Monday, May 30, 2011

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  • Japanese floral tattoo

  • ccrandall77
    Aug 16, 01:13 PM
    I hope to god they don't use bluetooth. I've had nothing but bad sound quality with those types of headphones.

    I hope they do... but in addition to 802.11b/g/n. If they ever provide better PIM applications or an SDK to develop your own applications, bluetooth would be use for for syncing the PIMs and connecting to a mobile phone.

    I haven't seen any yet, but I would guess headphones using Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR would provide a better experience. Perhaps something like that'll be available by the time a bluetooth-enabled iPod would be released.

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  • japanese tattoo symbol

  • minnesotamacman
    Sep 1, 03:29 PM

    I had to quickly get the drool off of the keyboard before I could type... But hotdiggetydog if the 23" looked like this I would have an order in as soon as the store was back online...

    Here is to hoping!

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  • brought tattooing to Japan

  • baddj
    Mar 31, 04:48 PM
    It shows up in both full screen and non-full screen. Totally agree though, it definitely looks better and less distracting in full screen.

    Non-full screen:
    Full screen:

    Umm i hope the hell you can change it back? if not well ill no longer be using ical ill find something else.

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  • jxyama
    Apr 6, 11:22 AM
    actually, nevermind. i don't care anymore. you are clearly not reading what i've been posting anyway.

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  • Scottsdale
    May 2, 07:48 PM
    This shows exactly where Apple is headed with OSes. It is combining its iOS and OS X for consistency. I think one OS brand is the future Apple envisions whether we like it or not.

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  • sineplex
    Sep 22, 12:56 AM
    Well after using both for at least two days each I would have to say the dermaSHOT is overall a better case. It has a much more substantial feel to it, and has some nice styling to it. I also got used to the kinda squishy top button. Only real downfall to this case is that I email Insipio to inquire about any new colors planned, and they told me only one more color is planned for the near future "gold" something

    It's just released and is cheaper by $6.00 for whatever reason

    Retail Price: $19.99 X
    Your Savings: $6.00
    Your Price: $13.99 :eek:

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  • Japanese word tattoo: Incubus.

  • Rt&Dzine
    Mar 22, 01:47 PM
    Yes, it's a company that makes it's own decisions and it's own products. They choose what they will allow and won't allow. If you are a car company you choose to make a mini van or not. Apple chooses what they want, we accept what they give us. If you don't, dont download it or get it, no one is forcing you to have it!

    I actually agree. But would you still think this if they didn't allow "Gay B-Gone." Or would you cry that gays always get their way?

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  • japanese word tattoos

  • Laslo Panaflex
    Mar 18, 09:17 AM
    I read your petition, and I didn't sign it. I really don't think that a mac that hooks up to a TV is a good idea, look at webtv, it failed miserably. I agree with you that they need to get it down to 500 - 600 dollar price range, and maybe they will soon since the iPod is bringing in the dough. But really, apple is not going to overtake M$ and x86 computers, not anytime soon at least. Plus apple has always made there money on hardware, they pretty much give there software away, where as M$ makes money on software.

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  • FireStar
    Oct 30, 03:10 PM
    The switcheasy color looks good, and it's cheap, but this griffin one ( also looks good and this Speck pixelskin ( too, but the griffin one seems to be shock/drop proof (at least more so than the other 2).
    Well, they're all silicone (not sure about the Griffin Flex Grip), but the Griffin seems to be more thick. It probably would have more protection than the others, but Switcheasy has the Jellybean Home Button, and tons of accessories.

    For me, it would go:

    japanese word tattoos. japanese word tattoos
  • japanese word tattoos

  • Edge100
    Sep 1, 02:21 PM
    Really? I heard that you can connect and external monitor using a hack software for dual screen support . But it does not support the cinema displays.
    I hope I am wrong.:)

    You are wrong.

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  • Japanese Word Script tattoo

  • aibo82
    May 2, 07:34 PM
    I think this is the wrong way to go!

    Its pulling apart mac os into a waterd down version of itself they will continue to add this stuff untill there is no difference between iOS and Mac OS!

    What we'll be left with is a powerfull but waterd down mac iOS/hybrid platform with downloads through the app store like the iphone and ipad killing the powerfull features we have but running on every apple device!

    I personally think apple will kill the ability to download any content through safari in the future in mac os!

    So all apps will be vetted by apple and all music/films we HAVE to be made through itunes no popping on to amazon or whever to make a purchase through a browser on your imac or macbook!

    I hate the direction this is going they are building a walled garden around mac os slowly and dont be supprised the ports start disapearing on the macbook soon for a 30pin dock!

    Bad move apple!

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  • ibook30
    Jul 14, 01:10 AM
    I'm going to have to give this one a big negative.

    The problem with either HD-DVD or Bluray is that neither is a standard in the next generation of DVDs.
    This is all Sony's fault.:mad: If they learned anything from the Betamax, they should know that when ever they try to standardize a technology, they fail.
    This is way too soon to call.

    Too soon to call is right.

    I forgot about Sony's history in this field... :eek: they have some challenges,,,, but the way this plays out in the DVD/ Home Entertainment market is a problem....

