Tuesday, May 24, 2011

jeff dunham achmed junior

jeff dunham achmed junior. jeff dunham achmed junior.
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  • Dagless
    Apr 28, 07:04 AM
    The wait is killing me! I'm sitting here working on my old model trying to develop a shader heavy action game, I'll need to record footage for a trailer soon and I don't think my iMac will be able to handle it. Come on May the 3rd!

    Seriously, why not an Imac with touch-screen right now? Will we need to wait for the next iMac update to see this technology implemented?

    Apple is surely working on it:

    And, besides that, OS X Lion will be 100% focused on touch technology... and we�re not talking about an Ipad OS...

    Touchscreen computers are terrible. I used to do design work for a company that sold them. Computers in their current form do not work well as touchscreens. They even gave me a large touchscreen display as a gift... great display, terrible arm pain!

    Leave touchscreens where they work - portable devices. The mouse is so much more precise, comfortable and cheaper.

    jeff dunham achmed junior. jeff dunham achmed junior.
  • jeff dunham achmed junior.

  • chrmjenkins
    Apr 29, 10:43 AM

    Although the blatant party line vote may have been a little too telling, I still think it was a genuine attempt to save a fellow wolf.

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  • Jesus
    Jul 24, 03:11 PM
    I will now finally go bluetooth and buy a wireless keyboard and a wireless mighty mouse when it comes out.:D

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  • stevegmu
    Jan 30, 02:07 PM
    Now here's some interesting theories. The dollar started its decline long before the Fed began lowering interest rates. In fact it has stabilized and gained back some since. Actually, the president submits budgets to Congress. Finally, when the market swings wildly as it has recently, look to the behavior of large institutional investors. They are the controllers of large blocks of shares. What they decide moves markets, not small-time investors. They're just along for the ride, for the most part.

    The Dollar's largest losses have come as a result of the previous 3 rate cuts.
    The budget the President submits, and what Congress approves, are not the same, after pork-barrel spending is added in.
    I'm not quite sure you have a grasp of the markets...


    jeff dunham achmed junior. jeff dunham achmed junior.
  • jeff dunham achmed junior.

  • Snowy_River
    Jul 26, 05:52 PM
    As far as the trademark stuff goes, it is the same logic. Apple needs to protect as many derivations of the "*Pod" mark in order to make their Pod trademarks even stronger. Apple will probably never produce something with the "doPod" trademark, but any other company thinking about naming their product the "doPod" will think twice before getting into a legal battle with Apple, who has one of the most recognized digital entertainment trademarks in the world.

    Trademarks must be able to be shown to be in use to be defensible. You cannot simply trademark any name or phrase you want. You have to demonstrate the current or intended future use of the name or phrase.

    With regards to "doPod", Apple doesn't need to trademark that, as they could argue that the name of a device that was called a doPod was too similar to their, already trademarked, device called "iPod".

    jeff dunham achmed junior. jeff dunham achmed junior.
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  • Hunabku
    Jul 11, 07:42 PM
    If this ipod killer was coming out of MS central (software dev, etc) i wouldn't be concerned. However the team that is working on it (xbox) actually are decently creative.

    Also apparently ms has taken a hands off strategy to let the division develop its own creative culture/workflow. Let us remember what really drives the great products from apple - its the creative synergy of many in a culture of passionate people who truly enjoy making things together - a highly collaborative and insanely cool environment.

    Because the creative capacity of MS sucks they need to make up with it in cash and market strategy. At least they had the sense to give xbox team freedom from the predominantly borgish world of MS - multiple stupids. - sorry couldn't resist.


    jeff dunham achmed junior. jeff dunham achmed junior.
  • jeff dunham achmed junior.

  • CJM
    May 3, 07:53 AM
    The IPS tech screens are removed from specs...
    Have they moved to TN panel sinstead...?

    Yeah.. Wtf? Can anyone clarify?

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  • hatehereyes
    Sep 17, 02:34 PM
    Just got this for $30 :D



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  • SciFrog
    Oct 21, 01:10 PM
    You just leave the computers on 24/7 just folding. Not everyone does though. Also trying to fold more might influence your farm or purchases. Also trying beta programs is a way to compete. Also being on a team gives you more satisfaction than just your personal crunching.

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  • Fubar1977
    Feb 14, 05:44 AM
    He sooooooo resembles his fictional character in Two and Half Men in true life!

    That`s not a sit-com, it`s a fly on the wall documentary :D


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  • JsR
    Jan 2, 06:46 AM
    Her Mother must be so proud...especially if she is taking the title from her Mum :eek:

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  • reflex
    Oct 24, 09:06 AM
    No where on the sites does it mention 64-bit capabilities, unless i'm missing it. Can 64-bit be safely assumed?



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  • Eraserhead
    Jul 10, 02:52 PM
    will eductional institutions really want the wikipedia integration? my school is certainly not big on wikipedia. if apple could strike a deal with MacKiev, World Book software could come with iWork and be integrated with pages and the whole suite in general.

