Tuesday, May 31, 2011

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deformed white tiger pictures. deformed white tiger pictures. grotesquely deformed; grotesquely deformed. AndrewR23. Apr 11, 11:23 AM. I hope not. I want the 5 now :)
  • deformed white tiger pictures. grotesquely deformed; grotesquely deformed. AndrewR23. Apr 11, 11:23 AM. I hope not. I want the 5 now :)

  • montycat
    Mar 23, 08:16 PM
    I love my iPod Classic. :D

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  • Sergeant Pepper
    Feb 18, 02:19 PM
    http://f.cl.ly/items/0D1G0S3G0Q1T3C2t462t/102_1807.JPG http://f.cl.ly/items/030l1n3b2q2s3W1k2P2J/102_1808.JPG
    http://f.cl.ly/items/081B0d3X0l1d3236063r/102_1809.JPG http://f.cl.ly/items/3g3Q371E03180r3O1p2d/102_1810.JPG

    What You See
    � 22" Dynex HDTV
    � Early 2008 White MacBook
    � Apple Magic Mouse
    � Apple Bluetooth Keyboard
    � Kantek Monitor Stand
    � Griffin Elevator Laptop Stand
    � Nintendo Wii
    � Sony PlayStation 2
    � Seagate 1 TB External Hard Drive
    � $30 Salvation Army Desk
    � $10 Thrift Store Chair

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  • Krizoitz
    Mar 21, 08:13 AM
    and since Apple is missing the market so bad its sales have sunk to the lowest % in its history. there will come a point that it wont matter how much money is in their bank because no one will be buying the stuff. Look at iJon even he uses a PC for gaming. most people dont have a pc and a Mac so what do they buy? a PC.

    It doesn't matter if they sell to a market where the won't be able to make money and will likely lose money. Apple isn't a commodity PC dealer like Dell, they dont' sell in quantity, they sellin quality. As for gaming, sorry gamers make up a small percentage of the market, and since most games are PC first/PC only it doesn't make sense for them to buy a Mac anyway. Is it getting better? Yes and maybe that will change someday, but that doesn't mean squat right now. I think Apple is doing a fine job. What frustrates me is no matter how good they do for some people its never enough, they seem to want Apple to sell a 9Ghz Quad proccesor G6 with a terabyte of ram and a 200 petabyte harddrive with dual 30" plasma screens for $299. Give me a break.

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  • NebulaClash
    Sep 15, 10:34 AM
    CR wants them to include a free case in the box at the time of purchase. Isn't that a MORE "simple, free, and easy" solution than what Apple did and are now doing away with? Apple's solution is no longer "simple, free and easy" after Sep. 30th. BTW - it took 7 weeks for me to receive my case.

    Yes, that would be even simpler. I don't view this as a big enough problem to make me indignant that Apple didn't go that extra step, but I guess if you are one of the few who have a real world problem with the iPhone 4 it feels much worse to you, and I can understand that.

    Whenever there is a consumer product that does not work for a percentage of its users, that percentage is up in arms and everyone else wonders what the fuss is about.

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  • imac_japan
    Apr 6, 10:54 AM
    Next Commodore 64? You know Commodore started selling computers after Apple, sold fewer computers than Apple, and is gone, right? Why the Hell do you want Apple to be anything like Commodore?

    Because the Commodore 64 sold better than anything Apple has built and it was cheap !! It was a computer for the masses....

    Thats what Apple needs.....All this Apple makes the best computers etc etc debate is pointless...

    They may be making money but the mac is not spreading...the ipod is ! Apple needs to push both lines

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  • hansolo669
    Feb 24, 09:53 AM
    how do you drive a monitor like that? I tought that both HDMI and DVI has respectivetly 1920*1080 and 1920*1200 as max res. ! am I wrong?

    dvi (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Digital_Visual_Interface#Digital)

    hdmi (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HDMI#Version_1.4)

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  • foo*
    Nov 24, 11:38 PM
    It's also gonna be the most expensive Mac ever sold and I'm sure they want to give their customers their money's worth while at the same time giving their competition headaches. ;) :D

    Certainly not the most expensive mac ever sold. The 40 Mhz II fx was shipping while the II ci sported an MSRP of over $8,000 at 25Mhz. Cheapest the ci sold for even at developer discount at the end of its amazingly long 4+ year run was over $3,300, and those were late 80's dollars.

    So to my mind, a few grand on a new machine these days is dirt cheap.

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  • PlipPlop
    Mar 25, 09:02 AM
    Just realised I was being stupid yesterday.

