Thursday, May 26, 2011

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  • Chundles
    Nov 10, 08:46 PM
    Has anyone installed a Copy of Leopard on there Computer and how do you like it so far also how stable is it

    Where computer?

    The only copies of Leopard available are Developer Preview (pre-Beta). They are available only to the top two levels of the Apple Developer Connection and are covered by very strict Non-Disclosure Agreements.

    As a preview release I would imagine Leopard to be currently very unstable.

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  • skunk
    Mar 26, 08:46 PM
    If someone clings to the hood of my car I'm not supposed to drive away?

    If someone holds on to the hood of my car, he better hold on tight.

    I do think it's unreasonable to be FORCED to stop because someone is deliberately trying to get you to stop by hanging onto you car. If you do stop, they win. Why would you let them win so easily?More to the point, why is winning so important to you that you would be prepared to kill for it? You are the very reason we need our legal protections.

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  • robertneville77
    Mar 14, 01:05 AM
    Solid Snake:

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  • bmat
    Apr 22, 12:04 PM
    I'd get the New Yorker in a minute if it was even remotely priced the way it would be for a print subscription. I'd pay even more--due to the convenience factor, but not $5 an issue.

    The demand is not there because their prices are unrealistic.

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  • Nicole!

  • bigbossbmb
    Apr 20, 12:08 PM
    Might want to hold off on that plan.

    weak... oh well, I'll just hold off on getting my Tangent Wave (hoped there'd be a v2 @ NAB) for a little bit longer and get the nVidia cards when I move to Resolve. I've decided I have to make the move regardless of what Apple ends up doing. The jobs I want to go after tend to be with the DaVinci crowd.

    I thought the MP would freak out if you mixed GPU brands...

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  • torbjoern
    May 1, 11:07 AM
    What on earth are you two on about? :confused:

    It's the EU's country now. When Brussels says "jump", his government will jump.

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  • ten-oak-druid
    Apr 17, 11:42 AM
    Will there be a white ipod touch?

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  • maclaptop
    Apr 29, 11:52 AM
    It's funny, but wherever I go, I always see people with iPhones. My train, on plane trips between Chicago and NYC, during meetings, etc. I am amazed the number is only 5% - but I guess it's the circles that I am in.

    As a shareholder I'm happy to see them everywhere.

    As a user its getting boring and predictable.

    Thankfully I have a few of the latest ,exciting, big & beautiful Android Smartphones as my primary devices.

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  • daveyjokes
    Nov 2, 03:53 PM
    sounds �ber-uncertain as to anything say no, maybe they are just investigating not developing?

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  • steve2112
    Aug 5, 07:19 PM
    Rogue runs a tied house here in the city, which of course carries mostly their beers, but also is required to carry Coors Light as a part of a deal they have with Coors to distribute for them. Last time I was there it was listed on the board as Coors "We Pity You" Light.

    Oh, and Lee, I know a place that occasionally serves up a pretty awesome pomegranate cider. Just saying. ;)

    Wow, I love Rogue. I don't think I have had one from them I didn't like. I'm also a fan of New Belgium. Normally, I'm a stout and porter kind of guy, but sometimes it's good to enjoy a good Rogue Dead Guy or Fat Tire.

    I really hate my state's stupid beer laws. The cap on beer is 5%, which cuts out a lot of great beers. Thankfully, I have friends and relatives in other states where I can get said beers. :)

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  • r6girl
    Sep 10, 12:20 AM
    I have thought about my tounge.
    I dont think I could do it though. As a kid I had to have the doctor remove a bit of some sort of connective tissue from under my tounge so I could speak properly, guess I had a lisp or something. My under tounge throbbed for a week. Bitting my tounge hurts enough. Plus the fact the tounge is a muscle.

    i started with my belly button in college, and then had my tongue pierced 7 years ago. it hurt, but not as much as you'd think. something about expecting the pain versus being surprised by it. in a psychology class in college, a study showed that injuries on the battlefield actually hurt less than injuries from a kitchen accident (on a subjective rating scale). no one expects to get hurt in the kitchen. unless you're really clumsy, i suppose.

    the actual needle going through wasn't too bad. it hit right after though like biting your tongue pretty badly. but then it faded, and i was talking (but not quite intelligibly) within a few minutes. and it really didn't bleed much at all. eating was a challenge for a couple of days, and it was heaven to really be able to eat and talk better after the week they make you wait to get a shorter piece of jewelry. they made me start with 1.5 inch stud because your tongue swells at first. i went down to a 3/4 inch stud after that. still a small gauge though. i really have no interest in making the whole in my tongue any larger.

    nice piercing, by the way. i like it.


