Friday, May 27, 2011

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  • marksman
    Apr 12, 11:22 AM
    I really can't see Apple getting more content at the same price as Netflix, or the same content at a lower price.

    Granted Netflix can't sustain their pricing model forever, but Apple doesn't have many instances of making "better" and "cheaper" at the same time.

    Have you heard of that tablet device Apple makes? The iPad or something like that?

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  • LouieSamman
    Apr 11, 11:17 PM
    iPad 3= iPad 2 without lightleak

    iPad 3 is going to have a redesign for sure. Expect more.

    Retina Display, no home button, thinner, increase battery life of up to 12hrs.

    These are my guesses.

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  • quagmire
    Dec 1, 11:57 AM
    Hopefully it'll fail hard and GM will be forced to design a proper EV and not just another hybrid.


    It's exactly what it needs to be. The market is not ready for a full on electric vehicle. Range, charge time, infrastructure, cost, etc is not where they need to be.

    The Volt offers people to never use gas, but it is there if they need it. It's just the next stepping stone to eventually getting off gasoline. The Volt can appeal to everyone once the price of the technology goes down. The Leaf on the other hand appeals to a more limited group of people right now because it can only go 100 miles on a charge with a long recharging time.

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  • asphalt-proof
    Sep 5, 02:12 PM
    A phone makes sense as it is fast becoming the digital center of our mobile lives. I just hope it has PDA functions built in. I hate carrying around more than one gadget in my pocket.

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  • sparkleytone
    Oct 12, 10:32 PM
    is there somewhere in vegas a bet going who's first? vista or leopard? and who has more bugs at release day?

    vista is 'out' next month, so its way ahead of leopard. retail shelves, however, will see vista in january i believe.

    i think we know the answer to the bugs contest :)

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  • cnez1144
    Jul 15, 09:25 PM
    rotten apples.. still cant wait to get mine (if it ever gets off backorder.) hope they will make it right with a trade in deal if/when they manufacture with a "fix" to the problem.

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  • chiefroastbeef
    Apr 13, 10:00 PM
    No one knows yet. My guess is that they will not work w/FCP X, but only time will tell.


    Thanks Lethal, I cannot wait to get FCP X! And I cannot believe that price level, truly amazing!

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  • billysea
    Apr 17, 09:32 AM
    I am just curious as to how the roadmap for future iteration of iPhone will go.
    If iPhone 5 is late-September early-October, does it mean iPhone 6 will be the same time in 2012, or skip to Summer 2013?

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  • KREX725
    Jul 12, 05:20 PM
    Didn't they do something like this with the eMac when it first came out? It took them a while to release that eventually to the public. My guess is what happened is that they relized that there was a lot of demand for these amongst students and teachers and got worried that they wouldn't have enough to supply the schools.

    That was my first thought too. Maybe they got enough response from non-schools that they are worried the supply wouldn't hold up to get the schools stocked before the new school year.

    Just like the eMac originally being this way, I think once school is in full swing and Apple is caught up, we'll see these offered to teachers and higher edu students.

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  • Homy
    Jan 22, 05:12 PM
    Really, why do people think that a GPU helps in still photo editing, music editing, or even video editing in non-GPU-enabled programs? (Which includes iMovie, Final Cut Express, and even Final Cut Pro.) The only major media apps that use the GPU are Aperture (which uses it solely for drawing to the screen, not for applying effects,) Motion, and Shake. And even Aperture WORKS on integrated-graphics just fine, it just isn't as smooth. Same with Shake. The no-GPU-no-use limit on Final Cut Studio is artificial, and based solely on the GMA950's inability to run Motion, which is part of the Final Cut Studio.Yes, you're right but I was referring to Spazzleberry's worry about buying a MacBook Pro. He was going to buy one but was worried that it wouldn't have a dedicated GPU. About FCE and FCP, I'm almost certain that LiveType also uses the GPU-card for rendering. I can even hear the card working.

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  • LightSpeed1
    Apr 11, 03:51 PM
    sounds cool.

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  • praetorian909
    Apr 21, 11:56 PM
    Just wondering how upgrading to 8GB will affect XP (32 bit) running under bootcamp? I presume only up to 4GB can be addressed, but does anyone know of any other issues?

    8GB won't help in XP 32-bit, unfortunately. 4GB is the max by defintion, and you might not even get the full 4GB (video card's memory might use up some).

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  • fhqwhgads
    Mar 9, 08:02 PM
    I haven't posted a desktop in forever--I didn't even realize these threads were still going!

    Been having fun playing with Camera+ and my of the pictures from doing that is my current desktop:

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  • ikir
    Jul 16, 12:54 AM
    I agree, 100% i know didn't have the problem.

    Paranoia, forums doing this crazy things. Some models sure have this problem and must be fixed in an Apple Store but not all and especially ith problem happens only in some conditions.

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  • eternlgladiator
    Apr 26, 12:21 PM
    Pretty sure he's in a parking lot and parked, buddy.

    I don't think so unless they're that afraid of door dings in belgium. That's traffic.