    I forgot about the Mac Pro's

    when it said ATI 6970 I thought, Yay, finally an iMac that normal people will buy will be fitted into an iMac and make it a worthy competitor to a good spec PC.

    Then it dawned on me, I'm stupid and probably none of the upper end models will find their way into iMac's will they? :(

    Its unlikely they will fit in an imac case. They are about 30cm long and are all dual slot.

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  • razzmatazz
    Aug 6, 09:41 PM
    I became a hard core Mac user after Panther was released. I was wondering if Apple took stabs at Microsoft when they were introducing Panther. :confused:

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  • Zaap
    Jan 22, 11:29 AM
    2011 CRV-EX

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  • �algiris
    May 3, 02:32 AM
    So, you're saying that windows programs don't leave files on your computer when uninstalled? Installing and uninstalling a bunch of programs don't make your windows PC slow down? I must be using the wrong programs. Not that I'm saying that Mac's are perfect, but worse than windows? I hope not (I'm not a mac user... Yet)

    If you just move app to the Trash on a Mac it will leave just few folders and plists (settings files) usually and since Mac OS X doesn't have something that works as Registry on Windows it won't slow down anything.

    Apple could have adressed this problem by simply popping up a window when you drad a programm icon to the trash asking you if you want to delete just this programm or uninstall all of its data.

    This is not a final Lion version. It would make sense at least for MAS apps.

    Poor lion has to accommodate all these iOS features. I'll stay with snow leopard.

    Does this feature hurt you in any way, does it cripple OS? Do you not like out of the box option to delete app with it's settings at least for MAS apps? That's just pathetic.

    deformed white tiger pictures. deformed white tiger pictures. red and white (windscreen; red and white (windscreen. Nemesis. Oct 23, 05:33 PM. This is great news!
  • deformed white tiger pictures. red and white (windscreen; red and white (windscreen. Nemesis. Oct 23, 05:33 PM. This is great news!

  • Proud Liberal
    Aug 16, 09:51 AM
    That is what i don't get, what is really going to be included in a wireless iPod? The only thing i could see is that it gets the ability to purchase music from iTunes or you stream internet radio or something. Also, the waste of wireless syncing to a computer. Am i missing something bigger?

    Count me in too...just don't get what you would need wifi for in an iPod...one download (especially video) from iTunes would kill the battery. I prefer the KISS approach to electronic devices - keep it simple, stupid.

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  • Clubbernox
    Jan 11, 09:36 PM
    what if this slim macbook had a touch pad keyboard? that would be one way to make it smaller

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  • gugy
    Nov 27, 02:37 PM
    Because a 30" cinema display is too small? Because you want to consolidate your TV and computer displays? :confused:

    bring the 40" plus size.
    I'll buy one.
    For a designer large screens are great. The 30" now seems small!:eek:

    deformed white tiger pictures. deformed white tiger pictures. Star; Star. BoyBach. Jul 24, 05:15 PM. Very nice pictures. Looks like an quot;inside jobquot; :cool:
  • deformed white tiger pictures. Star; Star. BoyBach. Jul 24, 05:15 PM. Very nice pictures. Looks like an quot;inside jobquot; :cool:

  • rmitchell248
    Feb 28, 05:26 PM
    Nice setup. What's the story behind the "double" windows, I've never seen anything like that before.

    Back in the days before double or triple glassed windows, this was the only option for better insulation compared to a single window.

    Thank you, Yes my office room here had single pane windows originally. The rest of the house has windows like what is on the outside but they are double pane from when the house was built. For some reason not in here. The house has a lot of history and the windows are beautiful so it would be a shame to take out the originals. They are the very thin glass that you can see the distortion when looking through(I am not sure what to call that). In this room the heat loss was bad but in order to preserve the old glass and original look outside this was a decent option We back up to a river that the american army crossed through during WWII and the last of the bullet holes from the fire fight in the back of the basement were just patched up with the latest renovation work.

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  • AidenShaw
    Sep 6, 09:05 PM
    Yeah it'll really be interesting to see what the res of the movies'll be. And SJ is only like, the biggest shareholder in Disney, so no, I did not expect them to be FULLY on board :rolleyes:
    Note that Jobs has only about one out of 18 of Disney's shares, and as a board member he's legally bound to do the best thing for the other "17" owners.

    Jobs could be roasted for cutting a deal that's bad for Disney. Can you say "fiduciary responsibilities" and "conflict of interest" in the same sentence?

