Tuesday, May 31, 2011

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  • imperium
    Oct 23, 05:43 PM
    I much prefer the US style (a first for me! :D), and will probably hope to buy a new computer before I leave for this specific reason. For example, what is with the tiny UK return key?

    I am so with you. It's almost the main reason why I want my next Apple (MMBP, obviously) to come from the US. The narrow vertical return key is a PoS. The $$$ saving over ��� is almost secondary! ;)

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  • aafuss1
    Aug 7, 07:56 AM
    Full-screen in Quicktime in Leopard, and m4v export for feee

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  • JosiahPB
    Jul 18, 12:36 PM
    I couldn't imagine movie production companies letting first run movies be downloaded before the DVD's come out. I would much rather go see it as a social thing then watch it in my own home.

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  • iStudentUK
    Mar 22, 11:49 AM
    Gays are the same way. I have no issue with gays, I don't agree with it but if your gay, be gay. Just don't expect the world to conform to your way of life, especially a country (United States) founded on Christianity. If anything go to a foreign country and complain then see how bad it really is to come out, unless it's Amsterdam, Iraq or Afghan they'll love your butt over there.

    "I have no issue with gays... but..." it's like when people start with "Some of my best friends are black..." you know something bad is coming!

    Nobody is asking the rest of the world to "conform" to their way of life, only not to try and "cure" them. Only on the first page and someone already has to bring religion into it. I wish people would try some independent thought- even if there is a God and even if He doesn't approve of homosexuality doesn't mean you have to agree with Him.

    Like others have said, keep this app away from minors. Let adults download it if they want, hopefully more people will laugh at the idiocy of this app than take it seriously.

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  • BlizzardBomb
    Aug 29, 08:56 AM
    No Merom? :( Mac mini and Mac Pro drifting even further apart now. Although TS have been quite unreliable lately so I'm going to wait for AppleInsider's take on it.

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  • AppliedVisual
    Nov 18, 02:28 PM
    As I mentioned before about the lower spec FB-DIMMs only using one of the onboard buffers to improve latency (single gate / single rank), there are quite a few of these out there - especially in the 512MB capacity!

    Here's the technical overview from Intel (http://www.intel.com/technology/magazine/computing/Fully-buffered-DIMM-0305.htm).

    Anandtech had this little tidbit (http://www.anandtech.com/mac/showdoc.aspx?i=2832&p=1) about single vs. dual rank modules.

    While single rank FB-DIMMs are somewhat discouraged, they are quite common on the market. Kingston ships single rank FB-DIMM parts that are nearly 30% cheaper than their dual rank parts. Some of their products are labeled as such, some aren't and who knows what you're getting when buying from a third-party vendor without specifically comparing part numbers, etc.. I am under the impression that the 512MB (as well as the 1 and 2 GB) modules from Apple are all dual rank. However, how do we tell for sure about modules from the cheaper vendors like 1-800-4MEMORY, or RAM4LESS, etc.. I guess we can try to ask for more detailed specs, but I've tried that before from RAM4LESS and all I could get is that "our modules are guaranteed compatible..."

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  • Otto J
    May 3, 01:36 AM
    So... In 6 pages of comments, _noone_ sees this as a build-up to a touch-screen imac?

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  • sord
    Aug 6, 11:55 PM
    Ok - I've been into Macs for a couple years now, so I don't have the history with the company of many of you do.

    That said, it seems to me that with these ads or banners for Leopard, that it is closer to being released than we all might think. Has Apple promoted a product this way -- bashing M$ -- with out releasing the product soon after?

    To me it just seems like real strong words to use if Leopard wont be out for a while, esp. if it will only be released around the time Vista will be next year.

    Anyone know what I mean, or feel the same way?
    Last WWDC Stevie said that Leopard would be announced at this WWDC - or at least demonstrated. My guess - late this year or early next it will be in stores.

    Oh - and Powerbook G5s (dual core) tomorrow!!

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  • milo
    Jul 19, 04:49 PM
    No, 75% of Macs sold in the last 3 months were Intels

    That's exactly what I meant. I still think that's very impressive.

