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  • deputy_doofy
    Jul 19, 04:42 PM
    This is actually the general trend in the computer market since the rise of
    portables against desktop machines. Portables are becoming increasingly
    powerful (computational-wise) up to the point that the line between them
    and Desktops is blurred.

    Agreed. I love my dual-proc G5, but a little more than a year later, I still find myself using my PB G4 more simply because it's with me almost all the time. That said, I'll be buying a nice, little portable monster (MPB w/C2D) to rival my G5. :D

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  • Silentwave
    Jul 14, 02:55 AM
    The BDR-101 is actually a writer as well as a reader, and to be fair at $1000 [or rather around �650.00 over this side of the pond] it's pretty well priced when considering the cost of the first batch of DVD writers, eg. the Pioneer DVR-S201 authoring drive that retailed at a whacking cost of �12,000! General media writers were by definition significantly cheaper, but I recall purchasing our first DVD-R writer at a cost of around �350.00, with DVD-R5 blank media at around �15.00 a pop - so the economies of scale, etc., IMO makes BD at a pretty good starting point.

    As for the Sony BD story I feel a lot of people are indeed watching how well the PS3 takes off to then try and validate the outcome and success of BD. But as you rightly said it's historic and as with the PS2 being such a huge success story which then solidified the consumer need for DVD as a new medium; certainly in Japan the green lights shone very brightly for DVD as a consequence of the PS2 success story!

    But all in all personally speaking I hope BD wins; from a technical viewpoint it's able to offer a lot of new and quite exciting features that aren't possible on HD-DVD. And I know my next statement is probably going to cause controversy but HD-DVD is [in simple terms] simply a DVD-Video, but with larger capacity! I know that's generalising A LOT!!

    Yes, HD-DVD requires a lot less re-tooling for replication houses, which in turn means it's cheaper to bring to market BUT BD has a lot to offer and I hope and prey it's given a chance!

    Anyway, here's to hoping... ;)

    While im all for BR, I don't think the PS3 will be the #1 promoter for it, and I don't thnk the PS2 did all that much. For a few weeks maybe it was my only DVD player when another broke or when we moved one into another room to make way for a new one that hadn't arrived- but really it is limited- not necessarily going to be the best quality BR player, and to be honest, people will buy it because it's a game console. I think that in the future it will be multipurpose devices yet again, yes, but of a different sort. I'm now on my 2nd DVD burner TiVo and I wouldn't trade it for the world. I've burned over 60 DVDs worth so far. If someone makes one Blu-Ray, i'll be all over it as soon as I can afford it. And who knows, the tech savvy may head more for media center computers to drive their home theaters?
    So while I think that devices with multiple funcitons will have an effect here, I don't think the PS3 will drive BR to domination on its own.

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  • seashellz
    Jul 18, 01:25 PM
    1. The reports are coming in that the BR DVD picture is....well, lousy-while the HD picture is said to be primo. You can buy an HD player NOW (and discs-soon)for under $500.
    For all intents and purposes, $1000 Blu Ray players are as scarce as George Bush's IQ numbers-if there are even any to be had at all...

    2. *VERY Important: SONY has yet to produce a single BR disc under the promised new HD Codec 1- the prime reason to buy BR HD in the first place-the ones they are selling now are just 'prototype', being rushed to market so they can say "We were first!" which is like selling a car without spark plugs-youll just have to be patient until some arrive.

    Yes, a "Better Future" is just around the corner, as they like to say defensively-well I say- PRODUCE THEM-then we will believe-other wise, it is VAPORWARE.
    So you are in effect buying v.1 BR discs down at Best Buy-while v.2 discs are still being worked on-possibly to arrive by Christmas.
    Who would buy a BR disc that will be obsolete in a few months-that is-if the Codec 1 discs ever arrive at all-?
    They are having manufacturing problems with these still- [Corpspeak: "we are 'fine tuning' them"] which is the reason for the delay.

