Friday, May 27, 2011

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  • HiVolt
    Mar 23, 08:32 PM
    You only hear about VP or Sr VP leaving/going in the media because, well everybody below is not important.. You will understand what it means when you start working...

    Haha, what makes you think I'm not working? Sure, I will never be a Senior VP of anything, but I've been working now for 15 years. And not flipping burgers.

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  • toddybody
    Mar 23, 02:28 PM
    Fail :)

    Why hate on w7 so much? It's actually a great OS IMO. For the record, ive seen just as many spinning color wheels as i have perpetual sand glasses:p Stay well friend!

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  • Darth.Titan
    Apr 25, 11:15 AM

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  • Full of Win
    Mar 25, 11:59 AM
    Well, actual road map data and satellite data is all provided by the governments. Street view I'm guessing is Googles only. But it would be nice to see a major improvement on maps and roads. Something seems to be missing and if anyone can take it to the next level, it's Apple. Glad to see something in the works.

    Notifications... sure, it would be nice to see better, but that's probably coming in iOS 5.0 anyways. Hopefully the first version of iMaps too.

    Actually, no its not all provided by 'the governments' . There are non-goverment owned sats that do it as well. There are several, but IKONOS, comes to mind at the moment. This is nothing new, its been this way for over a decade

    BTW, Apple could easily buy their own or purchase large blocks of time from one the imaging co's.

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  • kalsta
    May 5, 02:37 PM
    The great thing about doing something good, is that it is OK to do it for any reason that makes you happy (even credit on a MacRumors thread) because at the end of the day it benefits people.

    If I was dying, I wouldn't care if someone gave me blood because their MacRumor buddies would like them more. They saved my life. Why is it so bad they did it for one reason or another?

    If people would do more good things because of threads on MacRumors, how cool would that be?

    Well I suppose you have a point there. If more people are giving blood because of the MacRumors blood drive, that's a good thing � which I think I already said a few comments back. ;)

    My comment was addressed more to the people who get upset because they're classified high-risk. I just question the motivation sometimes. But having said that, it may be that the US system is indeed prejudiced, and if so then perhaps they have a point.

    Regarding your first, rather general statement about 'doing something good for any reason that makes you happy', are you sure? What about a teacher who only does it for the money and doesn't really care about the children? A politician who only does what he thinks will win him the next election? A church minister who only visits his wealthier parishioners? A date who pays for an expensive meal and lavishes you with compliments only because he wants sex at the end? I would argue that people who only do things for selfish ends tend to end up causing more harm than good in the end. Anyway, that's probably a debate better left for PRSI. ;)

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  • patrick s.
    Dec 6, 11:35 PM
    Winter theme!

    i'm still new to macs, what themes(?) are you using to get the date,temperatures and current song on your desktop ? it looks amazing

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  • nunoabsilva
    Aug 17, 10:15 AM
    Mine for the month :)

    wall and dock please

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  • illy123
    Dec 8, 05:14 AM
    Here's my current set-up. I'm looking for a good xmas Mail icon and maybe one for Safari and FF. I know what I'd like, but I'm not a Photoshop guy at all. Also, the Mail icon looks like it's sitting on the dock in an odd manner. Kind of bugging me, but I can't find a different, Christmas-y one.

    I love your desktop! Any chance you could give me a link for the icons you have (dock and the hard-drive icon which is awesome)?



    The wallpaper is great too lol :D

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  • gekko513
    Nov 29, 12:30 PM
    People who pirate movies wouldn't have bought the movie in the first place. Adding usage restrictions only hurts the customers who bought the movie. If the studios are worried people will transfer movies to their friend's iPods, then they probably have their heads in the sand regarding the swapping of DVDs.

    Still, the concept of limiting consumers' rights is the issue at hand.
    Perhaps not, but they may have rented them. I recently pirated a movie because I couldn't find it at the local rental place. I can't wait for online movie sales. I'm willing to pay as soon as the studios get their acts together and make it available to me, but you're right if the terms are too restrictive I won't bother buying online, either.

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  • Ann P
    Dec 9, 04:27 AM
    My very Winter desktop.

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  • goober1223
    Apr 4, 11:45 AM
    This is another reason why I will likely just transfer my number to Google Voice for $20 + cancellation fees without losing my number. Currently my cost would be about $100 total for the change on top of a contract price of $299 (for 32GB model), so $399 instead of $549.

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  • iztech
    May 4, 07:19 PM
    Tried Cindori's Zues as well - but no luck.

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  • Funkatronic
    Jul 21, 11:33 PM
    Post Your Monitor (

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  • PlaceofDis
    Feb 12, 10:41 PM
    congrats guys, i know you all to be good members of the forums so i know that the right choices were made

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  • Winni
    Apr 29, 07:13 AM
    ... when we are willing to work for $10 a day.

    That day is not far away.

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  • Iconoclysm
    Apr 20, 06:26 PM
    350k phones sold a day omg!

    But what exactly is your response to the fact that iOS as a platform has more users - therefore is more enticing to developers? And that Android is just a free OS that's modified and put on to phone handsets, mostly HORRID handsets, and many that can't even run an app? You're defending a Linux kernel like it's some breakthrough. Newsflash - it's not.

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  • JasonR
    Feb 9, 12:43 PM
    Hope they do this on verizon as well. Is it unlimited calling TO and FROM cell phones?

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  • skikid419
    Jun 13, 05:29 PM
    Thought it would (roughly) convey Steve's thoughts on all the leaks this year, using a hit that most people are familiar with.

    actually one of my favorites!

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  • johnnyfiive
    Apr 16, 03:33 AM
    Heres mine.

    Apr 4, 12:13 PM
    1) It's an early upgrade. Do you really need to upgrade your phone sooner than every 18 months? If you do, that is your decision as a consumer. You certainly have no God given right to a cheap upgrade though. Stop whining.

    Well, Apple upgrades every year... ;)

    Apr 29, 02:33 PM
    You were modded down cause you're talking crap. HTH.

    Samsung know they are in trouble with the Apple suits, and rightly so. But instead of just defending the suit against them, they are making stuff up to get back at Apple.

    What it is, is childish.

    I highly doubt samsung is making stuff up to get back at apple. IF so, well US patents office needs makeover. giving patents for software and to stuff someone makes up.

    Nov 26, 06:20 PM
    You'd think they would try and have it out in time for X-mas....

    Mar 2, 04:29 PM
    Me too.I don't think even that will save it.

    May 5, 11:01 AM
    Guess the world will just have to look down on us then. The US actually has a pair of balls, and we do what we need to do,

    Torturing people isn't big and clever, and it doesn't show balls. It's pathetic and cowardly.

    unlike Europe who's militaries are a joke ... but don't forget who's going to be there protecting your asses when you get into a war with an arab country

    Really?! The UK, France, Germany, Italy and Spain combined (I'm guessing Europe's most capable armed forces) total around the same number of active personnel as the US. Name one arab country capable of invading Europe or the US. Maybe you just like to pretend the US is the guardian of Europe, but there is no country both willing and able to invade.

    Shooting bin laden while he was unarmed?? Seriously?? Who gives a crap? That's like being against shooting hitler while he was unarmed.

    I'd be against shooting Hitler because he was unarmed.

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