Friday, May 27, 2011

kevin durant lebron

kevin durant lebron. kevin durant lebron. kevin
  • kevin durant lebron. kevin

  • itcheroni
    Mar 27, 12:56 AM
    At the schools I worked at, they had the soft caps but switched to a yellow or white helmet when they left school. But anyways, I can definitely see your point. When I was living there, I wondered why a healthy society would have so many smokers. Then I was told that the Japanese government owns half the tobacco industry. I remembered seeing an anti-smoking poster at the school I worked at and the three big reasons listed for not smoking didn't include any smoking related diseases. One of those reasons was that you will continue to want to smoke. Like that's really going to scare kids from smoking. It's practically the same as the slogan Frito-Lays used to use.

    kevin durant lebron. kevin durant lebron.
  • kevin durant lebron.

  • twoodcc
    Mar 1, 12:56 AM
    Upgraded to 6.34. Working on a P6900 and will update with TPF/PPD once I complete a few steps.

    ETA: 1d 12h 54min, TPF: 22:22, PPD: 58165, Credit: 90324

    I look like this now ~~~> :D

    I'm now at 81k PPD with my 2 GPU and 1 SMP clients. The 970 was an awesome upgrade.

    nice! what is the overclock right now?

    kevin durant lebron. kevin durant lebron. Kevin Durant; Kevin Durant. No1451. Sep 16, 11:40 PM. Looking to learn
  • kevin durant lebron. Kevin Durant; Kevin Durant. No1451. Sep 16, 11:40 PM. Looking to learn

  • fun173
    Apr 10, 07:54 PM
    Coming from someone who does not generally like to read (Except Macrumors of course :p) This should be an interesting read.

    kevin durant lebron. Durant, LeBron, or MJ
  • Durant, LeBron, or MJ

  • urbanlung
    Apr 11, 11:35 PM
    This is new and exciting.

    best comment so far, nailed it!

    kevin durant lebron. Lebron James amp; Kevin Durant
  • Lebron James amp; Kevin Durant

  • JimMacFan
    Apr 10, 10:07 PM
    He's getting it out there before his death.....sad.

    kevin durant lebron. kevin durant lebron. kevin-durant-and-lebron-james-; kevin-durant-and-lebron-james-. kavika411. Apr 26, 09:04 AM
  • kevin durant lebron. kevin-durant-and-lebron-james-; kevin-durant-and-lebron-james-. kavika411. Apr 26, 09:04 AM

  • Mac-key
    Apr 19, 06:20 AM
    so I'm sure this has been addressed or mentioned, but is the "viewer" window just out all together???

    kevin durant lebron. Jun 4 · Kevin Durant Tour of
  • Jun 4 · Kevin Durant Tour of

  • Mac'nCheese
    Apr 13, 10:06 AM
    So what? They do it so we should do it?

    That's 5 year old logic.

    Could someone Please point out where in any of my posts I said we should do the same thing? I was simply pointing out that another poster who seemed to think that this kind of behavior didn't exsist in other countries wAs wrong.

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  • always by Kevin Durant.

  • Bakari45
    Apr 16, 01:24 PM
    Take this advise. Don't retain anything from High School. Nothing you will learn there makes any difference at all in the real world. Nothing.

    Sadly, this recommendation has a lot of merit. I don't know about the UK, but here in the states, the pre-college school system is systemically boring. Hardly a day goes by that my kids are not skilled-drilled and tested so schools can prove they are "teaching" the kids.

    kevin durant lebron. City#39;s Kevin Durant is the
  • City#39;s Kevin Durant is the

  • daneoni
    May 4, 04:44 PM
    Probably the most boring update ever. (Yes i think the location-gate was waay overblown)

    kevin durant lebron. kevin durant lebron. the Thunder#39;s Kevin Durant
  • kevin durant lebron. the Thunder#39;s Kevin Durant

  • skellener
    Apr 5, 01:41 AM
    4th week of June :D - just in time for my bday... how awesome is that! :D Same here! My AT&T contract ends on my birthday that week too! :D

    kevin durant lebron. If the NBA adds an Offensive
  • If the NBA adds an Offensive

  • learning_bird
    Oct 25, 05:17 PM
    With such a great delay the XServes are coming at the same time Intel will release the first Quad-Core Clovertown CPUs.
    Is Apple delaying so much in order to ship the XServe with Clovertown instead of Woodcrest?