    2. SONY JUST GOT KICKED IN THE BALLS #1: (Reuters) a UK high court ruling Friday declared that the the giant SONY/BMG merger is not legal, and must be broken apart, worldwide.
    If this ruling stands, SONY will be sucked dry, in order to either fight this, or to seperate, as they have streamlined and folded the two companies in together so tightly-like two Octopi in battle-or love, that it will drain much time, money and resources from the company to fight the ruling, or to re-separate as two distinct entities should they lose...it could in fact, this SINK SONY.

    Because of this ruling, Warner Bros. have already backed out of a deal to merge with EMI.
    And while spokemen at EMI declared 'This will be no problem,'
    Warner Bros. spokesfolks retorted with-'We wouldnt bet the farm on that if we were you'
    The deal is on HOLD and possibly withdrawn.

    Anyway, this will be a HUGE drain on SONYs already shaky financial structure-they are literally betting the whole company on Blue Ray-hoping it wont become another Betamax. There is also much infighting in the ranks of SONY, according to reports. (also, they themselves admit they have lost 3% marketshare worldwide, since the merger (If thats so, why would they APPEAL the decision?!)

    3. SONY JGKITB #2: Reports are coming from the chip manufacturing plant that for every FIVE PSP-3 chips created, only ONE is usable-SONY still has to pay for the other chips. (Wednesdays Gizmo.com)
    (they are too complex, and they are rushing this whole thing to market too fast)
    What this means is that SONYs expected cash influx from selling these will be nill-in fact, this will bleed the company big time.

    What it will mean for the consumer, is that the PSP-3 may be very hard to find, as there will be supply and distribution problems, if this is not corrected PRONTO.
    SONY was counting on being able to flood the landscape with these in order to better 'push' BR.
    But apparaently not any longer.

    And we all know what it means when a desired product is scarce-much higher prices.

    SONY has alienated much of the CD community with the secret DRM implant from a few months ago.
    They have alienated much of the DVD community with subpar DVD releases of late.
    ie: too many pan and scan releases, or cancelled titles.

    And will they finally decide on flagging these BR discs so the folks with non-upconverting HDMI Monitors (or no HDMI outs at all) will be unable to play their discs in prime mode, if at all?
    If they do-all you thousands of folks with the non-upconverting/compliant "HD" Bigscreen TVs will have to donate them to GOODWILL, and buy a new one.

    While these trial discs dont have the feature yet, the *whole rational* in BRs security architecture was to keep
    people from copying or PLAYING 'unauthorized' discs.

    When SONY finally chooses to implement this essential (in their minds) baseline feature:

    1.You will be unable to download BR movies onto your computer from disc or Internet.
    2.You will need to connect to the internet through your player to get "permission" from a SONY server to play any title-not just SONY-Columbia movies.
    I do not know if HD discs/players have the same feature, but doubt it.

    Aside from the intrusion into your privacy, your player would be shut down via a signal from SONY if you tried to play a 'pirated', a backup disc, or one copied/borrowed from a friend. (It is not clear whether you will be locked out from that title only, or your WHOLE player will be shut down-and become a piece of junk-until the situation is rectified with SONY over an 800 number-remember, however, -thought criminals-er, pirates-you will have no reason to complain-or have recourse-what you did was ILLEGAL, so no amount of whining may save you-or your useless player.
    (While this is still conjecture-it is a likely and very real possibility-as they spent billion on just this sort of feature)
    They WILL NOT be burned by a cracked CSS code and wholesale DVD copying again.

    They are serious about "piracy"-and your friends borrowed copy of a title-maybe even if legit-will shut down your player just as if playing a dubious Chinese-made copy of PIRATES OF THE CARRIBEAN disc bought today.

    I dont think APPLE or anyone, should jump into BR just yet-It is not OUR duty to shore up a flagging, unproven-or any-HD format.

    Let the war of the marketplace and the better player decide, before you buy into another potential Laserdisc or Betamax-whether BR or HD, then make a decision

    It clearly looked for a moment that HD was the underdog, but that has changed overnight.
    While at this point I have a slight bias towards HD for no particular reason,
    I am sitting out ALL HD out until:

    1. ONE format emerges as the clear winner.
    2. Second generation of players and discs are available - a year or two from now-and most of the kinks are worked out.

