Sunday, May 22, 2011

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  • WilliamBos
    May 4, 08:17 PM
    AppCleaner will uninstall every part of a program, including the oddball things that don't get uninstalled when you drag it to the trash. And it's free.

    Thanks!! That works awesome!!

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  • imahawki
    May 2, 01:36 PM
    Setting my computer to never sleep didn't fix it. I'm not really interested in using another program. TM should work. I'm a little stubborn and once I get something stuck in my craw I just want it to work, but on top of that, I actually LIKE the way TM works (when it works).

    It seems like I can consistently get a backup to run right after a reboot but it will inevitably fail after that first backup runs. I've reformatted the drive with no fix other than generating an extremely long initial backup. I've got two drives for offsite rotation and the error occurs with both. The drives weren't bought at the same time and aren't out of the same batch (in fact one is a WD Black and the other is a WD Green) so I'm not thinking its a disk issue.

    My computer is less than 90 days old. Should I call Apple?

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  • wjlafrance
    Jun 18, 02:34 AM
    Awesome. I know two developers (actually, the iPhone teachers at my college) who went, but were interested in multiple sessions running at the same time. This made their day.

    Looks like Apple made it clear to me what size iPad they want me to buy. :)

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  • mpw
    Mar 18, 06:01 AM
    What are the best games for Windows right now?...

    I haven't played a windows game in ages, but if it were raining my brother and me used to choose a droplet each and race them down to the cill.

    Wicked good fun!

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  • scem0
    Jan 20, 11:19 PM
    The service is great...

    Its not like they require you to read all the posts or anything. I say take what you can get if its free, and don't take what you don't need if it annoys you.



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  • Keebler
    Mar 5, 01:55 PM

    30 second fix

    duplicate layer, layer mask, invert mask, brush in afflicted area on right side, adjustment layer of levels

    new layer, clone brush / black paint brush over the white fringe edge that is left


    awesome! thanks.

    I knew there had to be a way and I was at my wit's end b/c I couldn't make it work.

    I do appreciate it and I'll make sure to credit you in helping me when I explain to the client. As much as I wanted to do it myself, I just had to ask b/c this photo deserves to be fixed properly :)

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  • dXTC
    Feb 9, 03:02 PM
    Interesting article. It's fascinating and funny how computer technology progresses.

    James Lileks, a news columnist and news ephemera Website owner, has a little section of his Web "museum" ( with pictures from vintage mainframe computer advertisements, replete with his signature offbeat commentary. One depicted a Control Data 3500, and his final comment on it was: "Remember: your iPod has more storage capacity than everything in this room." :D

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  • chown33
    Apr 8, 11:28 AM
    I presume since this uses the undocumented (apart from the header files) IOConnectCallMethod it would not be OK to include in an app for the Mac App Store?

    You'll probably have to try it to find out for sure.

    However, a google search for IOConnectCallMethod found this:

    It suggests IOConnectCall* functions are newer replacements for older deprecated functions. So using the older functions WOULD get you rejected, but the newer ones, I dunno: try it and see what happens.

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  • Koodauw
    Nov 28, 03:42 PM
    I used the V400 for a while. We didnt get a long to well. It was fine, the battery life was fine for me. Nothing un reasonable. 3-4 days is what I got. I seemed rather slow n sluggish at times. It also scratches very easier. Then my backlight died on it. ( Just one day went out.) I went into Cingular and they gave me a new one on the spot.

    I was done with the phone though, and bought a V600 at the same time. (sold the new V400 on ebay) It much more durable IMO opinion.

    I've since bought a V3.

    All in all its a good phone. Nothing special IMO. but solid.

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  • Apple-Man23
    Apr 26, 01:43 PM
    Check out the mStand ( It's really beautiful and matches the Alum Macbook.

    I also have the mStand and it's worked great for me. my mbp is at a comfortable viewing angle and I can use it with or without my wireless mouse and keyboard. plus it is very aesthetically pleasing :) I Highly Recommend it!

    ALSO, I tried the Griffin Elevator and ended up returning it the next day because my mbp was slipping off the stand when i tried to use it. just something to keep in mind.

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  • iZach
    Dec 2, 06:46 PM

    It is a brand new in box sealed 30" ACD for $1500 in my area.
    Do you believe it?
    I don't.

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  • ktbubster
    Jun 22, 06:12 PM
    Ok, listing everything would take far too long, but last year i bought a lot of ibook pieces from another member here, picked out what i needed and fiddled with some of it.. and now I am going to be moving in a few weeks and want to get some of it cleared out.

    ALSO - any of the bottom or lcd cases can be dyed or custom painted (inside for g3s and outside for g4s) before being shipped off to you for an extra 20 for g4 painting 30 for g3 painting (have to remove the white paint on the inside takes longer and more supplies) and 40 for dye - as it takes a lot longer and dye costs the most.