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  • Transeau
    Nov 13, 11:11 PM
    For those wanting to rollback here's the link of Apple's instructions....

    Actually, you can not...

    "Note: This CD cannot be used to return an Intel-based Macintosh computer's firmware to a previous version if a successful update has already been performed."

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  • doobs22
    Mar 24, 12:10 PM
    I just spoke with Apple Support because I was worried that an order place today (with the 3-4 week lead-time) would ship before my order which I placed last week when the lead-time was 4 - 5 weeks.

    I was told that I shouldn't cancel my order placed last week because it will ship before orders placed after it.

    Yay!! I look forward to getting my iPad sooner.:apple::D

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  • racer1441
    Apr 15, 06:58 PM
    Appointee...??? What are you talking about, it's not a position of office!!

    Fact is in most places they probably get paid more than the teachers!

    What school districts are you dealing with? I have yet to see a IT position that hasn't been filled by some teacher union's or school board member's relative.

    You are right though, they make far too much money for the level of idiocy they exhibit.

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  • goforaride
    Oct 16, 12:40 PM
    Having been a CIT (prior to OIT) support staffperson at Princeton, I felt that the upper administration seemed to be focused on Windows (could it have been the academic-relationship with W. Gates, by its former VP of IT) and turned a cool shoulder toward the Mac.
    Even colleagues there now, in systems, have a Mac Mini to be familiar with (however, they still use Windows and Unix ... but they need to. Adding or returning to the mac makes sense for students. It's just easier to use/configure).
    Just remember that this requires the need for broader support. And for this, they (university comptrollers) need to start "allocating" funds to the right places.
    Afterall, what good is a campus, that is now winning back mac-using students, but lacks the financial direction toward keeping "up with other campuses" by allocating value to those departments that assist the students, staff and administrators.
    I applaud this news. Go Tigers!:)

    Jul 13, 11:31 AM
    1) Eh.. $p by definition would be the pure gravy.. stuff like advertising and administration would fall under $c.

    Using you definition Apple's net profit margin was ~12% for the last year reported here (2005), i.e. nowhere near 20%. Using the more typical definitions they're operating with 29% gross margin accross the board. Which is pretty typical. G&A expenses were similar to the net profit (again typical) and R&D was less (~5%). Pretty typical.

    Dell's most recent profit margins accross the board were 18% gross and 8% net with 9% G&A and under 1% R&D.

    These differences are consistent with the two companies differing business models. Dell does no R&D, and thus can't expect to command the extra 4% profit margin.


    manu chao
    Apr 12, 01:44 PM
    All companies are for sale. Its called a hostile takeover. Just offer a premium over their share price.
    All publicly traded companies without a committed majority shareholder are for sale.

    A hostile takeover requires that the ownership and the management of a company have different opinions.

    Mar 28, 05:54 PM
    Now I'm curious; what's the best selling brand? Funnily enough, my family used to have a Voyager years ago. It was actually a very solid van, if a bit crude. We don't get the diesel option in the US though, so we had to make do with a gasoline 2.4L with 20mpg. :(

    well the mother of a friend also had a 10 years+ Voyager turbo diesel: great turbo whine but the clutch was horribly unreliable. and the interiour was designed by somebody who, obviously, was blind.

    the list of those local sales: January and February:
    VW 370
    Skoda 130
    Mercedes 115
    Opel 107
    Kia 103
    Mazda 94
    Fiat 85
    Toyota 79
    Audi 77
    Citroen 76
    Peugeot 72
    Ford 66
    Renault 64
    Seat 62
    BMW 58
    Hyundai 57
    Suzuki 56
    Mitsubishi 45
    Dacia 44
    Nissan 43
    Alfa 41
    Volvo 26
    Porsche 24
    Honda 20
    Subaru 17
    Mini 12
    Landrover 11
    Smart 10
    Chevrolet 10
    Daihatsu 7
    Lancia 3
    Jeep 3
    Lada 3
    Saab 2
    Lexus 2
    Chrysler 1
    Jaguar 0
    Dodge 0
    SsangYong 0

    Others 2

    Dec 2, 10:44 AM
    Well, since I don't see it here, I'm going to make an "ooh, ooh, scary" post. I agree that the Nike+iPod bit is just plain lame, but the privacy concerns of this sort of thing are very real, and not to be scoffed at.

    Seen Minority Report, anybody? I'm not worried about the many stalkers that want to hunt me down and kill me. I'm afraid of this sort of personally identifiable information being used to turn me into a marketing statistic. I don't even have a Sears card because I don't like being tracked. And, before I start getting any tinfoil hat comments... well, okay, go for it.

    Aug 6, 08:24 PM
    Old Speckled Hen Ale (which I also really like)

    Not had Old Speckled Hen for a while, don't often see it in pubs in the midlands.

    I used to enjoy a pint of London Pride, when I worked in Marlow. Recently been trying a few real ale pubs in Birmingham. Some nice beers to be had.

    Though in this early hour i'm finishing off a bottle of red :)

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