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  • On Wednesday, Kevin Durant

  • darthraige
    Apr 13, 02:11 PM
    I love how people are rude enough to carry on conversations during a presentation like this.

    kevin durant lebron. LeBron James could score 35
  • LeBron James could score 35

  • wordoflife
    Feb 17, 10:40 PM
    If I was folding (don't see the point. I tried it for a few days and didn't see the point.), I'd be using this computer I built back in Jan '10.

    Antec 900 two
    4GB 1333 ddr3 RAM
    Gigabyte P55A - UD3
    GTX 260 892MB
    1TB HDD

    Been able to hit 3.8Ghz without changing the voltage very much. Maybe 1.25v. Didn't see the need to overclock just to see Facebook. Stock speeds are plenty fast for me now. Might bring it up gradually.

    I hardly use that computer though, after I got my MBP :(

    kevin durant lebron. Re: Kevin Durantgt;LeBron James
  • Re: Kevin Durantgt;LeBron James

  • Schranke
    Apr 19, 03:22 PM
    An Awesome game, lots of story.
    Used 12 hours after lunch to do single player and co-op.
    This was done fast and i cant wait to do the co-op again just slower^^
    Great game and lots of thing to do, and some hard achievements.
    all done on hi-end 15" MBP 2010

    kevin durant lebron. kevin durant lebron. kevin
  • kevin durant lebron. kevin

  • mBox
    Apr 18, 03:09 PM
    ...Oddly enough a station in San Fransico was asking for mainly iMovie users with Final Cut knowledge too, though they really were looking for iMovie, which I think is odd, this is CBS too, not some tiny station...maybe all they want is someone to do basic A/B edits. Ive worked at local tv station here and they were the same. Sinple ENG edits no more than two tracks but that was over 12 years ago when Avid had only two tracks.

    kevin durant lebron. kevin durant lebron. Kevin Durant, LeBron James
  • kevin durant lebron. Kevin Durant, LeBron James

  • Joshuarocks
    Apr 6, 06:03 PM
    I'd say they are my people now.... As a atheist with Christian parents, I still don't like the idea of any religious group being discriminated against.

    That said, atheist are in a much worse position the Jews in America...there's only one openly atheist congressmen and most main stream candidates bring up how important religion is as their guiding light, and a lack of faith is often meet with questions. I do agree anti-semitism is an important issue, but the rate of it in USA is at a point that's quite good consider how many people we have and historically what it has been.

    As for the original article, I agree with the point, Jewish people do have a large say in American policy, but I don't mind that, I mind their views that they use their influence to support(again there are non-extreme Jews, but I'd say the 'main stream Jewish stance' on things like Israel and general middle east policy is greatly flawed) But its also clear the people interview has too extreme of a view.

    For such a small minority, they control our lives.. Look at corporate rule in this country, hence why the USA is still and will be messed up.. Recession? Over? Hardly.. job market? Better? Wrong again... its all part of the NEW WORLD ORDER under Barrack Hussein Obama and others who support him.

    I am completely for the end of support for the state that commits crimes against men, women, and children.. an army that calls itself the "Israeli army".. should be called the Brown jackets army.

    kevin durant lebron. Iverson,Kevin Durant
  • Iverson,Kevin Durant

  • cbrain
    Jan 31, 12:34 PM
    Well, it's been 21 days since the MacWorld keynote; January only has one day left.

    And we have seen zero announcements related to the Mac. We have seen iPhone, :apple:tv, AirPort Extreme, and now iPod shuffle and 802.11n enabler announcements, but no actual Mac, announcements, other than a couple new TV commercials, and the official revelation that 64-bit Intel Macs have come with 802.11n hardware.

    We have seen no actual new hardware, no new software, not even price changes.

    Dammit, Apple, either change the name of the conference to "AppleWorld", or release some freakin' Mac stuff! I've been putting off my HD camcorder purchase to see if iLife '07 will support AVCHD. I would really like to have my camcorder bought before I leave for vacation in the middle of February. At least ANNOUNCE iLife '07, with specs, even if it isn't released. I'd really like an AVCHD camcorder over an HDV, but not if iLife can't edit its video.