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  • razzmatazz
    Aug 6, 10:43 PM
    Yep. And Milk. Steve Jobs will climb down your chimney, eat the cookies, and pour the milk into any PCs he finds in your house :)

    Well he won't find any PCs! Our house is PC free. We have a PowerMac G5, iMac G5, Powerbook G4, and a MacBook. He would be very happy :D

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  • Ubuntu
    Nov 29, 06:52 PM
    In fact - that comparison is a little early. Make the same one in 5 years.

    I am wondering how the comparison for the XBox vs. Playstation vs. others looked like some days after the initial start.

    My thoughts exactly.

    I'm all for the iPod, I'm happy with my 8GB red nano, but come on people, give the Zune a chance. Many of you are being petty, and I think that this is a stupid comparison.

    There is only one Zune model anyway, are they comparing it to the countless models of the iPod?

    Is that fair?

    Are iPod Shuffles included? Is that fair, considering the price?

    I can't access the link for some reason.

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  • dr Dunkel
    Apr 22, 06:14 AM
    The NASCAR and F1 cars are not consumer, road-driven vehicles. This is like comparing a Mac Pro to the giant supercomputers that run NASA. Keep in mind, there are varying degrees of professionality (I may have made that word up).

    I think one could make the same comaprison with the M3 and the M3 GT2. The former is a high-ish end consumer product, much like the MBP and the latter is a professional product for three times the money.

    The NASA supercomputer/F1 comparison is too extreme.

    Mar 27, 10:58 AM
    Oh? He chose to leave those two significant letters out of his post. :confused:

    Some more cynical than me (impossible) might consider that disinformation. :rolleyes:

    That guy in the MSN video rasmasyean linked is a bit of a douche. Especially when he says "if we take our toys home this is all over ... its pretty much us [USA]". This isn't a game and these aren't toys. A little under half the forces are US, Britain and France are next, but there are over a dozen countries that have committed forces.

    Many of the countries in this coalition could do this alone- US, France and Britain all have airbases within range, attack subs/ships to fire missiles, reconnaissance planes, special forces to gain intelligence and easily enough fighters to attack ground targets and what is left of the Libyan airforce. However, it just looks like everyone is trying to make sure that no single country dominates.

    With Iraq and Afghanistan the West need to be careful not to make this look like another invasion, but instead helping repressed people succeed in their revolution. Contributions and support from some Middle Eastern states (Qatar and the UAE have both sent fighters) help reinforce this. Making sure the UN and NATO are involved keeps this from becoming one country attacking another and hopefully avoids more hatred targeted towards the West.

    Jul 18, 11:30 AM
    My theory is this: We are going to get first run movies in the iTMS.

    This is why it is rental only. The movie companies are worried about releasing DVDs at the same time as a film hits the theater. (Not sure why.) Jobs finally got to them--he tricked them by fighting for the sale/rental but he didn't even care about that. He wanted the first run movies and I think he got them. Now you'll be able to rent a brand new film the day it is released in theaters. This is the only real selling point for movie downloads. Why download a limited copy of a movie when I can get if from numerous other sources?

    This will be Jobs' 3rd home run in iTunes. First was music, the no brainer. Second was TV. Nobody was thinking about downloading existing TV shows before Apple did it. Everyone thought they were working on movie downloads. TV was brilliant. There is an immediate need--if you missed Lost and forgot to tape it, you need to get it soon because you can't miss what happened, etc.

    Movies don't work that way. You can wait a while to see a movie. Also, movies have been available on other media for 30 years so there were other places to go for the content. TV shows just started appearing on DVD recently.

    Would I ever download 1979's Superman The Movie? Nope, never. have it on DVD. Would I download 2006's Superman Returns? Yep, definetly.

    Nov 28, 10:01 AM
    Whoever actually buys a Zune is gonna get burned. This thing is gonna get discontinued if holiday season sales are this bad. So because Zune only works with music from the Zune marketplace, if the Zune is discontinued, so is the marketplace leaving existing Zunes pretty much as paper weights.

    Jul 19, 07:20 PM
    All this fear that iPod and MAcs are in a down turn. Apple will blow them away real soon. They don't sleep on their Laurel unless they don't have a choice.

    Wonder what will happen to the stock tomorrow?

    Too bad im broke and could not buy any.

    Jan 13, 01:38 PM
    Air = composed of nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide, trace gases.

    So the 4 products are

    Macbook NITRO
    Macbook OXYO
    Macbook C02
    Macbook GAS

    not to mention:

    MacBook OZONE
    MacBook CO (monoxide)
    MacBook ARGON
    MacBook METHANE
    MacBook HYDROGEN
    MacBook XENON
    MacBook NEON
    MacBook KRYPTON

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