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  • MacBoobsPro
    Aug 7, 05:42 AM
    Haha I was trying to help you out and you turn on me?! What are you, Italian? :p

    You'd think that wouldn't you? :p

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  • Multimedia
    Oct 23, 11:32 PM
    I've got a dual 2.33ghz Core 2 Duo in my mac mini and its FASTTTTT the new mbps will be nice BUY BUY BUYDid you photograph your installation process for us to learn by? How much did you pay for the 2.33GHz Merom?

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  • thejadedmonkey
    Jul 18, 09:03 AM
    [Fast downloads] would only be viable via streaming, and that won't happen because you can't stream to an iPod.

    Therefore, we can expect a big download. I imagine the movies will be the same quality as can be found currently in the store. . .
    Not ture. Apple could do a movie stream per rental, and let the CPU capture and convert it into a high-res iPod playable file. This way, after an hour or so you'll have a file playable on your iPod's lower res screen, or you can choose to watch it on the computer with a higher quality right away.

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  • Irishman
    Apr 20, 07:32 AM
    I'm sure it's been done to death, but I spent some time actually thinking about realistic-ish speculations of what the new line could look like. I think they're going to get rid of one SKU ( the step up 27" without the quad i7), because it's kind of redundant, and for the $100 price difference, I can't imagine anyone NOT spending the extra modey to get the quad core). The only spec that is more of a wishful thinking piece is the inclusion of the HD6800M 1GB card in the 27" quad i7. THAT would be a beast!

    Common Upgrades

    1. Thunderbolt port
    2. HDMI out
    3. Sandybridge

    Now, here's the model breakdown:

    21.5" (1920x1080) display
    2.8 GHz i5 processor
    4 GB RAM
    500 GB HD
    ATI Radeon HD 4870 (256MB)
    HDMI out

    21.5" (1920x1080) display
    3.2 GHz i5 processor
    8 GB RAM
    1 TB HD
    ATI Radeon HD 4870 (256MB)
    HDMI out

    27" (2560x1440) display
    3.2 GHz i5 processor
    4 GB RAM
    1 TB HD
    ATI Radeon HD 5870 (512MB)
    HDMI out

    27" (2560x1440) display
    3.5 GHz quad i7 processor
    8 GB RAM
    2 TB HD
    ATI Radeon HD 6970 (1 GB)
    HDMI out

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  • Small White Car
    Aug 29, 09:27 AM
    I have to say though I hope u are wrong with regard to the Macbooks, i'm hoping for a Core 2 Duo update so I can purchase my first mac. Maybe if they don't i'll just save up some more money and buy and Core 2 Duo MBP when they're released!!

    I hate to tell you this, but your "i'll just save up some more money" statement is probably the main reason Apple WON'T put Core 2 in the Macbooks!

    Don't get me wrong, I'd love core 2 chips in EVERY Mac that's using Yonah now. That would be totally fantastic.

    But I'm not trying to say what I WANT...I'm trying to figure out what I think Apple will DO.

    Those are usually not the same thing with ANY company.

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  • TangoCharlie
    Aug 25, 03:36 AM
    http://www.macrumors.com/images/macrumorsthreadlogo.gif (http://www.macrumors.com)

    One blog claims (http://www.freemacblog.com/no-to-my-order-again/) that bulk orders for the Mac mini are currently being denied until after Labor Day.
    Sheesh! Do we really have to wait 'til May before we can buy any more Mac minis? This smacks of serious mis-management!! :eek:

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  • res1233
    Apr 12, 09:54 PM
    Because pros don't need features to make their life easier, and help automatically organise footage?

    Exactly. Apple's philosophy with all their software is to make it powerful, yet simple so that you don't have to be a pro to figure out how to use it, at least the basics. You can use Mac OS X without ever touching the terminal or using Applescript, but if you're an advanced user, you have a ton of features available to you, should you chose to take advantage of them. I think that's the direction FCP has gone with this version.

