Tuesday, May 24, 2011

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  • ender land
    Mar 19, 10:30 AM
    I sort of support this, but as has been said before I think its time that America puts a heavier burden on allied nations to provide military assistance for UN resolutions.

    America is constantly being blamed for policing the world and I think it is a criticism we often deserve.

    But if the UN / international community is willing to allow/support the enforcement of a no fly zone. Than they should bear equal responsibility for the execution of the movement, the US shouldn't be providing 90% of the military support and funds.


    The USA will probably get all of the blame for mistakes or things which happen too, regardless of involvement... I really would like the USA to take a much less active role in this than I expect it will do.

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  • MacRumors
    Aug 6, 08:37 PM
    http://www.macrumors.com/images/macrumorsthreadlogo.gif (http://www.macrumors.com)

    MacRumorsLive.com (http://www.macrumorslive.com/) will provide live coverage of the event starting at 1PM EDT (10AM Pacific). No need to reload the page, updates will appear as they are posted. In January, our system successfully delivered updates to over 100,000 (http://www.macrumors.com/events/mwsf2006-stats.php) simultaneous visitors.

    More photos of banners posted at WWDC have been circulating. Apple appears to be taking on Microsoft's upcoming Vista operating system directly with banners that state:

    "Mac OS X Leopard, Introducing Vista 2.0" (photo (http://static.flickr.com/74/207241438_7c0f89412d_b.jpg))
    "Mac OS X Leopard, Hasta la Vista, Vista"

    In the meanwhile, you can read the WWDC 2006 Rumor Roundup (http://www.macrumors.com/pages/2006/08/20060805162310.shtml), see our WWDC related Guide Pages (http://guides.macrumors.com/Category:WWDC_2006), chat in our IRC channel (http://www.macrumors.com/pages/2003/06/20030608214842.shtml) or participate in the forums (http://forums.macrumors.com).

    We will continue to provide any last minute updates leading to the event.

    Digg This (http://digg.com/apple/MacRumorsLive_No_WWDC_Live_QT_Stream_No_Problem)

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  • oracle_ab
    Apr 27, 08:24 AM
    "App Store" is a trademarked name of a particular store. "appstore," or "app store" in generic terms and context is a description of a particular thing. How hard is it for these companies to understand that that's possible? Just the same as "Windows" vs. "windows." Actually, I think they do get it, but they don't want "App Store" associated only w/ Apple so they can jump on the bandwagon and (continue to try to) confuse consumers.

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  • Killyp
    Aug 7, 08:04 AM
    Eh, but you still have to find the stuff and set it up. In XPSP2 all security related settings are in one place, its nice. And the OS keeps annoying the hell out of you if you dont turn the firewall on.....

    OOH, and even better....this one I like:
    XP SP2, with firewall enabled, will tell you when a application is attempting to make a network connection, ask for authorization (allow once, allow always, or never), and adjust your firewall settings. If you are playing a game, no more swearing, the OS tells you whats wrong and asks if you trust the application. Good for the clueless people (or, good for those damn games that dont document their TCP/UDP ports)

    I just find that the Windows Firewall gets in the way. Incredibly irritating after a while...

    The OS X firewall is perfect IMHO. I've never had problems with it blocking apps I don't want it to block...

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  • dmcgann
    Sep 8, 03:58 PM
    i think apple will announce a hard drive specifically for these downloads approx the size of a dvd player! you put it on top of your dvd player and you can download the movie to the hard drive through airport! you can then wirelessly control the hard drive with your computer! this would make high def a possibility! just a thought!

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  • brianus
    Sep 1, 01:22 PM
    these prices seem a lot more like what I was thinking. Wishful? maybe, but this would be aggressive pricing, not keeping the current 17" and 20" where they are and throwing the 23" way over their marks.

    Yeah, this is what I was thinking too. It's not so much that they're growing the iMac line and reaching towards the Mac Pro; rather, 23" is the new 20" and 20" is the new 17". Just the natural progression of things. And 17" definitely needs to be relegated to Education Only (I could see them being sold to some businesses too, perhaps), lest it either cannibalize the Mac mini at its too-reduced price, or seem like way too little for the money.

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  • AppleDroid
    Apr 19, 12:12 PM
    Honestly with the new Quad Core MBP lineup it makes much more sense to get a monitor and add it to your notebook than to get an iMac. (Unless you really need 16GB of ram vs 8GB).

    I can see one day only having the Mac Pro for those of use that need one (video editing, digital creation etc) and the high-powered MBP for those who don't want a tower.

    desktops are slowly but surely dying out. Notebooks are becoming more and more powerful and even moreso portable so what will an iMac offer that MacBooks won't have? Larger screen?

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  • sisyphus
    Sep 1, 03:49 PM
    It has seemed as obvious at almost every point in Apple's history within the past 4 years. That doesn't change a thing.

    Apple had ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS had a noticable gap between its top-of-the-line consumer machine and it's "entry-level" professional machine. As much as I'd love a middle-tier headless Mac, I just don't think it's in the cards.

    The difference now is that there is no crippled Mac Pro. The low end PowerMac was always crippled in some way to the mid and high end. There would always be an old motherboard, slower bus, less RAM...

    This time the machines are consistent all the way across. Why? Because with the Woodcrest/Conroe differentiations they can actually create different categories.

