Tuesday, May 31, 2011

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  • Crigger540
    Sep 14, 06:14 AM
    Belkin - Grip Vue Case for Apple� iPod� touch - Rooftop Green
    $24.99 BestBuy

    http://img215.imageshack.us/img215/7438/dscf6393.th.jpg (http://img215.imageshack.us/i/dscf6393.jpg/)
    http://img5.imageshack.us/img5/467/dscf6392.th.jpg (http://img5.imageshack.us/i/dscf6392.jpg/)

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  • rezenclowd3
    Jan 9, 08:50 PM
    It was/ is very clean and well cared for. Right now its a 5ft paint job, which is all orig :o I have all 22 years of records which is damn nice. How much did I pay? I'd rather not say, but as a reference, I think one looking for such a clean car in good mechanical condition pay $4-5k for a car with no mods. Blue book for these cars with the mileage they typically have is $2k. I completely overpaid for a stock car, however I wanted a clean/ mechanically excellent car that's ready for competition, so I was willing to pay quite a premium to find EXACTLY what I was looking for.

    After owning this for a week and 1 day, I want to now purchase a 325i convertible. I missed a few steals last month :( However all would probably have needed just $3-4k in work to make it another DD.

    BTW when quoting, at the max only include 1 pic. It's a pita to scroll through the same pics 2x. Thanks for the compliment though.

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  • miamiracing
    Jan 27, 08:08 AM
    here my G


    of course i got it fully loaded with Bose Sound etc.

    on the far left in the snow last night


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  • standingquiet
    Jan 11, 02:59 PM

    Still fantastic. :D And gorgeous!

    I love these cars, i looked at the SRT8 model with the Hemi but UK + V8 = Bankrupt lol


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  • MacRumors
    Jul 18, 01:41 AM
    http://www.macrumors.com/images/macrumorsthreadlogo.gif (http://www.macrumors.com)

    Think Secret claims (http://www.thinksecret.com/news/0607itunesmovies.html) that Steve Jobs will announce the addition of a movie rental service to the iTunes Music Store during his keynote speech at the Worldwide Developers Conference (http://www.macrumors.com/pages/2006/03/20060307132013.shtml) on August 7.

    MacRumors reported (http://www.macrumors.com/pages/2006/06/20060619101731.shtml) last month that movie studios had mixed feelings about Steve Jobs, some regarding him as a friend and some as a foe, and Think Secret's report indicates that the studios have won this negotiation round, limiting movies to rentals instead of outright purchases, with playback limited either by number of viewings or by an expiration date.

    Deals with Walt Disney Studios, Universal Studios, Paramount Pictures, and Warner Brothers Pictures are said to be complete, with others in progress.

    Apple's decision to implement a rental model for movies is a major departure for the company and Mr. Jobs. Apple had been trying for months to persuade the movie studios that the a-la-carte model of buying individual titles, as the iTunes Music Store offers with music, was the way to go. The studios, however, has been fixed on offering only a subscription or rental-based model.

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  • lordonuthin
    Oct 16, 02:20 PM
    congrats to whiterabbit for hitting 1 million!

    Thanks, and sorry I just moved past you:D for now anyway...

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  • Peace
    Aug 6, 10:17 PM
    I just want to give a BIG..Hip Hip Hoorah!! to Arn for his hard work in giving us the very best Apple community website on the internet!!

    Keep it up Bro!!

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  • henrikrox
    Mar 24, 01:37 PM
    anyone want to guess what we will see in the new imac?

    gpus i mean

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  • Stewie
    Sep 7, 02:15 PM
    Sorry for the nasty long URL (, but this is a cache page from a google search where you can see what Amazons offerings our for their new download service.

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  • MasonH
    Apr 2, 10:48 PM
    It is very obvious when someone has no idea what they are talking about, and just making up false information.

    I like the iPad... but I don't see any "false information" in his post. At all.
    What was false?

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  • DrFrankTM
    Aug 25, 09:23 AM
    am I right in thinking that there is still no way to do extended desktop (two monitors displaying different stuff) on a Mini?

    Hmmm... To cook an extended desktop on a Mini (sort of), you need:

    1-) A Mac Mini
    2-) An old Mac with a screen - mine is an old iBook G3
    3-) A router
    4-) Synergy
    5-) Some kind of script - Automator does the job - to turn Synergy into a start-up item on both computers

    Ok, it obviously doesn't give you two screens on your Mini, but you can cut and paste between screens, and use only one keyboard and mouse to control both, which is pretty sweet. Personally, I use my Mini for any kind of heavy workloads and the iBook for the small stuff. The lack of extended desktop was almost a show-stopper for me but, in the end, Synergy provides me with all the screen space I need. If you really need more than that though, maybe the Mini isn't the right machine.

    EDIT: For example, I run Skype on my iBook. There is no difference whatsoever to me whether it is on my iBook or my Mini. You can use the secondary screen for a bunch of apps like those that do not really need to run on your Mini.

