Thursday, May 26, 2011

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  • TheSailerMan
    Jul 12, 05:32 PM
    Wow, my mom got really lucky. This Saturday, my family went to the Apple Store on 5th Avenue, and my dad and I were finally able to convince my mom (a special ed. teacher) to switch to a Mac. So my dad ordered the education iMac for my mom on Sunday, and it'll ship tommorrow.

    If it wasn't for the edu. iMac, my dad probably wouldv'e ordered a Mac mini, bu tthe iMac was such a better deal (my mom doesn't use bluetooth or burn DVDs).

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  • k1121j
    May 4, 08:32 PM
    wtf is exactly what i've been saying for a while.

    I hate to think that Apple intentionally leaves these issues unaddressed so that you fall for the idea that "maybe the iPhone 5 will run current software better".

    But that's exactly what they do. They leave these goose eggs to annoy the user who notices such things, who are coincidentally the same people who will buy a new iPhone to fix lag issues.

    I've owned every iPhone, and every new iPhone running X.0, runs beautifully, only to be slowed down and negatively effected by every single interim update.:)

    so, have you ever owned a computer before? because thats the exact same thing that happens to any OS ive ever worked with. the more that is added to an OS, the slower it gets. the more a machine/device is used, the slower it gets.

    such is life. wipe it and see if that helps. or look for a phone that runs on Unicorn Powder, im sure it wont have this problem.

    OMG LOL Unicorn Powder ....more more

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  • Eidorian
    Jul 13, 11:36 AM
    nope. you'd need to own/be the IT guy of an educational institution

    no, you can not.

    you go to college or grad school, or become a teacher.Actually you can.

    After you pick which school you go to you can make a purchase in either Individual or Institutional store. Still, you might be redirected by your school's "custom Mac" pick for their school. Ugh!

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  • StokeLee
    Mar 28, 10:24 AM
    After listening to an Microsoft employee, it doesn't sound bad. I wonder why? :D

    Ive always found his comments to be fair, even when he was talking about the ps3 to some gadgets website that goes on his show.

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  • bcaslis
    Apr 28, 08:55 AM
    The 13"ers are always gonna be 13"ers. Trust me, they would rationalize their purchase even if the 11" was 1600x900.

    I think that's not correct. Some people need more than 128GB you know. Yes, you can carry an external drive but then why not carry a larger machine with more internal storage?

    The 1366x768 resolution can be limiting. For example, Apple's own Server Admin software will barely show the summary page at 768 pixels tall. The bottom row of graphs are tiny squished things at the bottom. It's clearly not meant to run on this small a display. And it's a perfect example of something you would want on a small carry it anywhere Mac.

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  • ghostlyorb
    Apr 29, 07:32 AM
    Be sure your sins will find you out!

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  • Artemidis
    Apr 19, 05:42 AM
    I love this game!

    For anyone who remembers the companion cube:
    Companion Cube Wallpaper (made by me)
    My Website:

    Share it :)


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  • TangoCharlie
    Jul 13, 02:34 AM
    probably cut into the regular imacs sales too much.

    Yes, that's why. The Edu-iMac was good (too good) value compared to the regular iMac. However, when the Merom based iMacs come out (WWDC), and the Edu-iMac is left behind with Yonah, then they will probably go back to the previous policy.

    Roll on WWDC :)

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  • OrangeSVTguy
    Mar 24, 11:21 AM
    Maybe this will stop the price gougers insisting on them being sold out everywhere to boost their own profits?

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  • Constable Odo
    Apr 4, 10:21 PM
    Only Apple and Foxconn know for sure when iPhone 5 will be released. Anyone else is merely speculating to spread FUD and to manipulate Apple's share price. The iPhone 5 will get to consumers whenever Foxconn finishes producing them in quantity enough for initial distribution, whatever that number may be. ;)

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  • CiBoys
    Sep 12, 01:31 PM

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  • sbb155
    May 1, 06:19 PM
    What would that have to do with the group of people who buy Mac Pros? They're not business people. They're primarily photographers and video people.

    "What the shareholders use" is possibly the most irrelevant point raised in this thread.

    Also, as has been pointed out, the iMacs are not that overpriced; especially given the cost of 27" IPS displays.

    That said, people have always assumed  cinema displays to be more overpriced than they actually were, if only because they weren't making like-for-like comparisons. It's less true now that LCD prices have been adjusted downwards after the price-fixing scandal, but a Dell 27" IPS display is still pretty expensive.

    I'm not saying that  doesn't have high prices - they do - but very frequently, people are not making a like-for-like comparison. Most notably in screens. I don't know of any iPad competitors that use IPS displays, and make no mistake: IPS displays are more expensive than the competition. Most people also don't care about display technology, but it matters to people in the photo/video field.

    All that matter is GROSS MARGINS on the financial reports. Apple's gross margins far exceed dell or hp's gross margins. HENCE, apple is making more profit for any piece of equipment they sell. The prices could be lower, but they are going to charge higher because they can charge higher, and people will still buy them. I wonder how many people here really can read a financial statement from a corporation. The answers are there, not in component costs. It is basic business to any MBA.

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  • peharri
    Nov 3, 09:44 AM
    Not quite true. UMTS uses W-CDMA as it's underlying protocol. W-CDMA is a mixture of CDMA and, to a lesser extent, GSM technologies.

