Sunday, May 22, 2011

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  • Jazwire
    May 1, 10:32 PM
    How long till pics are leaked?

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  • Ugg
    May 1, 10:47 PM
    Obama's speech was awesome

    I agree.

    It's a good feeling that Osama is dead. It's not the end of al Qaeda, but it's the end of the first chapter of this ten year old war.

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  • stew278
    Mar 31, 12:02 PM
    Garish as hell.

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  • Abstract
    Nov 11, 02:06 PM
    Yup, believe me i am looking elsewhere for a lower price if possible, and if not i am going to go to my friend that works at nordstroms and have her buy it for me, and if that doesnt happen, i am just going to by them. I have one of the shirts already and i get tons of comments on them.

    Your friends must be old. :eek:


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  • kalsta
    Apr 14, 06:17 PM
    I was about to ask if somebody skilled with an image editor could do a mockup promo page from Apple on the "ix.Mac.MarketingName" -- and low and behold, here it is.

    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. You rock kalsta!

    No worries! Glad you like it. :)

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  • WeegieMac
    Apr 16, 01:52 AM
    Folders still animate poorly in Launchpad (opening and closing) and transitions to and from full screen mode on Safari is a little choppy.

    It certainly feels stable enough though.


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  • Cartaphilus
    Oct 1, 12:18 AM
    I'm not questioning those reporting their first-hand experience with an unacceptable level of dropped calls, but the posted repair report drafted by a Genius Bar tech is hardly documentation of AT&T's service levels, much less an official tolerance of that level. This tech was only reporting that he examined the iPhone and it was performing according to spec, and that its performance in use would be consistent with whatever level of service AT&T was providing at the time.

    I realize this is beside the point for those disappointed with their AT&T service, but someone was wrong on the Internet, and it's my lot in life to stay up past 1 a.m. to straighten things like this out. <sigh>

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  • Mherm88
    May 3, 08:30 AM
    You can add on a 115GB SSD from OWC. FAST turnaround.

    Too expensive, plus I'd rather do it myself


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  • tkermit
    Apr 1, 09:05 AM
    there are just so many other things that need fixing in SL (e.g. SMB sharing is terribly slow, random beachballing, the Finder, root permissions changing, wireless network settings messing up after a while++), that I wish they would concetrate on those...

    I don't think the designers would be busy writing SMB code, if they weren't working on iCal's UI. ;)

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  • likwidplastik
    Apr 28, 04:31 PM
    "A colleague of mine just picked up a 16 GB iPhone 4 in white. I was a bit surprised when I picked it up off his desk (I had my black 32 GB in my other hand at the same time) – it immediately felt thicker."

    LOL, that's absolutely ridiculous.

    Also, why is everyone feeling so sorry for the case Apple is screwing them over? It's not their responsibility to cater to the case makers.


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  • Small White Car
    May 3, 11:33 PM
    1) Is this a permanent move to a Fall Release of the iPhone?

    I'm guessing 'yes' simply because I think "Because they want it to be in the fall" is the one reason for moving it that makes the most sense to me. I think that's the whole point.

    3) Does this affect the timing of iOS's release, which has traditionally been released with the new iPhone and has been centered around the iPhone's hardware?

    I have less reason to believe it, but I sure hope that iOS 5 still comes out in the summer. I'd like to see iOS updates divorced from hardware updates, just like it is with the Mac.

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  • Reason077
    Apr 14, 04:26 AM
    Once you get over the delusion of Macs running iOS apps

    You might just have to get over your delusion that this is a delusion ;)

    Imagine cleaning fingerprint smudges off a 27" iMac display. I hope Apple doesn't go there, and I don't think they will.

    Right, they won't go there. But what if UIKit (aka Cocoa Touch) was ported to OS X, so that it was easier to write a universal app that runs on both iOS devices and Macs?

    Obviously developers would still have some work to do to port their apps, much like porting an iPhone app to iPad, but having much the same UI APIs available on both platforms would make everything a lot easier.

    One might give such a technology a codename like "iX", and announce it at an upcoming developers conference.


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  • NT1440
    May 1, 11:41 PM
    What, so he wasn't important? What about the president?
    Disregarding the missed point...

    Was important. The past tense matters. Other than giving those who look at the world with a revenge-at-all-costs is a good thing point of view something to chant loudly for, what has this changed?

    If anything this will just escalate our wars, from both sides.

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  • spookywarrior
    Jun 6, 05:12 PM
    Sounds like a great way for any lawyer or law student with a kid to get a free $1000 app.


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  • BigMacnChips
    Apr 24, 02:27 AM
    The T-Mobile US network uses different frequencies than AT&T's

    Acquiring frequencies allocation is a huge premium, and with customer base and existing install too.

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  • Thunderhawks
    Apr 28, 12:35 PM
    Quick, somebody make up some rumors for the man. ;)

    Heard from an analyst who knows a reputable source that ios 5 will be released next Tuesday.

    The date makes sense since it coincides with the 3rd of the month, which is also a prime number.

    For now the ios has the code name: ios5 as insiders confirm.

    Apple is close lipped as usual, but we hear 3 engineers who were asked: "What's new?" gave each other
    high 5's in public and were thus arrested for releasing company secrets.

    Verizon will have this ios too and it comes in white


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  • southernpaws
    Apr 22, 02:09 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3_2 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8H7 Safari/6533.18.5)

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  • edesignuk
    Sep 30, 07:44 AM
    wow, how spectacularly awful.

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  • Frisco
    Apr 28, 06:47 PM
    I am still holding out for my Pink iPhone.

    Apr 22, 05:41 PM
    That thing looks terribly ugly.

    Apr 12, 03:55 AM

    Russ Swift in action from the recently concluded Manila International Auto Show 2011 Philippines.

    First time to post pics here! Didn't know this forum has a lot of good photographers!!! Anyone from the Philippines here? :D

    you can check more of my photos


    Joe The Dragon
    Jun 6, 11:24 AM
    Why is there no spending limit that you can set per purchase?

    cable and sat tv lets you set per PPV purchase limits so why not apple?

    Apr 26, 04:12 PM
    If it is as good as Ping, I'm IN!

    Hahahaha, nice one.

    Dec 1, 02:51 PM
    I have to agree with a lot of the people here who are concerned with security. Part of the reason OS X seemed so secure was because no one tested it. Now that we have Intel chips and a growing market share, vulnerabilities are being exploited. The day that I have to go out and buy virus protection for OS X is the day I consider going back to Windows. Vista looks like OS X so switching wouldn't be as big a pain.:)

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