    Pros -> faster bus, 2 CPU (Woodcrest). Mac Pro
    Prosumer -> Mid bus, 1 CPU (Conroe). Mac
    Consumer -> Slower bus, quiet, one piece, slower CPU (Merom). iMac
    Budget -> Slowest, minimalist comptuer, old tech (Yonah). Mac Mini

    Seems pretty obvious. The hole left in the product line is the biggest yet, but the processor steps are VERY clear and not overlapping each other.

    mini (Yonah) < iMac (Merom)< Mac (Conroe) < Mac Pro (2xWoodcrest)

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  • finchna
    Aug 24, 09:53 PM
    any ideas for specs?

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  • cbrain
    Jan 12, 03:05 AM
    I'm not that keen on the name "MacBook Air" personally.

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  • baddj
    Mar 31, 04:48 PM
    It shows up in both full screen and non-full screen. Totally agree though, it definitely looks better and less distracting in full screen.

    Non-full screen: http://grab.by/9LUu
    Full screen: http://grab.by/9LUv

    Umm i hope the hell you can change it back? if not well ill no longer be using ical ill find something else.

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  • frankie
    Aug 25, 10:41 AM
    I thought Yonah and Merom are basically the same cost-wise. That's why everyone thinks including merom in new systems won't raise the price of those systems.

    Exactly so. For everyone's reference, here's a current Intel price chart (per CPU in lots of 1000): http://spamreaper.org/frankie/macintel.html

    It makes certain options quite clear. For example:

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  • louis Fashion
    Apr 3, 01:55 PM
    This ad will never work. People want ads that make them feel like teenage boys. I know this from Android ads. Steel and lasers, Apple. Steel and lasers!

    Great post. Maybe we should ban all iPad sales to "over 18" that would firmly place Apple in the "elitist" camp

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  • Tmelon
    Apr 2, 02:12 PM
    You feel like it�s a new experience? So much better?

    Well it's still Mac OS X so I can't call it a completely new experience. There's still a menu bar, still a dock, etc. But they've definitely made some improvements. And there's most likely still more to come in terms of speed and stability.

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  • poppe
    Sep 1, 01:16 PM
    Computer lines (outside of Apple) overlap ALL THE TIME. It seems like all of you are afraid of the iMac outselling the Mac Pro. The smart thing to do is, yes, to make the iMac super-upgradeable but more expensive to do so, something which is probably intuitive anyway. People will then make the choice of an all-in-one or a tower. There is no such thing as a "too powerful" iMac. Apple sets the price, consumers buy.

    No, now that I think about it, I dont think i'm worried about iMacs out selling a Mac Pro.
    I'm acctually thinking how Apple tends to keep its computers seperated in some way so that the people that want a Mac Pro get a Mac Pro even if they have to resort to payments just to have it; that way people don't think they could settle for an iMac at 2399 and say "well I wanted a Mac Pro, but this should be ok too i guess"

    Thats crazy! no way do Computers (outside of Apple) overlap ALL THE TIME.

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  • Bonte
    Nov 15, 08:34 AM
    8-Core Mac Pro! :eek:

    ***drool*** :D :cool:

    I'd love to see these test done in Vista, slower than XP i suspect. :cool:

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  • Bonte
    Nov 15, 08:34 AM
    8-Core Mac Pro! :eek:

    ***drool*** :D :cool:

    I'd love to see these test done in Vista, slower than XP i suspect. :cool:

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  • freebooter
    Sep 6, 12:45 PM
    I agree that the lower end 17" iMac is a better deal than the mini.

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  • scb02
    Feb 22, 11:39 AM
    Give my home office a little tidy today. It;s nothing special as I spend about 1 hour a month in there lol.




    Mar 19, 11:16 PM
    For the sake of consistency with the App Store and its censorship policies, it should be removed for containing offensive, disgusting content.

    I don't think it should be removed, and I don't think many other apps that have been removed should be removed. I just think Apple should censor consistently or not censor at all.

    Sep 1, 02:37 PM
    Mac Mini - low end machine good for offices as a small server or low end word processing workstation.
    iMac - All in one consumer machine - no upgradeability
    "Mac" - Prosumer gamer machine - some upgradeablity
    Mac Pro - Full fledged workstation for those who need all the power they can get.

    But I want to see the iMac and "Mac" be equal in power- both available in both consumer to presumer configurations! I also want the Mac mini done away with and replaced with the "Mac" you speak of... it's too small for its own good. The G4 cube should be brought back, this time as a consumer/prosumer machine, replacing the Mac mini.

    Basically, Apple needs to snap out of it and realize that there is a market for a headless and integrated machines at EVERY PRICE... I want a prosumer iMac, personally.

    Nov 27, 01:53 PM
    It kills me that the least expensive Apple display is $700. I just can't justify the tax over a Dell display, and I'm amazed how others can. A Dell 2007WFP (their 20" widescreen display which uses the same panel that's found in Apple's 20") is $400. It also sports inputs for VGA, composite and S-Video. And for a Dell, the display is reasonably attractive.

    The Apple displays give you a shiny aluminum bezel, firewire routing, and software display controls. Is that enough to merit a 75% markup?

    So, I'm thrilled if this is true and Apple is putting out a less-expensive display option. But I'd love it if they brought the rest of their lineup into check with the competition.

    Apr 10, 07:04 PM
    manual cars are easy to drive - like riding a bike, you never forget it...

    Aug 26, 09:56 AM
    Hehehe...we have some true believers here... :rolleyes:

    Mini Tower Mac = PowerBook G5 anyone?

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