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  • Doraemon
    Mar 19, 07:59 AM
    In Australia (where Im from), the market is dead ! Most Apple Stores are large and if you ive in the Country - they don't exist. The rest of Asia is like that.

    Like you can expect to have a Mac store in the middle of nowhere. That's BS. It's not profitable to run a Mac store in the (Australian) desert.

    And have you ever been to China? You'll find lots of Apple stores there. And if you are in Japan, go to Akihabara, man and take a look around. There are like 14 Mac stores within three blocks.

    I am outside the US. And there are iPod ads where ever I go.

    And no, Apple is not dying. The markets where Apple is dominant will remain like that, since Apple is "attack[ing]" (to quote you) in the pro music and pro video markets. And in these markets Apple is making lots of money.

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  • cloudnine
    Nov 27, 01:42 PM
    This may pave the way to larger wide-screens.
    I would love to see a 40" widescreen.

    Because a 30" cinema display is too small? Because you want to consolidate your TV and computer displays? :confused:

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  • Yvan256
    Apr 3, 09:07 AM
    "Technology gets out of the way"

    That's why I got a Mac/iPhone in the first place. Get out of my way, Windows/Android!

    That's what happened to me years ago, but with iTunes. I was using iTunes on Windows XP and instead of fighting it to organize my files, I finally said to myself "why would I want to manage my files manually"? Then I started using metadata and smart playlists... a few months later I bought a Mac mini G4 which was less powerful than my PC, but then a few weeks later I realized I hadn't booted the PC in over a week. I moved all my data and sold the PC.

    I'm now on my 3rd Mac mini (2010 unibody) with 8GB of RAM and it does the tasks I ask without getting in my way. :cool:

    Nov 16, 06:25 AM
    I was an early adopter on iPhone 1st gen. I upgraded to iPhone 3G 18 months later. Skipped 3GS, and ordered the iPhone 4 on June 15th during the big frenzy.

    My iPhone 4 was delivered to my home the day before launch day.

    Granted I have always had a cheap thin rubberized case around my iPhone 4 (but I have also had one on all my other iPhones as well)...but the iPhone 4 has given me BETTER service...fewer dropped calls...increased versatility...amazing battery life...better screen...faster response...than any of my other iPhones...

    While long ago, I generally enjoyed Consumer Reports, I believe their stance is nothing more than a blatant attempt at sensationalism based on initial reports of iPhone issues.

    Personally, over the years, I have seen Consumer Reports almost imperceptibly slide into what it is today...a largely commercialized rag which long ago lost its "pro-consumer, anti-establishment" focus.

    Apr 22, 09:33 PM
    Why is it necessary to keep your location a secret? What are Google and Apple going to do to you? What *exactly* and *specifically* is there to be afraid of?
    Your location is *never* a secret, unless you're the President and it's a national crisis.

    There are many people whose movements are best kept secret from certain others, with risk of life if revealed.

    Battered women or kids in a secret shelter home, witness protection participants, undercover agents of all sorts, dissidents and rebels.

    On a less serious note, there are probably some bosses who gave out iPhones, checking company iTunes hosts this weekned to see if their employees' travel receipts and sick days match their movements.

    Mar 31, 10:21 PM
    Google Maps looks fine, so do dragging images. There is something strange I noticed trying to refresh a page. The best is to just post the pictures to show the bug.

    The first is the popover that slide into view when I tried to refresh the page.

    The second is the address bar glitching once the popover is dismissed.

    It seems that once the address bar starts glitching, spaces starts acting up too.

    Apr 3, 09:03 AM
    I liked this ad. Very nice.

    Jan 6, 10:43 PM
    i'll be at 8 digits, not too bad. but it's really just a #. things might be changing for me for the worse WU-wise temporarily

    We can't keep this pace up all the time, I will probably be forced to do the same in the summer.

    great news! glad we are passing some teams!

    congrats! yeah my numbers might be down a lil also in the next couple of weeks it's looking like

    Hopefully we can pass another team in about 30 days or so, we'll see if we can pick up some steam from new folders.

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