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  • ltgator333
    Mar 28, 11:54 PM
    wow... this lack of faith in Apple is suprising really. This company has been sitting about where it's at right now for the last 10 years or so, and all the sudden they're just gonna die? I think the reasons why this will not happen have been beaten to death, so I spair you repeating them.
    The whole thing with Adobe/M$ pulling products is ridiculous as well. This has happened a million times, Apple makes an app and a third party realizes they can't compete with this new app and either lowers the amount of effort they put into their app or just pull the plug on it. Anyone remember MacAmp? Toast? The examples are readily available.
    As for cheap Macs, hell yeah I'd like to see some. The whole reason you see a PC listed under the computers I personally own is because it was cheaper for me to build my own dual proc PC workstation that buy a Mac- other than a non-upgradeable computer that also to me isn't all that good looking, the iMac or eMac. The problem is Apple's business model works, and even though Apple makes computers, being they are a business, making money is still the #1 thing, if they're making $ there's no reason to change anything real drasticly.

    I would like to see Apple come out with a headless desktop, but not have it be a direct replacement for iMac or eMac, an interim of upgradeability between the PMac line (which as for how desktop machines go, this thing is very upgrade freindly on a whole, the PMac G4's especially) and the iMac with virtually none. A machine that has a AGP slot, processor can be removed/upgraded, one HD and one optical drive bay and maybe 1 or 2 PCI-X slots would be a perfect fit upgradeability wise between they're high and low end. I beleive that if they were to do this I would price it similarly to the iMac, basicly a trade-off monitor for upgrades.. put the right spin on it and I think there's a market for a machine like this.

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  • hulugu
    May 2, 12:06 AM
    latin is dead ! Long live Apple

    Deader than the hobnails on a centurian's boot, but actually much of English grammar is derived, sometimes mistakely, from Latin forms so it's not a complete waste of time.

    Okay maybe it it, but now I know what ergo sum propter means and that quid pro quo is actually gibberish.

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  • zeemeerman2
    Apr 19, 11:13 AM
    What are these "Macs" you speak of?

    Long, long ago, when the animals could still talk and houses didn't have Windows, a round piece of fruit made a Mac, a revolutionary way to use computers ( /com-puu-ters/ ). They improved the system time and time again to the extend that we have nowadays.

    Then came the evil Bill, known from the creation of fences and Gates, and he made something that looked like nothing but was in fact something. Namely, glass Windows. You could look through it, yet not go through it. It was symbolic to say "You can see your home, but there's no possible way to go there. Muahahaha!"

    Unknown by many people, Macs at the other hand, you just could eat (since Mackintosh is a sort of Apples) through and go through. It would finish your hunger and you would be never hungry again.
    And because of the amount of water in the Mac, you wouldn't be thirsty again either. Romans knew that already; they named it Aqua.

    Nowadays, times are different. The Aqua is bit by bit drying up, and Apple thinks more about phones. But even if the Aqua will be gone soon, the Mac is still an Apple, and it will finish your thirst.

    Apple knows that, and they think chocolate has a better taste. Therefore, they have Cocoa now. Much better than Aqua. And it fills directly to your stomach, underneath all things you see, so you don't even have to see that you're drinking. You can do other things while your stomach is filled with Cocoa.


    Well, anyone else can made a story from puns of Apple stuff? (Anything about getting a job (Steve Jobs)? ... Just saying...)

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  • dawnraid
    Mar 22, 11:28 PM
    Bought a black one last week (my old 4th gen died R.I.P). It just made sense, as I have 145gb of tunes that all get regularly rinsed! Works pretty well with my senheisser hd-25'1-I's
    I dont know why I would spend more on a touch and get half the space.
    EZ you lot :D

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  • easymac800g4
    Jan 10, 11:39 PM
    macworld said apple and dell are the only two computer companies that continue to turn a constant profit

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  • puckhead193
    Apr 12, 10:45 PM
    So now the question is do I still need to transcode to pro res my avchd footage :rolleyes::confused:

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  • islanders
    Dec 30, 10:52 AM
    I think a lot of you are expecting way too much on the "iTV" and will be very disappointed when it gets released.

    1. DVR Functionality?
    Nope, I don't see it. Don't see it happening EVER. This places iTV in direct competition with Cable and Satellite providers, which (imho) is a losing battle. A good example is Tivo. While, Tivo is still lauded in the industry and consumers as having the "best DVR interface/UI," it's still not selling well to consumers. Why? Cable and Satellite providers are providing DVRs and a MUCH lower cost, and even though their UI/interface sucks terribly, because of the LOW COST, the Cable/Satellite boxes are outselling Tivos.

    On Demand. This category amongst cable companies are expanding very rapidly and offering free content left and right. Good example is HBO, nearly *ALL* of their shows are On Demand now which is instant access to all of their shows. Generally speaking (for people who use HBO On Demand), this has been extremely popular, maybe this is why HBO is still not being sold on iTunes? Why download when you have access to nearly all of the HBO content for free and instantaneous?

    2. Remote Desktop viewer?
    Nope, don't see this at all either. If this were a Mac world only, MAYBE I could see this happening, but the harsh reality is that we live in a primarily Windows world. I really don't see Apple moving into utilizing Remote Desktop on Windows machines THROUGH iTV.