    Mine already provides links to Wikipedia from it's math's pages. It's a pretty reputable University too (top 10 in the UK), it's a great idea especially as wikipedia has a lot more articles than any other encyclopaedia. Britannica for example has only 100 000 articles (compared to wikipedia's 1.2 million)


    I have to admit wikipedia got me through my exercise sheets for first year maths, the articles seemed pretty well targeted to it!

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  • cupcakes2000
    Apr 10, 09:14 AM
    @Flickr (http://www.flickr.com/photos/davecsparty/5604110585/)


    LOVE it!!


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  • SandynJosh
    Jun 6, 05:40 PM
    [SIZE=1]How do you request a refund? Who do you contact?


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  • graphite13
    Nov 3, 03:21 PM
    Looks like that toolbar is just listing USB devices to me. Doesn't mean any of those will actually work under VMWare. Is there a Windows driver for built in iSight or Apple IR?

    I don't know about the Apple IR, but supposedly the iSight Driver from the Bootcamp driver cd (burn the drivers using bootcamp) work splendidly, and allow you to use the iSight in a VM in VMware's app.


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  • parapup
    Apr 28, 12:54 PM
    How about the expression, "A rising tide lifts all boats."

    All boats except Symbian (it's too huge a s[t]inking ship to be lifted by any tide) and Windows Phone 7 ( they made a paper boat in the hope of getting lifted but sadly it looks like the tide is too big for it to ride)

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  • BenRoethig
    Jul 25, 11:40 AM
    Some of us would be willing to accept that. A minitower would consume about as much desk-space as two Mac Mini's. That's more than reasonable IMO.

    Or in my case, it would use exactly no desk space since mine neatly tucks it away underneath. While I have no choice but to buy an iMac, a tower like this Core2 Duo based Vector GX (http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,1895,1988081,00.asp) from Velocity Micro would give a much cleaner look with my setup.

    jeff dunham achmed junior. jeff dunham achmed junior.
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  • localoid
    Apr 14, 02:46 AM
    "iX" = "Ix", which is the nickname for the character Ford Prefect in the book "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy".

    Obviously, the new Apple device is either a digital watch or a towel.

    Apr 24, 10:58 AM
    It says it used different frequencies... but then how can people jailbreak/unlock their iPhones and use it on T-mobile?

    Digital Skunk
    May 3, 08:05 AM
    Finally, a quad core desktop class machine (in processors only I suppose) with ample I/O and a decent . . . . for Apple . . . . price.

    Shocked that Apple would give us TWO TBolt ports on the 27" with quad core across the line.

    The $1700 has my cheap side tingling but my professional side is telling me to wait for a Mac Pro update so I can at least consider a machine I can expand myself.

    On the plus side, that 21.5" is not a bad machine for the price.

    Apr 26, 12:42 PM
    Oh look smart remarks without substance must be a fanboy. :p

    It's not a smart remark, it's truth. You can stream your own media to yourself with a DIY solution but it will cost you for (a) the hard drives which are storing your media, (b) the upload bandwidth consumed by your home server, (c) the hydro costs of keeping your server running 24/7, and (d) the time it takes for any setup and maintenance.

    Obviously many people have no problem paying these "costs" and would prefer them over a hard cash outlay (even $20/year), but that doesn't mean these costs don't exist and shouldn't be factored into the value proposition.

    Nov 10, 05:41 PM
    I wonder what battery life will be like.

    Also, how many people downloaded it just so they could watch porn?

    Many Porn sites are smart enough to provide HTML5 alternative.

    Oct 19, 03:57 AM
    How has Apple NOT innovated on the Mac line up?

    - Completely redesigned and absolutely beautiful architecture on the insides of the Mac Pro

    Is there anything really innovative there? I don't think so. Yes, MacPro is an example of beautiful engineering, but there's not much innovation in there.

    - MagSafe

    Apple was first to use magnetic power-plug in a computer, but the idea of using magnets is definitely not new. Such power-plugs have been used in deep fat fryers for a long time already

    - 24" all in one machine

    That's not an innovation, they simply took an existing model and made it a bit bigger. Or do you think that increasing the size of a computer monitor is an "innovation" no-one could come up with? That is a similar "innovation" when Intel releases a 2GHz CPU, and a bit later they introduce a 2.2GHz model. "Whoa, a CPU that is slightly faster then the previous model! I never could have imagined this!"

    - Front Row/apple Remote/iSight in every "portable" Mac

    Quite a few laptops ship with media-software and webcams. Dunno bout remotes though.

    - Two finger right clicking on trackpad

    Is that what can be considered an "innovation" these days? Apple has two finger clicking for the sole reason that they do not have a second mouse-button. PC-laptops have no need for that feature, since they all have 2 or more buttons right from the start.

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