Tuesday, May 24, 2011

selena gomez who says music video stills

selena gomez who says music video stills. More pictures of Selena below.
  • More pictures of Selena below.

  • TwinCities Dan
    Jan 25, 09:09 PM
    The most awesome prop ever for my toy trains! :cool: :o


    selena gomez who says music video stills. Selena Gomez: “Who Says” Music
  • Selena Gomez: “Who Says” Music

  • lordonuthin
    Nov 2, 06:14 PM
    We got them!
    Well, we may pass each other back and forth a few times before we can really pull away...
    Next target: 2.3 weeks away! Keep Folding!

    And a little pat in the back as I just took the #8 spot on the team. Watch out this week #7! After it gets more tricky and WhiteRabbit is coming behind faaaaast...

    was' up Doc! Yeah, looks like we will do musical chairs with Lithuania again maybe, he he, hope they are up to it :D

    You know the story about the rabbit and the frog? Good, neither do I :p Oh, and pat on the back too.

    That dang i7 is going back to normal units until I can figure out why it is so sloooooow... like a tortise...

    selena gomez who says music video stills. selena gomez who says music
  • selena gomez who says music

  • sparkomatic
    Mar 11, 08:43 PM
    UGh. What a mess. Waited in line for 8 hours and they are sold out. So angry right now.

    Oh man, that totally sucks. I'm sorry to hear that. I know at the Spectrum they kept coming by and counting the line and I'm sure they had a pretty good idea of what quantities they had but they wouldn't tell anyone.

    I was going to get a 3G but by the time I got close and 3 hours later, they were sold out. So, I went with a 64GB wifi (which is what I was originally gonna get anyway). But, at that point, you wanna walk away with something after spending your afternoon waiting in line.

    I really wish they would have done pre-orders for this.

    selena gomez who says music video stills. The Selena “Who Says” video is
  • The Selena “Who Says” video is

  • Parkin Pig
    Apr 1, 06:47 AM
    Taken at Whitby Goth Weekend.
    I had to monochrome the background as the wall was too similar in colour to the model's hair


    selena gomez who says music video stills. who+says+music+video+dress
  • who+says+music+video+dress

  • samcolak
    Apr 22, 11:47 AM
    I can read Wiki too...

    GPL is a license. GNU is a foundation. I corrected as to the licensing terminology..

    Per your 12 years, trump - my 25...

    By the way - openstep is an evolution of nextstep when next went "open source". it may of been put of the GNU license, but it wasnt there back in 1984 when it all started... Per Saiman, If you know WHY he left MIT in the first place (after all you might want to read the whole wiki), youd know what was going through his mind in the creation of GNU.

    Lastly, the Minix kernel came from Posix. So the path Posix->Minix->Linux is valid.

    selena gomez who says music video stills. Selena Gomez Films Music Video
  • Selena Gomez Films Music Video

  • blueroom
    Dec 31, 06:09 PM
    you gotta feel sorry for the poor abused toilet. I can imagine the reamed out plumbing.
    Oh the horror.


    selena gomez who says music video stills. selena gomez who says music
  • selena gomez who says music

  • icstars989
    Apr 21, 10:38 PM
    Good for you Samsung!

    selena gomez who says music video stills. selena gomez who says music
  • selena gomez who says music

  • blow45
    Apr 30, 05:38 PM
    Samsung has supported AAC for 4 years now.

    iriver too.

    (great band btw ;) )


    selena gomez who says music video stills. selena gomez who says music
  • selena gomez who says music

  • Exana
    Apr 19, 05:20 PM
    The point, though, is that the Sandy Bridge MacBook Air will have a much better CPU, but a worse GPU unless Apple does something surprising.

    Yeah ! Going with some brand new AMD's Llano APU. :D

    selena gomez who says music video stills. selena gomez who says music
  • selena gomez who says music

  • Psilocybin
    Apr 18, 09:44 AM
    This one goes out to all the tinfoil hat wearers....you know who you are (secret code inserted here.-..-11..-312).

    I think Apple intentionally borked our current 320M graphic power in the 10.6.7 release fiasco. This was intentional. That way when they release the new MBA's with the inferior integrated graphics chipset, they can actually show an IMPROVEMENT in graphic speed.

