Tuesday, May 31, 2011

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  • cjc343
    Apr 4, 07:16 PM
    Save Apple!!! Sign MY petition.....


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  • iBorg20181
    Oct 24, 12:29 AM
    Apple needs to get away from making such a big deal our of small updates (processor change) as Intel will have such things changing more often than motorola or ibm ever did. apple should reserve such announcements and hoopla for major revisions or complete overhauls. based on recent benchmarks there is little performance improvement in these new chips save for the speed bump.

    Which is what Apple did with the "silent update" for the iMacs from CD to C2D. Likely what will happen (this coming morning??) with the MBP update to C2D.

    Probably save the keynote announcements for truely new products and major upgrades.

    Sure beats the "bad old days" of Moto and IBM processors, every 6-18 months.......


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  • blueflame
    Sep 6, 09:22 PM
    I think everyone is obsessing about quality. someone here said earlier that its about convinience. these are going to be the same resoluition as the tv shows, and cost 3.99. i actually dont think they will be letting you burn it on a disk either. I agree that a movie rental system is the way to go. but honestly, for these prices, i can get through time warner all the on demand stations, (stars, stars2, cinemax, showtime, and like 3 hbo channels.) this is the future, there is no waiting to download anything, this model is waht for all reality needs to be used, then if you like the movie enough, you pay $15 for you to burn it to one dvd only (comes with label pictures and cover) maybe they even mail you the emtpy case. for that price, they will afford it.) anywy. maybe this set top box everyone wants is some sort of propriatary thing they are making like tivo, with a burner, from an apple cable server, with an ipod port. I like it. but this is such an exciting time.

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  • CIA
    Apr 12, 08:34 PM
    Supposedly the guy behind this new version is also the criminal that destroyed iMovie a few years back. God I hope FC8 isn't ANYTHING like iMovie. Old editors are too set in our ways to switch over to a iMovie/Sony Vegas style of editing. I need a preview window, and a Timeline Window. Just like when I edited on tape.



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  • oracle_ab
    Apr 27, 08:24 AM
    "App Store" is a trademarked name of a particular store. "appstore," or "app store" in generic terms and context is a description of a particular thing. How hard is it for these companies to understand that that's possible? Just the same as "Windows" vs. "windows." Actually, I think they do get it, but they don't want "App Store" associated only w/ Apple so they can jump on the bandwagon and (continue to try to) confuse consumers.

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  • PsstGreek
    Mar 1, 05:07 PM

    My set up.

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  • bbeagle
    Apr 2, 09:48 PM
    have one but that commercial makes me want to puke. Once you use one and realize it's limitations, it's not so magical. It's a fun consumption device which you can get some work done on, but without real multitasking, it's lack of real technology actually hinders and isn't so magical.

    I think what you don't realize is that for people who love the iPad either:
    a) They don't need something more powerful, or
    b) They have other devices (laptops, pcs) that do what other things they want to do.

    I fit in camp B. I use my iPad for web surfing, reading, sharing pictures, while listening to Pandora. Could I use my laptop for this? Sure I could - Yes. But I enjoy using my iPad for these types of tasks. It's more comfortable using for these tasks, and more enjoyable.

    Think about this for a second. Why do you have a toaster? Can't you toast bread in your oven by putting it on broil? A toaster has so few features compared to an oven. What's the use of a toaster? This points out the reasons for an iPad. My 'toaster' isn't my only cooking device in my house, but it complements my stove, just like my iPad complements my laptop.

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  • dalvin200
    Oct 23, 06:51 AM
    i'd like to see what's inside the new MBP's, though i already bought my MBP a couple weeks ago with no regrets.. i'd still like to see what those who are waiting will get for their hard earned patience

    a 1 second increase in boot time? ;)

    oops.. i blinked and I missed it :P


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  • surroundfan
    Aug 24, 05:42 PM
    If there's a dual core base model after 4 September, I'll be very happy...

    Roll on 5 September...

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  • Steven1621
    Mar 18, 11:09 PM
    i question the need for this since apple did make quite a bit of money last quarter.

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  • Gasu E.
    Nov 28, 08:26 AM
    I find you the one that is incorrigible. The 23" inch price is competitive where it is as your link so eloquently points out. The Apple displays are easily worth a 15-20% mark-up. The problem is since the last time the display prices were updated 20" wide-screen panel prices have dropped nearly in half. So a year ago when Apple released this $699 price point it was a good price because competitors were selling the same panels at $599. Now they are at $399 and some times as low a $299. Apple's display is worth extra just not 75% to 100% extra.

    I see a lot of scientific analysis went into your response. "Not!"

    Go to many suppliers of equipment aimed at professionals, and you will often see professional-quality products priced at 3-5x that the price of consumer-quality products in the same functional category.

    I am guessing from your "easily worth a 15-20% mark-up" remark that your experience is limited to high-quality consumer products. Don't confuse a consumer upgrade with a professional alternative. Danny, "you're out of your element."

    I think a lot of people on this thread would like to see Apple offer some consumer-targeted alternatives to the current monitors, competitively priced. But that's not the same as buying pro equipment at a consumer price.

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  • twoodcc
    Apr 1, 10:55 PM
    Ok, I think the panics were caused by something I did, not the update, that is what I get for making too many changes at once, I'll have to test the configurations to see what caused them. All is well at the moment.

