Sunday, May 22, 2011

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  • MooVitZ
    Aug 15, 07:39 PM
    � Battery Meter (

    Is anyone else bothered by the button to buy more batteries?

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  • twoodcc
    Nov 30, 08:05 PM
    But you have to run windows... GPU3 will apparently allow macs to run the gpu client because of open CL, and also help ATI which are fairings very poorly right now in Folding.

    yeah i know, which stinks, but at least windows 7 is a little better.

    here's the problem for me and the bigadv units: i can't really use the computer for anything else. but with the gpus going, i can still use the system.

    gpu3 will be good, but still, apple doesn't allow for all the video cards though

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  • Evangelion
    Jul 12, 01:29 AM
    wireless (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Wi-Max whatever)? I used to think that this was a cool thing to have in an iPod. an iPod with internet radio capability sounds like a really cool idea. I'm lukewarm about now.

    I'm not. What would I like to see from Apple? What would my ideal iPod be like? Let's explore the possibilities.

    Bluetooth-headphones. This would kick ass. No more wires that get tangled up. And it CAN be done!

    Large touch-screen. No separate controls, the controls would be right in the display (like in the image that was linked before in this thread).

    And before you say "but there would be fingerprints on the screen! And it wouldn't provide any tactile feedback!". Ah, but how about that "no-touch" controls that have been rumored? I have no idea that is it really possible, but what if? You could simply hover you finger 1cm from the screen and use the controls. No fingerprints. As to the tactile feedback.... Tactile feedback is used that you know where the controls are without actually looking at the screen. "No-touch" UI does not have this, because you aren't actually touching anything. So how do we make this work? Well, what if you could just put your finger close to the screen ANYWHERE on the screen. If you do circlular motion (like in current iPod) the device would scroll, adjust volume, and do the other things you can do on the current iPod. If you move your finger straigh up, it would be equivaltnof clicking "menu". Straight down would be play/pause and so forth.

    As to WLAN and the like.... What if the new iPod could be tied to iChat? You could VOIP to/from the iPod. just turn on the wireless, and browse to the "buddy list" menu on your iPod, and you are all set. Hell, the iPod could have a camera as well! if they can put video-cameras on phones, is there any reason why iPod couldn't have one?

    if we assume that the "no-touch" UI is possible, then nothing I have listed is impossible. iPod with those specs would be YEARS ahead of any other device on the market! It would absolutely embarrass all the other devices.

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  • Thex1138
    Apr 13, 07:35 PM
    Waiting for iPhone 5...


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  • flopticalcube
    Apr 11, 01:43 PM
    Look forward to thunderbolt hub. USB 3.0, esata and a DisplayPort daisy chain.

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  • AlmostThere
    Jul 24, 03:22 PM
    Bah, these things are rubbish. The scroll wheel clogs up with dirt, just as scroll ball mice did in days gone by - except there is no user access to clean it thoroughly. Apple need to re-think the design on this one before updating it.


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  • Rowbear
    Apr 8, 08:52 PM

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  • Mac-Addict
    Oct 24, 09:10 AM
    would it be possible for Apple to disable the 64 bit feature?
    Why? When leopard comes out it can handle 32-bit and 64-bit apps so why would they not give there customers the choice?
    edit: he posted nevermind..


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  • Chundles
    Jul 25, 10:26 AM
    Anyone want to comment on the images I posted higher up on this page? Hopefully the regular Mighty Mouse will be getting the zoom functionality etc with an update to the MM drivers.

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  • nick1516
    Oct 24, 09:28 PM
    Since my birthday is also in December I'm hoping to get both of these:
    Ipad 16gb:
    ESP LTD MH350FR:


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  • notabadname
    Apr 28, 11:00 AM
    It is an impressive market share to be commanded by a single product line, versus numerous hardware manufacturers running Android. No single Android product even comes close.

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  • GregAndonian
    Apr 17, 02:44 AM
    If Lion does give you the ability to emulate iOS apps on your Mac....

    How do you control them?

    What about a Magic Trackpad?


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  • dethmaShine
    Mar 31, 01:39 PM
    That wood look needs to go. iBooks in iOS is hideous. I am disappointed that it's making it in to OS X.

    What if Apple gives a choice b/w 2-3 gradients?