    Seriously. Its true. I read it on the intrawebs.

    why would that not surprise me


    selena gomez who says music video stills. selena gomez who says music
  • selena gomez who says music

  • countach
    Oct 24, 09:22 AM
    I haven't read all the messages, but I'm wondering....
    How many of you that have been waiting and whining actually took the plunge this morning?


    selena gomez who says music video stills. selena gomez who says music
  • selena gomez who says music

  • djsound
    Apr 14, 12:03 AM
    Apple has it all down to a science. They probably have algorithm's for getting the most possible money out of you.....if you don't see this your blind...Wait for something that actually makes a difference...not just a different color. As if they ever intended to release the white iphone at the same time as the black one hahahaha :rolleyes:


    selena gomez who says music video stills. Selena Gomez visits SiriusXM
  • Selena Gomez visits SiriusXM

  • mojohanna
    Oct 18, 06:39 PM
    Yes, thank you. At least someone else out there is emotionally distanced enough from the iPod and the Apple entertainment sector to be a bit objective.

    Innovation: just what happened to Apple's innovative spirit when it comes to computers? The latest Mac Pro was fitted into the existing (and way oversized) G5 case. The MacBook was disappointing in that - proportionally - Apple did not shrink it at all or make it lighter than its predecessor (a design which had been in existence for about four years). There are more things, but I really don't want to sound like a troll here...

    Apple needs to come out with new computer models that are unlike anything else out there. What about a tiny, thin ultraportable? What about a smaller tower, so those of us that want a pro computer don't have to invest in an oversized monster (which is larger than any PCs in the market that I am aware of). Aren't computers supposed to get SMALLER as the technology advances? Why is Apple obsessed with making the iPod smaller and smaller, but does not care as much about its laptops and desktops?

    The answer: profit, or course. The iPod is Apple's cash cow. And this, my friends, is what I mean when I say that Apple needs to be partitioning off a little of its innovative energy that it is putting into its entertainment sector and bring it back to the computer line.

    Understood now?

    OK, now fire away :)
    Maybe it is because most of the resources and dollars were going into the new intel archetecture. Not enough time and too drastic of a change to entirely redo the form factor as well. Jesus what else did you want? Rebuilding of the great wall? An overhaul of the IRS taxcode? One step at a time my friend, one step at a time.

    selena gomez who says music video stills. selena gomez who says music
  • selena gomez who says music

  • twoodcc
    Nov 28, 12:29 AM
    Thanks guys! I think I got it working. My WU size went from 4mb to 28mb:)

    alright! should help with points big time!


    selena gomez who says music video stills. +says+music+video+pictures
  • +says+music+video+pictures

  • ghall
    Apr 29, 03:27 PM
    Can you name a few more? I have only seen Sony support AAC on their PMP devices.

    From my own experience the PS3 and the Nintendo DSi all read iTunes purchased music, albeit with some metadata weirdness.

    selena gomez who says music video stills. selena gomez who says music
  • selena gomez who says music

  • benhollberg
    Apr 25, 11:29 AM
    Did 9to5 Mac get this from the MacRumors forums? I think so: http://forums.macrumors.com/showthread.php?t=1142610


    selena gomez who says music video stills. selena gomez who says music
  • selena gomez who says music

  • FoxyKaye
    Oct 18, 11:44 PM
    Thanks for the chart...I always like to see stuff like this. But your 3Q and 4Q numbers for 2003 and 2004 looked a bit fishy, so I looked into it and made the corrections below for 2004. Don't know if there are any other errors.
    2000 was right after the original iMacs were released, wasn't it? It's interesting that it has taken five or so years to reach the same numbers again. Then again, there were a couple times when the only improvement to the PowerMacs was a 100-300 MHz G4 speed bump... :rolleyes:

    I remember Apple's colossal market share in the early to mid 1980s, back then it was pretty much given that developers had to make a DOS/Windows and MacOS version of their programs. I think the Universal Binary was brilliant - it keeps G3/G4/G5 users in the loop while moving OS X compatible software forward. Hopefully as more developers take note of Apple's slowly growing market share (come on 5%!) everyone will experience more cross-platform goodness.:D

    selena gomez who says music video stills. selena gomez who says music
  • selena gomez who says music

  • cuestakid
    May 1, 11:52 PM
    Your 2nd date appears to be incorrect.




    how so?

    selena gomez who says music video stills. selena gomez who says music
  • selena gomez who says music

  • nospeed411
    Dec 4, 05:32 PM
    pppfffttt... man up and get some real firepower:D I bought myself an ORIGINAL Desert Eagle 50 cal last year ...best money I ever spent.