    See my website -> other art - computers to see examples of painting!

    I have TONS of 12inch ibook g3 and g4 top cases
    a few bottom cases of both as well and a FEW 14inch ibook g3 cases
    They are in various stages of painting, some painted, some plain , some clear, some primed, some normal - bunch of experiments

    I have 3 batteries, all hold a charge, but some less then others

    i have a powerbook 12 inch battery that holds a bit of a charge

    some logic boards with various problems

    screws gallore!

    inner frames gallore!
    3 harddrives 10gb and 20gb

    a semi working optical drive

    Random bits of ram

    Cables, cords, random bits

    fans, more cables,

    KEYBOARDS (g3 ibooks) AND topcases (trackpad etc) (from both g3 AND g4 12inchers and i think a 14incher in there for a g3)

    An original airport card SOLD

    hinge covers, a complete top case with LCD - may or may not be functioning, looks to be in good shape though.

    thin metal sheets that go in side and over the back of the top cases and more...

    I have a bunch of other stuff, and will post some pictures of the piles... but if you have an ibook g3 or g4 and are looking for a replacement part or just want something from one of them, let me know, i probably have it!

    PM me an offer or drop one here with what you want and your offer (including shipping please)

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  • cc bcc
    Dec 21, 07:33 AM
    Ah come on, it's cool in a funny way. And I think that's how it's supposed to be.

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  • HasanDaddy
    Jun 28, 05:48 PM
    I know some friends going - apparently, there's no "reservation" vs "walk in" line at AT&T

    There's a ton of ATT stores out there too

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  • Applejuiced
    Feb 9, 02:06 PM
    What good is doing it all at the same time if you can't keep the call connected?;)

    Hey guess what, I can make calls fine on my AT&T phone.
    Keep believing the VZ hype and thinking only verizon customers can actually make phone calls:D

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  • GodBless
    Jan 25, 02:47 AM
    I've had a similar experience on several occasions, most recently today. I have my inbox sorted by date received, with newest mail at the top, but for some reason new mail (received 'Today') will be at the bottom. Mail received 'Yesterday' will be at the top.

    My message counter (in the dock icon) will indicate new mail, but when I look for it (at the top of my date-sorted list), it won't be there. I have to scroll down to the bottom of the list, and there, below the oldest of my already-read e-mails, is my new mail.
    I've had the same issue in Mail countless times. I hope this bug is fixed in Tiger. :rolleyes:

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  • Pseudonym
    Jan 21, 08:20 AM
    I get a bit jumpy about sites that offer loads - I mean how do they fund all this? I also find the graphics a bit annoying after while, but the gallery I like!

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  • Zermelo
    May 6, 11:31 AM
    How is this thread ridiculous? Is someone on here already tried any of those and it didn't work or did work. Perhaps they can share with us. Nothing ridiculous about it.
    And you see, i got the answers for the replies above

    The thread is ridiculous because this question is asked almost everyday on the forum. All you had to do is a small amount of searching and there would have been no need for this thread.

    There is only a small amount of hackers working on the iPad 2 jailbreak, if and when it comes out it will be big news on a forum like this. While apparently the moderators and administrators don't mind posts like this, they do get somewhat tiresome since the information you're looking for is less than a minute away with the use of the search button or reading top threads.

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  • cocacolakid
    May 4, 03:03 PM
    Getting to the point, for video cards try they have forums dedicated to ppc and I'm sure they have all the different and best cards available for your g5.

    It's actually a group and not a typical forum, but it has hundreds of helpful members. Here's the link ( to a page about it, and the link ( to the actual google group.

    Jan 29, 03:42 PM
    If you've got the matter/silver ones, then you'll just need a miniDisplayPort to DVI adapter as well as an HDMI male to DVI female adapter

    Apr 10, 07:53 PM
    And yet another one (2 in five minutes!!). Links to

    Jun 23, 11:47 PM
    added custom dying or painting to the cases - prices are in addition to the case pieces - and one rubber foot has been sold! 1 regular left and a few for the batter corner still.

    Apr 16, 06:19 PM

    I tried to install and make use of USB network adapters as faster alternative to the classic Airport.

    The first was an Asus WL-167g. The second was a D-Link DWL-G122. In either case, after installing the drivers, when trying to connect (or, in the case of the D-Link adapter, just after plugging it in), the computer gets blocked and I have a message saying in several languages that I must restart the computer.

    Any ideas?

    I noticed that both adapters share the same chipset (Ralink RT2500); may that's the problem? Any experience with working network adapters?

    Apr 3, 06:11 PM
    Thanks for the info and links. I haven't played in a while either, but I had the sudden urge :) This site maybe of interest to you: They have a nice database of pro games.

    I've been to I didn't study that much, and was much more interested in reading books and just playing. Maybe if I have the time to really get into it in the future I'll try to analyze pro games. However, looking at them at my current skill level would probably just confuse me. :)

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