    Definitely the 12 core ;)

    I moved the 2 GPU machines to the basement where it is much cooler (I know the dust and spiders might kill them, but... hopefully no snakes...) and it is almost quiet upstairs now! The mac pro is soooo quiet! No other Mac that I remember having has been so quiet. I had to run the KVM and network cables between an air duct and the floor, it's kinda goofy but better than a new hole in the floor. Oh, and I accidentally created a network loop, not a good thing as it took me a while to fix. Downtime was only about 2 1/2 hrs, should have been less but I wasn't very well prepared; it was getting way too hot upstairs already.

    Oh. Well good luck with the configs.

    Good! 12 cores would be awesome! (24 logical cores).

    As long as you have a case on your machines. The spiders and dust shouldn't be too bad, just clean them once a month or so

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  • rubaiyat23
    Jul 15, 08:00 PM
    Are you sure this drive isn't for Professional Disc for Data media as used in the Sony XDCAM machines?


    It too, is based on Blu-Ray, but with a protective casing a la DVD-RAM.

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  • kadajawi
    Sep 6, 11:21 AM
    Now that the Minis are Core Duo I like it more. Even though it's still $599 ($579 Edu) for the low end, it is at least not a solo. The Mini is still a good computer for a low end price range, even if it isn't the very newest processor available. I would definitely recommend a Mini, but since the iMac is so close in the Edu department, it is a little tough for the 1.83 clockspeed.
    I don't think the iMac is so close. The low end iMac doesn't has a superdrive, no Front Row remote... it does have more than twice the HD and a slightly faster CPU, but other than that it seems pretty identical to the low end Mac Mini. That means $400 gets me a not so big TFT screen (far less than $200... although the quality may be better on the iMac... but you would get a bigger one for less than $200...), a bit more and faster storage space (external HD? How much is that? $100 for a small one (still bigger than the iMacs 160 GB, if you take the built in space. And you can make use of Time Machine)), and a slightly faster CPU (not a big deal to me) + you get Front Row.

    If you don't mind you can get an external superdrive. A DVD writer is 30 � here, dunno about the case. Might be faster too. And you may upgrade the drive to Blue Ray or HD-DVD, later.

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  • Allotriophagy
    Nov 15, 08:37 AM
    Perhaps this would allow me to play a large map on Civ4 without the terrible huge long pauses...

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  • deputy_doofy
    Sep 6, 09:07 AM
    Maybe i am alone on this one....

    I think the 24" iMac G5 is the beginning of the end of the G5 iMac. We all watched as the outstanding G4 iMac grew from a 15" to a 17" and finally to 20". While the stunning design remained the same, the 20" just didn't look as good as the 2 previous models. The proportions were wrong and it looked top-heavy.

    I am sitting in front of an original 23" Apple Display (plastic rather than aluminium). The new iMac cannot be much smaller than it. I firmly believe that the 24" will be, and should be, as big as it gets. I just hope that heat doesn't become a problem with the Core 2 Duo chips else the G5 iMac may have to evolve into a new enclosure.

    Anyone else have thoughts similar?

    I don't know whether you're right or wrong about a possible design change in the near future, but your terminology is wrong.
    The G5 iMac is not a model. The G5 is a CPU. The iMac has not been a "G5" (or, to be more correct, has not had a G5) since January.
    It's just "iMac." A G5 with a Core 2 Duo chip is like spouting off how you have a great "Intel Pentium Athlon machine made by AMD." People will see right through the ignorance.

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  • iMikeT
    Sep 6, 07:45 PM
    I have the feeling that movie distribution is going to be a tougher obstacle than music.

    It's too bad that these Hollywood execs will not let Apple handle how movies will be distributed.

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  • lordonuthin
    Dec 1, 08:29 PM
    And congrats on the #7 spot, you crushed me... I should reclaim it in a month or so...

    Thanks and I'll be expecting you to blow past me then, in about a month :rolleyes: or so...

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  • twoodcc
    Nov 29, 02:04 PM
    Can't wait for MWSF to get some more details from Steve! Between this, the iPhone, an iTablet and the new widescreen video iPod there will be plenty for him to reveal - along with our iLife 07 and Leopard previews as well. ;) :cool:

    i agree. can't wait til January! hopefully i'll have some money saved up for one of those things

    Mar 18, 08:41 AM
    Please sign it !! For our sakes



    Feb 6, 09:03 AM
    don't have an actual photo (the car is way too dirty from the recent ice/rain) but I currently have a 2004 Pontiac Grand Prix and hopefully at the end of the year I'll be getting a Chevy Silverado 1500.

    Mar 24, 01:00 PM
    http://www.macrumors.com/images/macrumorsthreadlogo.gif (http://www.macrumors.com/2011/03/24/mac-os-x-10-6-7-adds-support-for-new-amd-graphics-cards/)


    Sep 13, 10:56 PM
    Well, I think the new one is thinner; 9-7, right? If you're looking for something temporary I would suggest a cheap generic case from eBay.

    No Switcheasy? :(:(:(

    Not yet :


    Sorry but SwitchEasy does not release any product information until it
    becomes available for sale on our website.
    We will put the information about a product on our website as soon as
    we release it.
    We can tell you that our designer and development team are currently
    working on a new product for iPod Touch 4. If all tests pass it will
    be soon available.
    For product releases, stay tuned to our website and thank you again
    for your patient.

    Please feel free to contact us if you have additional questions.

    Thank you,
    SwitchEasy USA Team

    Sep 14, 08:58 PM
    @kelving525 - Which BB did you get the Belkin from? I'm about to cave and get the light blue one. Also, it really looks like a dark blue in your pics, is it really purple?

    NYC-- there are 6 of them I went to and each sells different cases. Some more than others. Yes, it is dark purple. ;)

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