    Yes it costs a fortune to shoot and my wrist can only handle about 6 rounds and I am done for the day. However it only takes 1 from this thing to stop anything shy of a pissed off bull elephant:D

    Nov 3, 11:44 AM
    Multiprocessor support is way way cool. That could make me throw away my work machine and just keep working with my Mac Pro :-)

    Well... another thing that stops me from working with virtual machines is the lack of support for multi-monitor setups... I can't return to developing software with just one... so let's hope VMWare addresses this sometime, hopefully soon. I would really love to have my Mac with 3 monitors instead of my Pc with 2 and my mac with one... :-)

    Now I'm just waiting to get my invitation email... if it happens... :rolleyes:

    Agreed. Multiprocessor support is critical. I do audio production, and this would be a nice way of incorporating Windows-only software into my rig (for compatibility with others). But in Parallels, having access to only one core means my iMac is too slow to handle complex projects.

    Jan 1, 03:03 PM
    Humans function on a reward system. You may climb Everest because of the personal accomplishment or the rush. Eating to the degree of excess that lady has is far more than a love of food.

    Exactly, when I do Park skiing, I know it's dangerous, but the reward is there, the thrill, the excitement and the adrenaline rush all make you want to get back up that slope and go again. Same for climbers or any other kind of adventurous humans.

    Obese people and food ? Most obese people don't do it out of love of food. Look at what your standard obese person eats while they are in a "weight gain" mode (before trying to lose weight). It's pure junk that doesn't have a particular flavor or good taste. It's usually just sugar/fat filled mouth stuffers, it's not rewarding at all, no subtle flavors to discovers.

    Anecdote, this couple I know was vacationing in the states. They were eating at a local "Greasy spoon" joint (you know the place, anything and everything, grilled meats, burgers, salads, sandwichs). The guy looked over to his left to a very fat lady and she was eating a basket a fried chicken. He snickered. He snickered less when he saw that was an appetizer and she received a plate of fries with a fried chicken sandwich for her main course. He was completely dumbfounded when he saw her take a small packet on the table and start pouring it on the sandwich. That wasn't salt, she was sugaring her fried chicken sandwich which she ate after a basket of fried chicken.

    Love of food ? I love food personally, but I wouldn't call what she was eating particularly appealing. It wasn't well prepared, it wasn't particular flavors (she could have just drank a glass of oil and dumped the packets of sugar in her mouth, the taste would have been the same), it was just fattening.

    If you want to argue that most "Chefs" that love food and make great foods full of flavors and preparation are fat, look really closely at chefs. Most are not fat at all, I'd say the proportion is the same as in the normal population. Heck look at this guy :


    Have you seen the food he prepares ? That stuff looks awesome and I'm sure it tastes awesome. He does a grilled chicken with BBQ sauce that just looks like it melts in your mouth. Yet he's perfectly normal sized.

    Apr 29, 05:16 PM
    I have to wonder how many people discussing audio quality buy their movies from iTunes vs Blu-Ray.

    Just asking since apparently those people are so concerned with getting optimal performance from their media.

    Not to take this off topic - but too many people have been duped by all the streaming serves and cable companies to believe they're getting a true HD experience when, in fact, they aren't because of the astronomical bitrate difference between what can be streamed vs delivered by hard media at current.

    Jul 12, 07:47 PM
    Fair enough, I hate arguing over such minute issues anyway. Besides anyone that has an opinion probably won't change it just because of a few forum flames.

    I'm with you all. We will have to agree to disagree. Hopefully with some dignity still intact.

    Aug 15, 12:53 PM
    I believe icerabbit was referring to a feature to restore an item to its original location once putting it in the trash. Windows has this feature in the recycle bin and it's a handy little feature.

    This isn't to do with Time Machine as the user has not yet deleted the item from the Trash and the system.
    If so, that's a feature Macs had up until OS 9 (it was called Put Away) and it was nice--I'd be glad to have it back. Undo usually meets this need for me, but not always. (I think Put Away also worked for files you dragged onto the desktop.)

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