    You have to remember that unlike iMac, Mac Pro, Macbooks, etc, the iTV will have to satisfy Windows users as well.

    What do I see the iTV for? Streaming media, a glorified IP TV box, an easier way to bring the iPod to the living room. I really don't see it doing anything else. I'm hoping that I'm wrong.


    I would be only be disappointed if I purchased the device and it wasn�t up to my expectations.

    If it has incredibly limited features and offers no value and no one buys it, I don�t care.

    I have all those features in my living room right now. VOD, HD DVR, (which is the same thing as TiVo, as Comcast will be using a TiVo next year for the DVR)

    Just because some of us are speculating on what we would be of value to us, HD, less commercials, a more useful bandwidth, doesn�t mean we are expecting to see any of this next week.

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  • Eidorian
    Aug 25, 12:03 PM
    Not if you're going for an embedded system that doesn't need a heavy duty CPU and graphics. I built a fanless home server/internet filter/firewall box for less than $200 (and this is in the mini form factor - mini-ITX). A mini would be overkill for that and almost all of the other above listed embedded applications. Get the right tool for the right job is all I'm saying. I would never use a VIA system for a desktop, but for almost every embedded application they're fantastic.With the G4 Mini's hitting $300-400 I see a better buy there. Then again I do love Mini-ITX and playing with Linux. (Free OS and good support for mini server applications.) There's an application for both. I just see the Mac mini being a"mini mac" for only a little bit more.

    Folks need to be careful when making G5 to Conroe/etc. comparisons....

    The PPC 970FX (single core G5 which was in the iMac G5) has a TDP below that of a Conroe.

    The Conroe and Woodcrest have a TDP well below the PPC 970MP (dual core G5) which was used in the later generation PowerMac G5 systems.For some odd reason even though the 970FX has a lower TDP the Conroe systems are surprisingly cool. I've seen 50� C from Conroe under full load. That's a lot lower then the 75� C on my iMac G5.

    Apr 27, 05:07 AM
    Hey, thank you for being an idiot !! I wasn't replying because I went on Holidays. I went to see Tokyo for Five days and track down the old places of Edo described in Ernest Satow's 1921 book "A diplomat in Japan" and to buy a new Emac !! Its 115 000 yen in Japan for a Superdrive model. Oh, I forgot...For you being a high school graduate - Edo (or Yedo in some translations) is the old name of Tokyo. Up until the Meiji restoration.

    If I was stupid - I wouldn't speak two languages
    If I was an ignorant person - I would have stayed in my home country and not learn about the ways of the world...I believe that you have spent too much time in front of you mac.
    If I was a vain pretender to knowledge - Do you know who Ernest Satow was ? Do you know over 2,000 Japanese kanji characters ? Do you know how to live in another country ? You have NO IDEA

    So please don't call other people names - This is a thread for discussion not a primary school (If you are American - a primary school is a elementary school) :D

    Wow, I was scouring this thread to see where it had started, and I just noticed this post. Bad day?

    By the way, you should read your post again, you manage to be pedantic and mistaken at the same time: your grammar is a shambles, you mention immediately that you went to Tokyo and then you call it Edo and then mention something about�and this I'm gleaning the meaning�needing to be a high school graduate to know that Edo was the name of Tokyo up until the Meiji Restoration. Um kay. Then something about 2,000 kanji characters. That's very impressive and you should be proud of your accomplishment in learning Japanese I understand it is very difficult. However, I would like to point out that many many Japanese also know kanji characters and it is disctinctly possible that some, maybe more than a few know more than 2,000 characters and speak English and are living in the United States or in Europe.
    I would also like to point out that I think you're wrong in your general opinion in this thread and that I speak only two languages (unfortunately not Japanese) although I can read Latin and I too have been in another country besides the United States.
    Knowledge is a sword, it cuts both ways.

    Oh and by the way, congrats on knowing who Ernest Satow is. Who is Alfred Thayer Mahan? Or N. Scott Momaday? Or Saigo Takamori for that matter?

    Aug 29, 11:09 AM
    If the MacBook and Mini stay with core 1 CPUs, sales will grind to a halt.
    True. This alleged upgrade is not enough to make me wanna go for a mini. I'm waiting for Meroms in the iMacs before I even begin to think about upgrading

    Sep 30, 01:00 AM
    anyone bought those clear gel tpu cases or the non clear tpu cases from ebay i am thinking of buying a few since they r $2 each

    Aug 16, 12:38 PM
    And why not offer clips from Sirius shows, namely Stern, as downloads from iTunes? Apple already allows explicit content (think every Hip Hop song), so there shouldn't be a problem.

    Song paradies and other clips would sell like hotcakes for .99!

    Stern isn't for everyone, but millions of fans would bring some serious attention and cash to Apple.

    Nov 15, 09:28 AM
    How can this get negative votes? In fact, how do a lot of perfectly benign threads get negative votes? Are there just members out there who vote negative on everything?

    The negative for me is the tiny caveat at the bottom of the article. Apple releasing 8-core Mac Pros this month? Highly doubtful, in my opinion.

    Also, negative sometimes just means you don't believe it (as in this case) not that it's a "negative" announcement.

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