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  • Sbrocket
    Jan 12, 04:33 AM
    Geez, everyone looks over the simplest and most obvious interpretation to speculate on services that no one has seen proof for. Wimax and all this other stuff is reaching...why are you trying so hard? The MacBook Air is called such because, anyone? Bueller? Bueller?, it is so thin and light. Get it? There's something in the air...the new product? All this is reading way too much into it. I've seen stuff from analyzing the typeface to find the hidden meaning to Apple changing its logo (what??) to Wimax service built in <insert product here> to...you get the picture. Stop reading too much into it.

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  • Michaelgtrusa
    Apr 22, 08:39 PM
    Really? This is common knowledge and is legal. All cell phones have this backdoor built in. Al Gore is on Apple's board. This became law in 2001.

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  • Techguy172
    Apr 20, 03:41 PM
    Yes I can drive a standard car.

    I would like to clarify a few things for people who don't live in North America on why so many don't drive Standard. Most cars today can't be had with a standard and even it's available you'd be hard pressed to find one, most dealer lots don't stock them. Certain cars have them but most don't offer it in higher trim levels so your stuck with automatic if you want a nicer car ex: Lexus IS, Ford Focus, Honda Civic, Accord, many Hyundai's. Theres many more that just don't offer it at all. So if you do really want one then you either have to look everywhere or settle for less options and for most that's simply not worth. Case in point is my Dad who drove a Standard Volvo S40 for almost 2 years but didn't like it because it didn't have half of the features higher volvo's have and it didn't feel as solid. In end he bought a S60 AWD loaded because features are more important than transmission. While I don't have car I would be same way I care more about how nice the car is then what type of transmission it has.

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  • TangoCharlie
    Aug 25, 06:17 AM
    Um, the Mini does have four USB-ports, and a FireWire-port.

    OOps, you're quite right!!


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  • MisterK
    Apr 3, 11:25 AM
    I loved this ad. The voiceover reminds me of old Hal Riney commercials, where there is a reverence for the product � a person with quiet confidence telling you a "truth". When the message is a simple one, it's easier to tell a compelling story. Here's the message: when you don't notice the tech the experience feels magical.

    There's nothing wrong with this. Magic is what tech is at its finest. Engineers and developers become mired in the details of how to make it work and think that's the important part, and then we get awful commercials boasting specs. When we lift abstractions and technological explanations, the things we do become more fantastic. We don't visit websites, but can see all the knowledge of the world. We don't Skype; we talk face-to-face with distant loved ones. We don't use Photoshop brushes; we create images with our fingers. Why are the details of how that happens the important part?

    TBWA are the marketing geniuses that have always done Apple's stuff and I'm glad they saw this nugget of truth in Apple's iPad message. This is what we have to do in the advertising business (yes, I'm in it). I've been lucky enough to work with TBWA and can say that they are the real deal. They are true MadMen who honestly look for the most beautiful truth in the products they are asked to sell and then speak that truth more eloquently than everyone else.

    People who identify this as "simply advertising" are missing the point. You're not the smartest kid in the playground when you tell everyone that Santa doesn't exist. The smart ones are the kids enjoying Christmas.

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  • Surely
    Nov 25, 10:50 AM
    Any Army surplus store will carry it.

    Or, you can check the image url, see that it's an image from Amazon, search Amazon for "messenger bag", and it will be the first search result.


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  • AppleScruff1
    Apr 25, 02:12 AM
    When senators weigh in on privacy issues like this, they betray their foolishness. A litlle study by their aides would reveal what a non-issue this is. Sen. Franken would do better by investigating our own government's spying on its own citizens under the cover of the Patriot Act.

    Would feel the same way if it was Google or Microsoft or any other company?

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  • MikeELL
    Aug 18, 06:05 AM
    Hi, here's an excited essay for you all!

    You've read some talk about apple releasing the iPhone concurrently with the next gen iPod... I'm going to make a prediction (read: wish) of what I see as the ultimate convergance of all the rumours I've seen lately. If I'm right, I'll keep talking about it for quite a while :)

    I predict that the "iPhone" is the next-gen-iPod. I think that apple will happily combine both devices if/when they could be satisfied that both sets of functionality were covered.

