Thursday, May 26, 2011

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  • Prom1
    Mar 26, 06:06 PM
    With the Xserve getting canned, it's likely that Apple will shift Lion server hard towards SOHO needs and further away from the needs of larger enterprise environments.

    How will this affect so many Universities that have implemented iTunes U?!

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  • Enigma55
    Jun 10, 09:29 PM
    Bleh... The only provider that has a chance at delivering worse service for the iPhone than AT&T....

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  • bruinsrme
    Apr 6, 07:48 AM
    In Massachusetts we already pay an excise tax on vehicles, boat and other toys.
    Introducing a tax on road usage, not to remind you that we already pay taxes for this, would impact the ones that depend on such an infrastructure to support the economy.

    The majority of the revenues that would feed the government waste would ultimately be passed on to everyone. Whether it be food, consumer goods, clothing and so on, it all requires some sort of usage of the infrastructure we are already paying for.

    How about no new taxes and better manage the money we already feed into the garbage disposal.

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  • bretm
    Mar 29, 07:49 AM
    He's very into simplicity and minimalism, just look at the way apple products are designed. I think its a conscious choice to wear a simple black turtleneck and jeans, even though he could easily afford any clothes he wanted.

    Once again,it's not a turtleneck and I've yet to see Jobs wear a turtleneck. Can anyone find a pic of him in a turtleneck?

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  • carlgo
    Apr 15, 06:59 PM
    If by normal people he means then yes.

    They need a laptop cuz they need a lid to close fast when others enter the room...

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  • Eidorian
    Apr 25, 10:40 PM
    Reboot and hold down Option this time for the boot loader. If you used the utilities your Startup Disk is probably set to the Windows partition. Though it is strange that you are not booting to the installation disc.

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  • QuarterSwede
    Jan 6, 03:51 PM
    You may want to turn off wall posts notifications. Yeah, I certainly don't want to be notified every 5 minutes.

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  • AppleMc
    Mar 11, 11:24 AM
    Willow Bend is at about 30 people. Rumor in line is they might be able to serve everyone that's comes out today, they must have a large stock

    Yay! Good news for me!

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  • pmz
    Oct 6, 05:15 PM
    I'd be very happy if my iPhone were 4 or 4.5 "

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  • bearcatrp
    May 3, 04:26 AM
    Are you shooting in HD or SD? You can adjust the audio level in your clips. Make your adjustments, play it back to make sure its where you want it before you burn it. I usually drop it more because its easier to raise the volume on the tv.

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  • iJohnHenry
    Apr 4, 05:22 PM
    No. A car that gets 50mpg is likely much lighter than a car that gets 8mpgs... and hence doesn't put near as much wear on the road

    Consider, if all cars were the size of a Smart ForTwo, or the awaited ForFour, a two lane road could become 3 lanes. ;)

    Trucks and Hummers would just drive down the middle. :D

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  • trekkie604
    Mar 16, 10:31 PM
    129.4/L Regular

    489.83/US Gal...

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    Dec 27, 08:44 PM
    I think somebody stole our Kool-Aid.

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  • iLoveiTunes
    Mar 23, 01:11 PM
    I thought other players were also offering such technology... Hows airplay any different ? :cool:

    Unless they want to copyright the term "AirPlay"

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  • cmaier
    Apr 13, 11:07 PM
    She probably left this place. Why would anyone want to do business here when all people do is trash Microsoft.

    That's not all people do. They spend just as much effort trashing Apple.

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  • cdembek
    Apr 1, 09:39 AM
    Replaced with all crap channels..

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  • Ugg
    Apr 7, 05:02 PM
    The tea party isn't about fiscal responsibility at all as is evidenced by their "soft" targets and their emphasis on abortion, NPR and other social issues.

    It's sad to see them shut down the US based on that.

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  • Mogenshu
    Sep 27, 02:34 PM
    You know, I often see this posted on the forums, yet I can't think of any example in the past that proves it. Every version after a .9 that I know of has been the last of that series.

    Another example is that World of Warcraft is on version 1.12

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  • bousozoku
    Sep 30, 07:08 AM
    "Imminent?" Don't you mean "Actually here?"

    You are in slow motion today MR! But I still love you.

    On the 27th, it was imminent. There is another thread that mentions the release.

    Feb 24, 10:22 PM
    ...or Apple could allow returns, like every "normal" store.

    No normal store allows software returns. Nice try though.

    Oct 25, 05:06 PM
    a what from the cashier?
    A and I are pretty far away on a normal keyboard.. so he must mean wink..

    Dec 27, 09:08 PM
    You're talking about a whole country. As it is right now there are more iPhones in NYC than anywhere else. In order for this to be true it would mean tens of thousands of NYers, at least, are having their personal info stolen. Also, why only the iPhone? Wouldn't these thieves with all their stolen info just move onto another AT&T phone that costs just as much? Such as BB? Why hasn't any other telco stopped onlines sales of any of their high priced phones in NYC? Surely these thieves wouldn't just buy one phone.

    To believe this you would have to jump through many conclusions, some being illogical.

    all BB network traffic goes through RIM's datacenters making them easy to trace

    Apr 19, 11:22 AM
    Right on last question

    About overheating, not an issue. Hard drives are like 30-40c. Won't overheat the card. And the card will probably raise the hard drive temps maximum 5-8 degrees.

    However, both cards really suck. Get a single 5770 to replace them both. It will run all your displays and the performance will be night and day.

    Apr 2, 01:50 PM
    *caugh, caugh* It's 1.0.1. Also, It's not so much that it has bugs are anything, I think it UI is horrible.

    Yes, I think the UI is aweful too.

    I'm glad I'm not alone in my feelings!

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