    W-CDMA is just an air-interface standard. It's not a mixture of anything. It was originally designed for the Japanese FOMA system and was subsequently adopted by the 3G GSM people.

    It is a CDMA air interface, but it's unrelated to IS-95, the popular US standard used by Sprint and Verizon that's frequently called "CDMA" as if the terms are interchangable. It doesn't contain any GSM, and it doesn't contain any IS-95. It is, however, like IS-95, a CDMA system, and UMTS, which uses it, is a version of GSM.

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  • yodaxl7
    Apr 5, 03:47 AM
    Just a theory, Apple wanted to go over all the new features in iOS 5 and OS 10.7 Lion. That would take about 2 hours. So, either Apple introduce the new iPhone in an event before WWDC or after like end of June. I think end of June is when they have the event. It is also possible that Apple may have an event late May and launch it late June. After all, we did get iPad 2 earlier this year than last year.

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  • MikhailT
    Oct 5, 01:05 AM
    Yeah, but those DVDs will be around fifteen years from now when, presumably, you still want to use the software you dropped $1200 on. Show me a hard drive that will do such a thing, and you've got me sold. Until then, especially for professional apps costing significant sums, DVDs are going to be the standard.

    I have a 40GB that still works from a decade ago. You are not supposed to use hard drive for other purposes than just installation and copying files. Hard drives can last just as long as DVDs. It’s far easier to scratch a dvd than to scratch the platter in the hard drives. You can also simply back up the hard drive to another hard drive or have the company send you a replacement for a fee just as you can with DVDs. It’s also far easier to back up the hard drives than to back up the 10 DVDs. Put them on read-only flash, it’ll last practically for a century if not longer.

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  • MacRumors
    Apr 21, 02:55 PM (

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  • DotCom2
    Apr 10, 09:20 PM
    Will the book be magical and cost $79.99?

    $29.99! :)

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  • ezekielrage_99
    Aug 2, 08:08 PM
    What I want to see from WWDC:

    1) New PowerMac (Mac Pro?).
    2) New xServer.
    3) Updates for MacBook Pros, iMac, MacBook, Mac Mini Lines.
    4) New iPods.
    5) Something cool and unexpected from the preview of Leopard.
    6) Steve in his usual smart and practical black turtle neck.

    Then I'd be happy :D :cool:

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  • Infinity
    Jul 12, 01:29 AM
    Just the throw my 2cents worth, I had a portable Minidisc recorder that had a Magnesium front and an Aluminium back and in the years I had it, the Magnesium front didn't scratch one bit while the aluminium backing scratched quite easily but overall it was very light.

    I hope Apple does use Magnesium in their products as it certainly won't dent or scratch as easily as Aluminium they use in the MBP/PB and its much lighter than the stainless in the iPod backs.

    Sep 10, 10:44 PM

    This is a prototype do-it all gadget, including a cell phone, music player, etc. by Synaptics, the company that provides the clic-wheel technology for the Apple iPod.

    It includes sensing technology (touchless ipod?) and it seems to resemble some aspects of the apple patent drawings shown over the internet.

    Oct 13, 10:02 AM
    is there somewhere in vegas a bet going who's first? vista or leopard?
    There's no doubt that Vista will be first - on track for November release....

    Unfortunately, the consumer release has to wait until after the Saturnalia purchasing orgy - so some will ignore the millions of copies running at businesses and claim that Vista ships sometime in January.

    ps: RC2 (build 5744) is pretty darn good - I've moved several of my systems over to it for day-to-day use. Also upgraded a couple of Media Center Editions to Vista Ultimate. Vista's MCE is a big step forward for an already impressive product.

    pps: Since one of Leopard's "super secret" features is Apple's attempt at a media center (to go with Frontrow, iTV and the new Conroe mini-tower/HTPC form factor), Microsoft has raised the bar. Since Apple is running Vista internally, of course they already know that. ;)

    Nov 16, 10:50 PM
    I hope Apple comes out with a PDA cell phone that would be pretty sweet and I would totally buy one

    Apr 6, 01:52 PM

    Wake me up when it supports Exchange 2003 just like all of their Windows versions.

    Que the one MS fanboy who will say it's old tech and Microsoft will never support it.

    Guess the team that works on Office 2010 for the PC never got that memo since that works like a dream with Exchange 2003.

    Or, you could be like the Office for Mac team and happily keep your head in the sand.

    Wake me up when Office for Mac finally has OneNote.

    Note: Yes, I've tried all the OneNote alternatives. They all suck. All of them. None even come close. Maybe all of them combined could equal OneNote's functionality, but naturally that's not the case.

    Apr 21, 09:02 PM
    I really do not get this either - so I can back up my media files to Apples servers?

    I have a macbook pro, iphone, ipad and we have a family iMac my music collection is stored on all of these and a time capsule why would I want to store it all again in a (often) inaccessible place?

    I am a UK user and I subscribe to Spotify and it has its glitches (and annoyingly some content holes) but it is fantastic! I cannot believe that Apple would not be going down this route at some point.


    Maybe Apple want to extend the social networking aspect of its business, maybe you could 'lend' cloud stored content to friends? just like we used to borrow LPs of our friends for the weekend etc? I think this is way they might be going with this.

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