Friday, May 27, 2011

linda mccartney wedding

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  • alent1234
    Dec 27, 09:05 PM
    You're talking about a whole country. As it is right now there are more iPhones in NYC than anywhere else. In order for this to be true it would mean tens of thousands of NYers, at least, are having their personal info stolen. Also, why only the iPhone? Wouldn't these thieves with all their stolen info just move onto another AT&T phone that costs just as much? Such as BB? Why hasn't any other telco stopped onlines sales of any of their high priced phones in NYC? Surely these thieves wouldn't just buy one phone.

    To believe this you would have to jump through many conclusions, some being illogical.

    NYC has so many ethnicities, people probably ship them to other countries

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  • Rocketman
    Oct 6, 02:52 PM
    No way in hell. They've already asked their developers to change app resolutions once. 3 screen sizes will never fly with developers.

    99.999% likelihood of this being total nonsense.

    It is not necessary to change screen resolution to miniaturize the device. An iPad for example is the opposite of dense graphics to the degree shrinking it could maintain the same resolution even at 6-7" diagonal.

    An "iPhone nano" could have the same screen resolution as an iPhone 3GS and be the size of a bit over an iPod nano. Like the current iPod Nano x2 or so.

    I agree having too many resolutions is a problem, mainly for bit flipping applications like games and fixed I/O display apps.

    In all these years true screen size independence has not happened, so I am not holding my breath now either, since Apple has been dumbing down or crippling the CPU, graphics, and memory.

    Whatever China wants is what Apple is making. Yes Verizon will have LTE/CDMA handsets, but AT&T will have LTE/GSM handsets and will maintain market dominance where their service does not have holes. Verizon will exploit captured clients and areas where AT&T service is lacking.

    Once LTE is turned on the entire estimate where those zones are will change because the easiest way for AT&T to poach Verizon clients is to offer what they want. LTE/something slower, modern handsets, post-sale service.

    Verizon customer service is widely hated.


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  • Stuipdboy1000
    Aug 19, 12:42 PM
    3.2.1 has been pushed out from the App Store.

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  • sim667
    Apr 28, 10:42 AM
    An unscientific survey by Hunch

    Translates to "We completely made up the results" ;)

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  • rdsaunders
    Oct 20, 05:28 PM
    Evening from the Welshman!

    Looks as though I'll be at the Regent Street store to pick up my copy of leopard and a free T Shirt. I'll also be at MacExpo for the day so if anyone wants to meet up let me know.


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  • sand0s
    Jun 10, 04:51 PM
    it is strange that they added a fourth band (VIII - 900 frequency) which is for more of europe, asia and also vodaNZ but doesn't open up anything in the US... even stranger is that i was just in NZ and my 3G[S] (which doesn't support VIII / 900 apparently) was on the vodaNZ 3G network the whole time. anyone with knowledge of this whole UMTS / HSDPA band and frequency thing, please tell me how this worked then?

    answer this myself... apparently they use I / 2100 as well.

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  • ikir
    Jun 22, 04:35 AM
    Wow, hadn't even thought about that... That would be so nice. :o

    Very good idea!!! The only problem is speed, Apple SD readers are quite fast but only some high end SD reach good speeds.

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  • runninmac
    Sep 17, 10:56 AM
    One day, just rush into the store and shout "I Love You!". That should get her attention.

    & creep her out ;)

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  • lhshockey24
    Mar 11, 03:20 PM
    20 In line at the Best Buy in Flower Mound. I wonder what the other Best Buys look like now that people are getting off work.

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  • Spanky Deluxe
    Oct 26, 07:47 PM
    My main purpose in commenting though is to say congrats to Apple on the management of the event, especially the policing of the queue. It was good to see they dealt with pushing in because, let's face it, they get the same money whether you push or not.

    There was one security guy with a shaved head who was excellent although I think he spent most of his time down the other end of the queue. One of the security guys at the front was really nice too but was a bit overwhelmed due to the number of people. There was an Apple guy at the front who was a bit rubbish though and let people in. The queuing was *really* bad at the front. People were pushing in and got away with it at five to six. One guy even barged in at exactly six o'clock.
    Apple apparently couldn't get permission to use barriers from the council - probably because they left it so late to announce when Leopard would be in stores. We (everyone at the front) were *extremely* disappointed with the shocking organisation of the queues. The first 20m or so of the queue was about 4 people wide. The inner two had been there since about 4 while the outer two had queue jumped in at great annoyance to everyone else at about ten to six and the staff did nothing. This is the reason why some of you didn't get t-shirts. We tried complaining and arguing but to no avail. :(

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  • Consultant
    May 5, 10:56 AM
    Oh and it falsely compares the fast MacBook Air to snail netbooks.

    Apple definitely has the coolness going and the "halo" affect from its iPhone and iPads but in this tough economic time. Its hard to 30% and more for a Mac and you're not getting any much different in terms of hardware (other then a glowing apple logo)

    WRONG. OS X is worth its value.

    Good luck getting magsafe and other Apple exclusive features on a PC.

    linda mccartney wedding. Paul and Linda McCartney
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  • generik
    Dec 6, 03:07 PM
    All Macs?

    Even Mac Mini?