    Unless.... the DVD/ Home Entertainment market continues to converge with the PC market.. (I know I have used the word "market" too much tonight, my apologies) Perhaps the high cost of bluray DVD players will make a 30 inch iMac with bluray more attractive for the elite who want a cool new TV to play fancy DVDs on, and surf the internets while checking email from the couch. (eventually the rest of us will afford this... just a theory). But there is definitely a couple of trends likely to converge here, and soon - in the next three years , I thinks.

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  • Silentwave
    Jul 14, 12:03 AM
    Well you know you'll get merom and leopard by that timeframe. Personally, I believe you'll get 802.11n and a blueray option as well - and with a blueray option should come HD as well.

    I'm not so sure that 802.11n will necessarily be out as soon as we think. Everything out so far claiming to be it is Pre-N and the standard is not finalized. Although Intel's Santa Rosa chipset is supposed to include it, the standard did not pass last time around and the next vote as far as I can tell is after the introduction date for the Santa Rosa chipset, which will have the 800mt/s FSB version of Merom (and the new socket). Still, i'm with you on that hope. I would love to see Blu-Ray in my macs. Better still if we could get both BR and HD-DVD as BTO in the towers and pick one for the MBPs.

    Of course I am really hoping apple gets behind new technologies as fast as they have in the past, particularly in storage formats and interfaces. (BR, HD-DVD, and other future formats that are emerging that may supplant those both quickly for portable discs, SAS/Sata3g/sataII for HD interfaces.

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  • CIA
    Apr 12, 09:02 PM

    That's actually pretty funny.

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  • Zwhaler
    Aug 21, 12:35 PM
    Yeah, if the Zune can't even play videos, what makes anyone think it will be even nearly competable with the next iPod? I think that either the Zune is gonna suck, or they are gonna surprise with an honestly good music player.

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  • Lord Blackadder
    Feb 23, 12:44 PM
    It's funny because neither GM nor Ford in Europe use their own Diesel engines, instead GM use Fiat engines and Ford use a Peugeot-Citroen engine.

    Wonder if this will be the case in this? Chevy in Europe is a very cheap and nasty brand of car, much like Kia (they are re-branded Daewoo's).

    The current Cruze is a "world car", but if you plow through the marketing jibberish it appears that the car was engineered mostly by Daewoo with help from Opel. It's being built in Russia, China, South Korea and the USA (Ohio).

    The diesel is an Italian (VM Motori) design, and on paper the numbers are pretty good: 150hp and 240 ft-lbs from a 2.0L I4. It's a common rail direct injection turbosiesel.

    IMO European manufacturers have had much longer to perfect the technology (i.e. Common Rail Injected Diesel) so GM are up against it here.

    The beauty of this move for GM is that the car is already being built in this configuration everywhere except in the US, so minimal design work needs to be done - all that is required is to get the diesel federalized (made US emissions-legal), and that will probably only involve a few small modifications.

    So when will automakers sell a compact pickup with a 2 liter diesel in the US? I want a diesel pick up. But I don't want a behemoth that requires a ladder to enter and hogs 2/3 of a 2 car garage.:p

    I prefer diesel in a work truck for three reasons: torque, torque and torque.

    We almost got such a truck (, but the whole project fizzled (

    I don't see any similar vehicle coming to the US soon. For now, if you want a small diesel pickup you either have to buy an old 1970s-1980s Japanese pickup (a few were made as diesels) or do-it-yourself (

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  • critter13
    Mar 25, 05:01 PM
    I think this is a glimpse of what will be achievable with AirPlay technology. visible controls on the device, and maps like in this case, with the gameplay pushed to big screen thru :apple:tv2

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  • xliver
    Aug 16, 07:37 AM
    I wish whoever posted this would get it straight - Microsoft is coming out with zune to compete with iPod. They are the one with the new product that will inevitably suck.

    I don't understand why this post says that Apple is coming out with wireless capabilities to compete with zune - if nobody has wireless out yet, then there is not much a competition. And it certainly isn't Apple hoping to be the ones to catch up.

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  • umu
    Jan 1, 05:46 PM
    How about some kind of iSight?

    Apr 19, 11:29 AM
    Current imac with the 5750 is technically a 5850m. A 6850m is a slight downgrade from the 5850m. The 6950m is only a slight upgrade from the current imac.

    Let's hope for a 6970m. Temps and power requirements are similar between the two but the performance gain is decent. It's the best we can hope for. And given the higher resolution of the 27" I would say it needs it.

    I think it's safe to say they will get sandy bridge and thunderbolt but what I would also like to see is better speakers.

    You misunderstood me friend...I meant an HD 6950 2GB (Desktop Card)

    Yes, its a pipe dream...but cant a man dream:rolleyes:

    Oct 19, 09:50 PM
    i found one that matches a case that i bought for my iphone a while back!

    snatched it up for 6 bucks! what a deal. i think i might get black next..

    Apr 12, 08:17 PM
    will final cut express get an update too?

    Aug 31, 01:02 AM
    I can see that dropping the Core Solo happening because for a little extra you can get a Core Duo.

    Jan 11, 07:45 AM
    Hopefully it's not too big an image... e90 m3. i love this this thing to bits.

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