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  • JAT
    Mar 29, 09:58 AM
    If I Had Any Respect Left For is now gone. Why not just proudly go down and wish those who beat you...well.
    I have to agree. Patent lawsuits are fine, but this ITC garbage is just petty. "But he hit me first, waahh."

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  • MacHamster68
    Mar 22, 01:44 AM
    when i had the iMac G5 1.8 with only 64mb vram and the compared to the PowerMac's slower bus speed and less ram 2gb , it was perfectly capable for 720p , and 1080p had been watchable , ok some slight frame drops here and there.

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  • trip1ex
    May 2, 06:36 PM
    Server class cpu, ram, motherboard, ps, and case. That's why Mac Pros are so expensive.

    It's not meant to be a consumer level box.

    Hence that's why the layman will think its overpriced.

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  • davidlv
    Mar 10, 06:35 PM
    Sure! (Full size, it's a big file!)
    Thanks for posting the pic, it's great!
    Nice photograph indeed.:cool::D:cool:

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  • iStudentUK
    Apr 5, 09:23 AM
    Winter spring summer or fall all you have to do is call.. :apple:

    iPhone 5 means iOS 5?

    I really hope so! I wouldn't mind a iPhone 4s (minor bump) if it meant a big improvement in iOS. It needs a little bit of work.

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  • Ptpiz
    Aug 7, 09:16 PM
    The Mac Pro is something that I have been waiting for since 4 years ago when I bought my first mac. I couldnt wait to upgrade and when I heard about the new intel desktop I couldnt wait. To celebrate, i introduce to you...

    My HAPPY WWDC cookie/cake!


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  • Gamoe
    Apr 19, 07:16 AM
    I loved the first Portal and The Orange Box, but $50 for Portal 2 seems kind of steep to me.

    I feel the same way. Just wait a while. There will be sales and It'll go down in price in time. Valve is good about this, unlike say Nintendo. I'll be getting it then myself.

    It would probably be better if you never posted here again.

    Just because you and I don't agree with him is no reason to be rude.

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  • adztaylor
    Apr 19, 10:39 AM
    Ordered the PS3 version, should be here tomorrow :)

    Apr 28, 10:05 AM
    They can't do anything with it. People lets get this strait Apple is not making anything special. All the parts are of the shelve its true they make it look nice but at the end of the day the hardware is no big deal, its more of the OS and the rest of the experience. Its like religion the words make no sense but the feeling people get been around others that think almost exactly like them that is what makes them come back. :p

    haha true, their hardware are not special. But if you know what the real deal is made of, it can save you a lot of R&D to build a quality knock-off.

    Oct 4, 10:43 AM
    I can't wait!! iLife '11 Is exciting, I hope iWeb gets better and can actually make your site look less templateed
    Is it too soon to hope that iWeb will be html5?
    not sure about that, I think they always used quicktime for Video

    Just to go all conspiracy theory, what about a new MacBook Air and iLife '11? Both are already very late :d

    Apr 12, 06:05 PM
    This Western male says:
    Suit 'n tie? "No thanks."

    I believe ties are a carry-over from the 'old school tie' days, that the Brits gave us colonialists. Just a symbol of any given school snubbing their nose at another.

    Damn inconvenient though, especially in the Summer.

    Aug 7, 08:16 PM
    I think that for the first 24 hours that a new event video is up it should be for Mac users only. Maybe even require QuickTime Pro.

    Either that or just get better servers and/or use bittorrent.

    Jan 3, 10:59 PM
    I'll be at MWSF all week. Where are people meeting?

    Don't think we've decided yet. IJ suggested the seating area of the South Hall and I'm inclined to trust him since he's planned stuff like this before but nothing definite as of now.

    This is one area where a booth may be helpful. Hint hint... ;)

    I'm down for afternoon scheduling/meetups since I can work in the mornings that week if I can be arsed to get up early.

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