    I forsee a (3G?) phone which is also the next gen ipod (has a none-touch screen over it's entire face). This timing would tie in well with Leopard's release timing. My reasoning is that if Leopard's rumored ability to call any Phone is true, why not speak of it at the wwdc06 keynote unless they had integration with a smart new phone that they hadn't released yet? (the tech itself isn't anything new)

    I therefore think the iPhone (combined with iPod or not) has to come before Leopard's release.

    It is the talk of wireless iPods which has made me think that iPod/iPhone will eventually be combined. If a combo device has bluetooth/wifi, it also means it can function seemlessly with front row - also not mentioned in wwdc06 keynote and begging for an update given Apple's obsession with Macs as media devices.

    For the record, I'd also like to see something like elgato's eyetv incorporated into front row - record from tv and send to your phone/iPod while using the device as a remote control for tv - but that probably counts as a second wish.


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  • kelving525
    Sep 14, 11:29 PM
    Says it's available, but from working in retail in the past in a store with online checking of stock I know that what is listed as "available" is not always accurate. But I will walk over there tomorrow and check it out, not far to go anyhow. :)

    I haven't noticed that case today, they were all Griffin. They may have it there tmr, so who knows? :)

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  • ascendent
    Mar 23, 04:35 PM
    Sure some people see 220 GB as �too much� space but � it�s not all about songs only -- a high capacity iPod is ideal for taking movies on the road. I travel with my Classic and an Apple cable. Plug it into the TV and *bingo* I have the movies or TV programs I want to watch on the big screen. You can use it for displaying photos as well. This is an often overlooked benefit of the Classic�s capacity.

    I would buy a 220 in a heartbeat and just upgrade more of my music collection to Lossless resolution. Having empty space also removes a major psychological barrier for me in purchasing more liberally from ITunes (even with their less-than-ideal 256 resolution) because I want to NOT have to manage what is on my iPod. Just put it all there and always have what I want. More space is a plus for keeping folks purchasing new stuff.

    -- and I think a lot more people will soon see the value of converting their CDs to digital for use with their home audio system -- but only if they have the memory available for high enough resolution for it to sound good.

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  • groovebuster
    Apr 11, 01:39 AM
    The only automatic I've ever owned was a car that was only ever made in auto form: a Jaguar XK8. Fortunately in the UK most mainstream cars are still available in manual.

    There is another disturbing trend though: many modern manual cars (VAG group cars I'm look at you) won't let you use all three pedals at once. This is terrible for the spirited driver as you cannot heal and toe down the box. Kills the slight enjoyment one might get from driving a bland hatchback like a Golf.

    It is only a question of how fast you can shift and how good your are with the clutch and the throttle. There is no need to use all three pedals at once, when you know what you are doing. If you want proof, come over to my place and I will go fast with you on some country roads with and you won't even notice that I am shifting gears, except from the different noise the engine is doing.

    In the old times "Heel and Toe" was interesting especially for Rallye drivers who wanted to get the RWD car into a controlled drift by using the throttle and the brake at the same time. Something you will not be able to do with a FWD Golf anyway.

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  • motulist
    Aug 7, 04:56 AM
    Boy, we are a quite a multinational group. If only the rest of the people in the nations of the world could come together through Macness the way that we all have, then there would be no more wars. Actually, it'd probably just mean we'd have different kinds of wars, like the Nano vs. Video iPod war. :p

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  • Rodimus Prime
    Apr 11, 10:56 PM
    It's interesting that Europeans embrace manuals, while Americans don't. Also, Europeans favor driving experience over comfort. Is this somehow related to gasoline prices?

    more it used to be manuals would get much better gas mileage over automatics and gas prices there have always been a lot higher in then in the US. This pushed manuals to become very popular over there.
    Now days there is no gain in mpg of going manual or automatic. Hell autos are starting to get better gas mileage than manuals because of computer controlled shifted and CVT. That combo is pretty much making the biggest reason why manuals took off there a non issue any more.