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  • twoodcc
    Oct 28, 07:57 AM
    I just jumped to 19th place on the team when my bigadv unit was posted. better get that i7 going and figure out the gpu2 problem. (scratches head)

    I think we might catch back up to Team Lithuania :D

    Nice. Those amd machines add up since you have so many. How do you deal with heat?

    Well, I'll hop on the bandwagon. My measly old MBP should be able to cope with it. I'll get my PS3 onto the game as well, just to see how much I can get out of it.

    (far out you guys are well equipped)

    glad to have you!


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  • TUD
    Apr 13, 07:37 PM
    Who cares! A little too late now, bring on the iPhone 5!

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  • MrCrowbar
    Jul 24, 08:44 PM
    Sounds cool to me. I guess all those people worried about fungerprints on the potencially touch screen iPod are psyched about this. So it is a touchscrenn you don't actually touch? This could really work out if done right. I wonder if you can still control your iPod in your pocked without having to look at it though... the iPod remote will come in handy if not :)


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  • shecky
    Oct 24, 08:57 AM
    is the HDD removable?

    The userguide online is still the CD MBP

    i am waiting on this and the "Technology Overview" to be posted before buying. just want to make sure there are no surprises :)

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  • Intell
    Apr 30, 04:21 PM
    Down, down through the could went the ship. Faster and faster, until it came to a stop near a few portals. lbro jumped right out, and ran to the nearest one. chrmjenkins and jav6454 followed him across the cold ground. "Dang it! We need a fuel cell for this thing!" lbro exclaimed. "Why don't you take the one out of your book?" chrmjenkins offered.

    "You know, that might just work." lbor ran back to the ship and came back with a book that said Don't Panic on the side of it. He flipped it upside-down popped out the fuel cell and tossed Don't Panic aside into a nearby mud puddle. The fuel cell was a size BBB, but the portal needed a BB. lbor, in desperation wedged a few coins into the cell slot along with the fuel cell.

    The portal soon turned on and opened into another real, that just so happened to be warm and sunny with little elves walking around. "No, I don't think that's right." lbro said as he spun the Z hold knob. After seeing many wonderful things, he finally got it right. Through he went. chrmkenins was not as accustomed to portal traveling. He stood about and fought with himself until jav6454 pushed him right in.

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  • Chupa Chupa
    Oct 23, 03:00 PM
    This all seems much ado about nothing. Clearly it looks like M$ is showing us how greedy they can be but look at the facts:

    From what I've seen of Vista editions, Starter, Home Basic, and Home Premium are pretty much crippled.

    Vista Business is $199 for the upgrade. I'm betting the OEM version will be priced similarly. Only a fool would go buy the full retail version. The OEM works fine.

    VirtualPC sold for about $ 250. Parallels + Vista Biz is going to be about the same price.

    $199 seems a lot for an upgrade, but keep in mind that M$ doesn't do major upgrades very often. So it's not like Apple where we have to put out $125 every 18 months or so.

    If you really don't want to spend $199 on Vista Biz then buy Home Basic for $99 and use Boot Camp. Since Boot Camp isn't a virtualization Win can't get on your backs about that.

    Still remains to be seen how Win will know if you are using virtualization software. Certain expect to see hacks that will make Vista think it's running on a true PC.

    Mar 31, 10:54 AM
    This is hideous.Hopefully there are custom settings because this is definitely
    a step backwards design wise to me.

    Also, it is definitely. time for them to inegrate Facetime and iChat

    May 3, 07:54 AM
    I was hoping for i7...c'mon apple WHY!

    oh, BTO option, I hope they have i7 in stores

    BTO i7 3.4

    Mar 8, 09:41 PM
    We need an upvoting system like Reddit. Here's a +1 for you.

    Who the hell are we to judge?

    Who said we have to live til 105 years old?

    I have met crazier "normal" people who weren't even on drugs!

    Exactly! He is doing what he wants. Why does he have to do what other people want?

    Also, the more we talk about him, the more he wins. If people continue to talk about him, he will just keep winning. There really is not anything else to discuss, but the media seems to enjoy rehashing his choices for some reason.

    Congrats on the win, Charlie.

    Oct 24, 08:02 AM
    wow! im so happy apple does it again fresh updates and now the superdrive supports DL burning!! and speed is up to 6x not bad, 1gb ram as standard is good too ** and FW 800

    Oct 18, 07:57 PM
    It is interesting to read the long list of disclosed risks in the financial statement news release on the Apple website.


    Haven't you read these before? They are a SOP for any 'forward looking' statement.

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