifts) for way too long, and towards the end of its run it was pretty dated. The new one is a very nice car, and the arrival of the Fiesta really strengthens Ford's small-car lineup.

    I imagine that Ford will be keeping an eye on GM's diesel Cruze (if it happens) to gauge popularity. A diesel Focus or Fiesta would be a good addition to the lineup. I may be wrong, but I think that Ford uses their own diesel engine in the European Focus.

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  • neko girl
    Mar 20, 11:38 AM
    Several court rulings have placed the rights of Gay people above the rights of people holding religious beliefs.
    I'm all for the distribution of the app on grounds of free speech (which may or may not apply to a curated app store like Apple's). However, I do like the ignorant statement you just made here, that I've quoted.

    Can you give me an example where the basic RIGHTS of a religious person was violated by upholding gay rights?

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  • dr Dunkel
    Apr 20, 06:03 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3_2 like Mac OS X; sv-se) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8H7 Safari/6533.18.5)

    Yeah, following industry standard is boring :D

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  • Bodhi395
    Jun 22, 12:47 PM
    I don't see this happening in the next year or two, and certainly not in the next 60 days.

    I agree with some others that the implementation of a dual operating system would be clunky and I can't imagine Apple making such a mash up. Apple is all about simplicity, and I don't see this happening until they can make a simple user interface.

    I also think the current design of the iMac would be horrible for a touch interface since its vertical, and a touch interface iMac would need to be flat or slightly slanted.

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  • AppleIntelRock
    Dec 31, 12:18 AM
    I'm still not toally sold on the whole iTv thing. Hopefully an apple TV would have one of these built in. $299 seems very expensive for such low quality files.

    sunny leone wallpaper. sunny leone wallpapers. imacintel. Aug 29, 08:51 PM. Why do these quot;tree-huggersquot; have to interfere with business? Apple does what they can to have more
  • sunny leone wallpapers. imacintel. Aug 29, 08:51 PM. Why do these quot;tree-huggersquot; have to interfere with business? Apple does what they can to have more

  • hellomoto4
    Mar 31, 06:45 AM
    Does the realistic texture show up only in full screen mode, or is it that way all the time? In a window, I think it might be distracting, but in full screen, I don't think I would mind it.

    It shows up in both full screen and non-full screen. Totally agree though, it definitely looks better and less distracting in full screen.

    Can you post a screenshot?
    Non-full screen: http://grab.by/9LUu
    Full screen: http://grab.by/9LUv

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  • funkychunkz
    Jul 20, 04:40 PM
    I feel that I'm part a cult right now.

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  • cooljoe349
    Jan 24, 09:57 AM
    Is that the 2011 or 2010? How is it treating you so far? Looks amazing.

    2010 and it's amazing. No problems at all.

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  • woodbine
    Apr 21, 11:39 AM
    WTF are bad actors? I can think of several, nay hundreds of bad actors...but I wouldn't necessarily put them in the same sentence with criminals.
    Is this an "american thang"
    Me British :cool:

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  • Irishman
    May 3, 06:17 PM
    The i7. I actually have an i7 920 in my PC but the sandy bridge is still a good upgrade.

    I'm not jealous :)

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  • jettredmont
    Aug 16, 02:24 PM
    It's a shame there's almost no way Verizon will carry an Apple branded phone. I just don't see it happening. Looks like I'll have to get an LG Chocolate for music on the go...

    If Apple does an "unlocked" phone (meaning, the kind of phone that used to be the rule, not the exception, which wasn't locked to a specific service provider) you'll be able to use it on Verizon (of course, assuming it supports Verizon's connection mechanism, which is different from Sprint or Cingular, but most of the phone manufacturers out there have no problem with this).

    The downside, of course, is that you miss out on the 2-year financing offers from Verizon, and still have to pay for the 2-year financing (your rate isn't any cheaper if you don't take their "free" phone offer...). That having been said, the US phone companies offer crap for long-time customers ($100 off a phone for signing up for another 2-year contract? Puhlease!) and IMHO it makes more sense to just get the damned phone you want and throw that $100 "discount" aka high-interest loan away than confine yourself to Verizon's pathetic arsenal of hobbled (key features disabled, etc) phones.

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  • Soura2112
    Apr 12, 09:49 PM
    64Bit, 8 Cores...... Perfect for my new Mac Pro! Very excited.

    Thankfully never paid attention to the negative people pre NAB show.

    Mar 24, 01:54 PM
    Would definitely be great if they would just support off-the-shelf graphics cards. I'd be a little surprised, but I've given up saying that Apple will or won't do something just because of their prior decisions.


    Well, it seems like the fabled xMac is finally coming for some... :rolleyes:

    Nov 15, 04:22 PM
    They're going to have to go multi-thread capable, demands on consumer software is only going to increase as we take what is cutting edge today and integrate it into everyday life.

    Yes, and apple can start with QUICKTIME... for heaven's sake.

    Jul 19, 08:25 PM
    Leopard will ROCK, is a lot faster then Tiger and has a lot of new functionality. They are not even going to show all the stuff under the hood at the presentation.

    Source? :rolleyes:

    Oct 24, 02:35 AM
    Because all the current Apple rebates and promotions in the USA (and I believe a few other places) are good only on purchases made on or before 10/24 (tuesday). 10/25 obviously places the release after that date... It also coincides better with the Apple London Expo and the Adobe Event in Vegas.

    I guess we'll find out shortly, eh?

    they have another promo that runs from 10/17 - 1/22/07... i sure hope they dont wait for this to expire... although that is right around MWSF
    shortly it is... only 9 more hours

    Mar 21, 07:11 PM
    What people don't understand is that Apple is dying....
    Everyone is buying IBMs and if Apple doesn't do something then they are dead.

    Not exactly. Everyone's buying DELLs.

    And, For What its worth, apples market share may be lower over time, but thier installed/customer base IS increasing. Just not at the same growth level as the Big Players. The only thing that prevents apples larger growth is largely microsoft.

    When customers cant access the website they want, take classes to learn MS office only on PC's because the mac version is different, cant use all the same peripherals as windows users (not as bad as it used to be for sure) etc, apple will grow slower than the bigger PC companies.

    How come Acer isnt dying with its meager 3 percent market share?
    Lower prices don't seem to help them that much...
    Its much more than price that determines market share, things like advertising...which is what apple is actually doing for the iPod.

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