    Also back to the gas milage thing. Small cars/ engines also suffered a lot of power going automatic as it took way to much power over head to run it so the cars were sluggest getting off the line and picking up speed. Again that is becoming less and less of an issue. In large cars there is no big power loss in going automatic and the engines have so much to spare that is a none issue.
    So again with today automatic transmitions that take less power to run than old ones and engines that can produce more power it is less of an issue.
    Those facts above is one huge reason why autos took off here in the states. Gas prices were a lot lower and our cars were larger and had bigger engines here in the states. WHich again was because gas prices were lower.
    Manual trannies are going to be a dieing bread world wide as time goes on.

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  • DeusInvictus7
    Feb 27, 10:26 PM
    Finishing my graphic design degree this May. The large intuos might get replaced by a cintiq very soon.

    That Razer logo looks sweet on the MBA, I might have to dig mine out of my Naga box and slap it on when my MBA comes later this week.

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  • ryannel2003
    Feb 22, 10:34 PM

    My new addition, a white MacBook. It's a mid-2007 model I picked up for $400. Not a bad deal at all, considering many of these computers are still going for $550. Apple installed a new top case and display bezel for free, picked up a used Combo drive for $40 (old one was kaput) and a fresh install of Snow Leopard and I'm ready to go. Really enjoying it.

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  • SciFrog
    Nov 9, 12:30 PM
    We just had a monster record day, 430k points!

    We now average 258k per day, slightly above our current rank.

    Nov 26, 05:33 PM
    Small Pelican case for my Oakley Glasses, (as seen on the last page of the XIV Purchases Thread)

    Have room for another pair too, Maybe I'll find another pair that I like in the future.:)

    I personally don't have a problem with this...but...it kind of reminded me of this from SNL. :)

    The Blues Brothers perform "Soul Man" (http://snltranscripts.jt.org/78/78fbluesbrothers.phtml)

    [ Emcee Monty steps into the shadows, as Jake & Elwood Blues, the Blues Brothers, enter the stage. Elwood is handcuffed to a briefcase, which Jake proceeds to uncuff him from. Once uncuffed, Elwood opens his case, pulls out a harmonica, then places the empty case aside as Jake performs a cartwheel to the microphones ]

    Mar 24, 02:41 PM
    I;m going to go out on a limb and preemptively complain my MacPro 1.1 isn't supported :( and is only as configurable as an iMac...the irony...

    You can upgrade to the latest 5870 card if you wanted to right now. It might not be 'officially' supported but you can still do it.

    Please don't put an AMD 5XXX series into the new iMacs! :(
    If they do it will for sure be only in the low-end 21.5" iMac (5670).

    Sep 6, 02:34 PM
    i know this is off topic but are they ever gonna do anything about the outrageous cost of .Mac subscription?

    How is it expensive? 99$ a year is $8.25 a month...thats not bad!

    Hans Brix
    Apr 14, 12:10 AM
    I love driving manuals. Don't have one currently, because I needed to trade it in for a minivan. After this is paid off in a year, I'll be looking to purchase a MT car again.

    Sep 6, 08:40 AM
    http://www.macrumors.com/images/macrumorsthreadlogo.gif (http://www.macrumors.com)

    Apple has updated the Mac Mini to include all Core Duo models. Other than the processor upgrade, there does not appear to be any differences between the previous Mac Mini and today's release. The Mac Mini is available in two offerings:

    1.66 GHz Mac Mini
    60 GB 5400-rpm SATA Hard Drive
    Combo Drive

    1.83 GHz Mac Mini
    80 GB 5400-rpm SATA Hard Drive

    Both models feature:
    -2MB Shared L2 Cache
    -512 MB 667 MHz DDR2 RAM standard (up to 2 GB supported)
    -GMA 950 Integrated graphics
    -1 Firewire 400, 4 USB 2.0
    -Optical Digital/Analog Audio In/Out
    -Gigabit ethernet
    -Airport Extreme and Bluetooth 2.0+EDR standard

    Of note, the Mac Mini still uses Core Duo (Yonah), not the more advanced Core 2 Duo "Merom" chip found in today's iMac announcements (http://www.macrumors.com/pages/2006/09/20060906091309.shtml).

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