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  • webitorgal
    Apr 23, 11:24 PM
    I'm considering a Macbook Air in the next refresh, likely an 11 inch. It will be my first Mac in 13 years - I had one throughout high school, but switched to Windows for university. The MBA will be used as a second computer. What I'm hoping to see:

    1. An SD slot for the 11 inch - I'm a blogger and would like to be able to upload pictures without the use of a converter or hooking my camera up to the computer

    2. A lighter-weight machine - maybe down to 2 lb for the 11" and 2.5 lb for the 13"

    I don't really care whether they bring back a backlit keyboard or not - I was taught to type without looking at the keyboard and have pretty much memorized where all the keys are.

    What about you? How likely are we going to see lighter machines in the next refresh?

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  • iphone3gs16gb
    Apr 27, 09:56 PM
    Trump's wet dream is on election night be able to say to Obama, "you're fired".


    Man I can see this happening!

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  • jwdsail
    Sep 25, 11:02 AM
    This is new (from the updated Aperture page)

    "Supporting every member of the Mac family, Aperture 1.5 runs on every desktop � from Mac mini to iMac to Mac Pro � and every notebook � including both the MacBook and MacBook Pro. So you can run Aperture at home or in your studio. And you can take all your photos with you on location or to a client�s office. Aperture and the Mac make one unstoppable team."


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  • EiriasEmrys
    Feb 24, 10:10 PM
    I love how innocent they make the kids out to be. Utterly ridiculous. I would have robbed my parents blind with this. "I thought it was smurf coins, mommy - not real money." ********, I would abuse the system. My sister racked up a $350 phone bill the first month she had a phone - in sixth grade. She knew she only had 100 txts back then, that didn't stop her from Txting. Point is, kids are going to download **** when they can, regardless of how many notifications say "warning! Daddy's credit card will be charged." Uh, oh, I better not buy the mightyeagle now!

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  • devman
    Apr 2, 07:18 PM
    I have to agree with most here that Pages didn't live up to my expectations. However, I can't agree with you that Word has been perfected. Word is complete nightmare in certain situations. Its non-intuitive and not very user friendly in many cases (especially the windows version!). I do prefer it to Pages, but its by no means the best that can be done.

    Keynote on the other hand is fantastic, and considerably easier to use and prettier than Powerpoint.

    Great post and very well said. Being forced to use Word to write a technical book several years ago was one of the worst experiences of my life.

    Anyway, back to Apple, Mellel is a very good word processor for OS X. Interestingly though, I find myself using Pages more and more often.

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  • Raid
    May 3, 10:25 AM
    Don't ever underestimate conservatives. Sorry for exporting our stupidity Canada. Hopefully, you guys figure this out fast and don't lose too much of what you have built. Yeah, you might want to hold off on your move to Canada... This is going to be an interesting 4 years.

    I was wrong about this election, I had posted elsewhere this was not going to change much, but I didn't realize that the Liberals and the Bloc were that weak. The losses of the Bloc boosted the NDP seats in Quebec, and the Liberal weakness helped both the NDP and Conservatives elsewhere.

    The election was pretty crazy, take Ignatieff (who has now resigned BTW) even if you are leader of a party, and your riding has been a stronghold for your party, don't ignore it completely! Then again, check out Bev Oda; apparently you can misuse public money, make very questionable decisions as a minister, lie to parliament and get caught and force your minority government to fall in a vote of non-confidence... but as long as you play nice with the conservative leadership and remain silent, the people will elect you in a landslide. :rolleyes:

    ... I just don't get it.

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  • skunk
    Sep 17, 10:42 AM
    Not looking good. Unless she was hoping you'd follow her into the back of the store...

    Mar 11, 12:14 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_2_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8C148 Safari/6533.18.5)

    Last year the line was done within an hour and half and you could just walk in and get one.

    question fear
    Oct 17, 06:12 PM
    I believe there will be an iphone, but I doubt it will be a smartphone right out of the gate.
    Not to be too skeptical, but look at how long and how much R&D goes into current smartphones (especially qwerty ones). There were leaks for MONTHS before the E62, TMobile Dash, Blackberry Pearl, Treo 700p/W/750v/680, HTC StrTrK, etc all came out, because these things don't happen in a total vacuum...all that testing, it's hard to keep tongues from wagging and secret cameras from snapping. And people are certainly on the lookout, so it's not like Apple would fly under the radar.

    Apr 19, 09:55 AM
    Looks like multifl0w from cydia.... actually I think it is... Springboard was in the settings in the video

    Oct 10, 08:49 AM

    On 26 June Intel released the Dual-Core Xeon codenamed Woodcrest; it was the first Intel Core microarchitecture processor to be launched on the market. It is a server and workstation version of the Intel Core 2 ( processor. Intel claims that it provides an 80% boost in performance, while reducing power consumption by 20% relative to the Pentium D.

    sure it mentioned intel core 2, but if you click on that link, and search for xeon, see what you can find.

    the both use the Intel Core microarchitecture technology, however they are branded differently

    You can also find Xeon information on Intel's Core 2 Duo page...

    Where is your proof that the Woodcrest Xeon is not built on Core?
    on the left side, is the only place that Xeon was listed. There are 5 processors listed there, however on the top where the tabs are, there are only 4, there is no xeon

    something they taught in SAT's (i dont know if they still have this these days)
    Merom:Woodcrest = C2D:Xeon... they are at the same level, but not one under the other

    Apr 1, 10:13 AM
    Well they removed everything good, so this is pretty much a load of crap now.

    Unless you want to watch Ron Burgundy...ahem I mean Chris Matthews...on your iPad.

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