Sunday, May 22, 2011

left 4 dead wallpapers

left 4 dead wallpapers. Left 4 Dead 2 fond écran
  • Left 4 Dead 2 fond écran

  • r6girl
    Sep 17, 07:55 PM
    BART is great! yes, strange/bizarre/disgusting things can happen, as discussed in the thread tech4all referred to, but i've found it to be reliable and safe (as long as you use common sense, as already pointed out). i used to use BART to commute every day to and from work, but my current job is not anywhere near a BART line so i really only use BART nowadays when i'm going into the city.

    so, yes, don't bother renting a car and just use BART. enjoy your trip to the bay area! are you going to try to make it to the apple headquarters in cupertino? BART doesn't go that far south, so you'll need to find some connecting public transportation systems to get there...


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  • jessica.
    Feb 16, 07:08 AM
    Too bad resolved cannot auto-close the thread.

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  • jaseone
    Apr 29, 11:54 AM
    Thanks for the replies! I just found it odd for their to be ads in the background like that, which are only visible for a micro-second. I would also never pirate an iOS app and was simply curious if those ads went away after purchasing as they were kind of annoying.

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  • Left 4 Dead Wallpaper

  • boogieman14
    May 6, 11:24 AM
    I put on order for the i7 and the 2Gig Video Card, would this machine handle somewhat serious gaming within 2 years time frame,

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  • Blackheart
    Apr 5, 07:20 PM
    For what it's worth, I'll just throw in here that I too am waiting for a PM revision. (And have been, since the initial introduction, and then much more expectantly since MWSF).

    *runs around room screaming in frustration, leaving trail of hair behind*

    Macrumors is a cool site and the forums have a lot of cool people, but I think getting involved in the rumor mill has caused some serious stress...

    Yeah, you're not the only one who's been stressing. It's especially not good when you tell PC people that you live with "I'm gonna get a dual G5 real soon and it's gonna be BADA**"...maybe with different words but to that degree, and the powermac doesn't even come out. I'm getting quite frustrated. I just ignore "Magic Tuesdays" anymore.

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  • Left 4 Dead 2 characters list

  • cr2sh
    Oct 11, 07:13 AM
    Oh my god! I tried to do this exact same thing last night with absolutely no luck as well...

    When you use the "Advanced Setup" it asks for an ftp server, a site name.. and it assumes the port.

    Then it goes through its "Setup" and tells you your remote hosting ftp blogger account has been setup on your server for you.

    Apparently the folks over at blogger think that minor things like usernames and passwords are unnecessary for ftp access.

    I have no idea how to set it up either.

    left 4 dead wallpapers. Left 4 Dead Wallpaper
  • Left 4 Dead Wallpaper

  • twoodcc
    Nov 20, 07:53 PM
    you can only run gpu3 with nvidia 400 series cards, unless you run the command like this:

    fah -gpu 0 -forcegpu nvidia_g80 -advmethods -verbosity 9 -local

    try that with what you did before and see if it works!

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  • Menu Layout and Backgrounds

  • Gix1k
    Mar 14, 10:15 AM
    And if you would have taken the time to go to the right forum and look on the first page you would have seen that we have been talking about it since 8pm last night.

    yeah yeah...beat it!

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  • 26782 - Left 4 Dead 2

  • dutchchilly
    Apr 6, 04:28 AM
    Hi guys,

    I'm working on a Space Invaders testcase.
    You know those barriers right? Where you can hide behind and shoot a hole through? That's what I want to achieve.

    Is it possible to do a collisiondetection pixelwise? And make a series of pixels of that sprite transparent after collision?

    I'm using Cocos2d by the way.


    I think I'll have to go with a custom MutableTexture2d for fast getting and setting of pixels:

    My idea is:
    - First do a pixel perfect collision detection using the pixelAt function
    - If there's a collision do a 'sprite merge' with one sprite being an impact-radius sprite and of course the barrier sprite using setPixelAt.

    Hope that's going to work out (performance).

    Any other thoughts on the subject are very welcome.


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  • BydoEmpire
    Apr 9, 08:53 AM
    Not NCAA 2008. Perhaps next year.

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  • mnkeybsness
    Aug 18, 05:57 PM
    Online translators are not very accurate with translating texts. It's much better to just pay a professional to do it for you.

    As for the dropdowns, you could consider replacing them with "suckerfish" dropdowns that use only HTML and CSS and a little tiny javascript for IE.

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  • dsprack
    Oct 28, 08:41 PM
    To be honest, I hate Pitchfork - they only seem to value indie music. While I love Arcade Fire and Stars, I do like to listen to slightly more mainstream music too.

    It almost seems like Pitchfork will automatically rate an album between 4.8 and 6 if it's by a rock artist. I guess it's their opinion, but I'd like to see positive reviews of other music every once in a while.

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  • DakotaGuy
    Feb 9, 01:57 PM
    Not at the same time, you can't. :p

    What good is doing it all at the same time if you can't keep the call connected?;)

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  • Jeffx342
    Sep 29, 09:55 PM
    heres the other pic

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  • nightelf
    Dec 14, 07:47 PM
    Very nice :D

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  • Title: Left 4 Dead Hand

  • Sesshi
    May 7, 11:28 AM
    I'd appreciate any links to distributed computing forums, not of the folding @ home type but for closed, professional grid-based computing. It'd be good to read up on what other people are doing in respect of this these days.


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  • PowerGamerX
    Apr 27, 06:59 PM
    Do you use software for longer?

    Are you using different software?

    How often is often?

    Are there any repeat offenders?

    Are you doing different things now?

    Your description is incredibly vague.

    If applications are crashing, that may or may not have anything to do with Snow Leopard.



    Couple times a week

    Steam, iTunes, and the iWork apps come to mind


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  • dubbz
    Sep 23, 12:29 PM
    I'll just fire myself and all of you with me. :D

    That's a new low for me. Fired before I even got the job.

    This sucks :p

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  • alex_ant
    Jul 26, 12:09 AM
    Only 4 Xserves? That might explain why I couldn't connect to either of the keynote streams. :)

    May 6, 09:38 AM
    I had the same heating issues while playing WoW on my 15" Late-2009 MBP. I began looking at coolers and decided on the Rain Design mStand. While not an active cooler, it does lift the notebook off the desk surface, providing better air circulation. The aluminum design also helps dissipate heat. As an added bonus, it looks great too.

    Apr 29, 01:23 AM
    Yep, but I always keep it on.

    which carrier do u have? have data plan?

    Nov 6, 02:28 PM
    Originally posted by arn
    I think people try to prevent multiple songs from the same artist showing up at once... but we then forget to go back...

    we'll get 'em in there...

    I'll talk to the other admins


    I'll try to remember that when I submit and space things out a little better.

    I've noticed it before but since I usually get on late at night I sometimes forget how many songs I put in and how many were already there that I just added to my list :D

    It probably doesn't help I only come in to submit once a day and put in at least a half-dozen songs each time. :)

    Dec 30, 08:03 PM
    Category: 3rd Party Software
    Link: Who\'s Your Favorite Mac Application Developer? (
    Posted on (

    Approved by Mudbug

    Apr 23, 02:33 PM
    I have uploaded it to this site.

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