    Remember, Jobs said they would be some "amazing" stuff coming out for the mac.

    kevin durant lebron. Anthony and Kevin Durant
  • Anthony and Kevin Durant

  • Doctor Q
    Dec 2, 01:50 AM
    They also modified a third-generation iPod to be a surveillance device.

    Their goal was to report the potential for invasion of privacy and even criminal activity. They will NOT release their surveillance software publicly and they suggest that Nike+iPod Sport Kit owners turn off the sensor when not using it.

    A video ( accompanies the report.

    kevin durant lebron. Snooze On Kevin Durant?
  • Snooze On Kevin Durant?

  • katie ta achoo
    Sep 10, 12:46 AM
    8 gauge is just a bit bigger than pencil size this is the best pic i have so far:
    but you can see my eyebrow and labret too!

    *girlish giggle* Why helloooOooo Mr. Dis.
    *turns on hazard lights* ( :p

    Oooohhh.. 8 seems like a big number!! :) Is it mm circumference or just.. numbers someone decided on?

    Ah, a labret.. I learned that word freshman year.. then the girl with the labret piercing squirted grape juice at me through the hole.
    OMG freaky, but she' first chair at Oberlin now, so I guess she can labret-squirt anyone she wants now, 'cause she's principal bass at OBERLIN her freaking junior year. (just... DAMN! I mean.. DAYMN!)

    Dude, those look so cool! I wish I could have one and not look like a stupid goob. :(

    Apr 12, 06:14 AM
    There's a very small part of me that kind of has to hand it to France for having the nerve to place this ban. It is a terribly misogynistic and divisive garment and I disagree with it completely. I think France merely outlawed it with the wrong reasons in mind... at least on paper. It should be to do with banning the hiding of identity rather than it being specifically a burka and niqab.

    I live in a very diverse neighbourhood and I frequently see women in various head scarves. The burka and niqab seem quite antisocial and I find it hypocritical that totally covering one's face like that is accepted but if I walked into these same places with a motorcycle helmet, a balaclava, a mask, etc. I'd be asked to take it off, leave or some other such demonstration of being unwelcome/distrusted. If I said it was part of my religion, would it be accepted?

    I find many Islamic beliefs particularly frustrating because many of the beliefs and or believers are SO inflexible but often expect total flexibility for themselves. I'm fed up with religious beliefs being unchallenged and so quickly accepted simply for being religious. Now in general letting people believe what they want is great policy but I think it can go too far. E.g., cases of women wanting to wear burkas and niqabs in identification photos. Come on! :-/ If I go to Dubai on holiday and bring a codeine painkiller that you can buy over the counter here, I could go to jail ( Or if my husband gives me a little kiss in public, jail ( Yet, hey, come to the UK and do whatever the hell you please and even try to change our laws or litigate ( if you don't get your way. On one hand the UK's openness is wonderful but the other hand is being walked all over.

    Someone somewhere has to draw a line, but carefully. I don't want to see beliefs outlawed but I am not so against certain practices being outlawed. There are a lot of really horrible religious practices taking place right under our noses and I'm not accepting it simply because it's someone's cherished religious belief.
    Read up on "African witch children" for some really disturbing material, just so I'm not accused of picking solely on Muslims. I'll pretty much pick on any religion you put in front of me.

    I don't know how or when it will happen but I long for a day when people themselves outgrow religion. Not governments banning it, but people learning their way past it. I know this idea may be upsetting to some but it will happen eventually and the stubborn clingers on will only look crazy. Sorry to say that many already do.

    Sep 12, 12:05 PM
    I just heard the CNBC comment as well.

    Cheffy Dave
    Apr 26, 02:54 PM
    I think I just puked...

    LOL, and you WILL clean that up NOW!
    Hey I know the SSD's were a LOT of money, BUT I am semi retired, own my own business, and made a killing on :apple: stock, and I CAN!:p

    Ja Di ksw
    Nov 2, 11:51 PM
    Well, folks, I suppose it's time to announce...

    And, after all, if such an announcement as this is to come from anywhere, then why not from he who is the MikeTheC...

    I can now unofficially confirm that it is now confirmed. But only unofficially.

    Ha, you want to unofficially confirm when it's going to happen as well? Only unofficially, of course :rolleyes:

    Oct 4, 10:26 AM
    My prediction is that next year optical drives will start to disappear from Macs and will simply be an external option.
    Exactly how are people going to install Apple software like Aperture or Final Cut? Or re-install the OS?

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