Saturday, May 21, 2011

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  • brentg33
    Oct 18, 11:20 PM
    i am in phila and would have gone to KofP....sadly i am unable to go due to an already planned event im going to....but for all in the phila area planning on going...i would pay someone to pick me up one of those free t-shirts they are going to give out (size L:) ) let me know


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  • bigpatky
    Apr 8, 08:19 PM
    AT&T has told me that if you've got one of the old $30/month unlimited data plans you can use the iPhone as a hotspot with no additional charge.

    whoa...i haven't heard that. do you have to contact att to set it up? how do you do that? i'm grandfathered in w/ the unlimited plan still.

    edit: i just called. they told me that i couldn't tether at all w/ the unlimited plan. they did happen to mention the free wifi at mcdonalds, starbucks, etc. that i could use. she said it in a funny way that made it at first sound like i could "tether" from that "hotspot" to my phone for free. maybe that was the misunderstanding?

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  • bruinsrme
    May 3, 11:11 AM
    take a look here it will guide you through the process.

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  • bennetsaysargh
    Dec 21, 08:49 AM
    i think it's kinda odd to have a trailer for a website that has been over-hyped for a while, but whatever floats their boats i suppose.

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  • copykris
    Oct 12, 06:26 PM
    Amoeba is an awful place to buy used CDs - any location.

    It's fine for vinyl and even new CDs releases, but the selection and prices are superior at any of the online places mentioned above - eBay, Amazon, and even SecondSpin.

    i would disagree with this --i've bought a good few of used cd's at amoeba and have never been disappointed

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  • Matthew9559
    Mar 8, 11:19 PM
    I would go with a 3DS. I am using a DS Lite still but the new Pokemon is great. I haven't played since red/blue/green/yellow days. Lots of cool upgrades while still feeling very at home. :)

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  • petvas
    May 6, 05:21 PM
    Exactly. Fine tuned for the new Joe-sumer iOS market, but nothing mind blowing for us Prosumers.

    From all the new features in Lion I am pretty sure I won't be using one: The Launchpad. It is crippled and acts as an iOS app. What happened to right clicking? Context Menus? Why do I need to drag an app over another in order to create a folder? Why can't I just right click and create an empty folder? When Apple makes the Launchpad a Desktop OS app, I might use it.

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  • LastLine
    Apr 2, 08:40 AM
    So I've been thinking

    Xcode now requires Snow Leopard - when Lion comes out is it likely I'll need Lion to continue developing or should I be good with Snow Leopard? I only ask as my current development machine is a Core Duo (read - not good enough for Lion) and if I'm going to need to update I'll need to plan ahead.

    Whilst I realise nobody 'knows' at the minute, does anyone know when XCode required Snow Leopard from? Was it from Snow Leopard's release, or simply when Xcode 4 came into existance?

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  • InsanelyApple
    May 4, 04:30 PM
    Unfortunately there does not seem to be a good way to sync most LG phones with a mac computer. The only thing I have come across is Bit Pim and its reviews are pretty spotty.

    Well, I don't know. Is it really that hard to manually do it?

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  • Hellhammer
    May 5, 01:15 AM
    I would only transfer OS X and apps so in Migration Assistant, simply don't include the users folder and whatever takes a lot space. After migration, move the other data from the other computer/external to the HD.

    You can also point your Home folder to the HD which makes managing an SSD and HD pretty easy.

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  • RGunner
    Dec 15, 03:29 PM
    Have 2 video cards to choose from and an ATA controller if needed?

    ATI Mac Edition 7000 PCI - $40
    ATI Mac Edition 9200 PCI - $80

    ACARD ATA133 6280M Boxed PCI - $50

    Both mint and tested (receipt for warranty available as well I believe but would have to dig through files).

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  • DXoverDY
    Dec 20, 02:38 PM
    So apple decided to give me a crappy hard drive that died outside of my warranty. i am now trying to replace it. i'm following the guide at for replacing the battery. however there's a "clip" apparently that is holding the right hand side of the case together and i see absolutely no way to unclip it. any help would be appreciated. i've been working on it for about 2 hours and i've had about enough and i'm ready to sell the pile of crap and buy a PC. apple gets "crappy design award of the year" for not making their hardware servicable that's for sure. and no, i'm not paying apple @$$loads of money for them to fix what should be simple for anyone to do.

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  • DrakkenWar
    Apr 19, 11:54 PM
    Have to agree with everyone here. Bought ram to max out my dual 533, my dual 1.8 and this dual amd x2 here. Customer service is great, shipping is quick. Have yet to RMA anything.


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  • FFTT
    Sep 20, 08:14 AM
    They need to add a mental support page for all of us now suffering from stress, depression and anxiety :(

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  • risc
    Sep 24, 10:31 PM
    Ps. Does anybody know my real name?


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  • juliancs
    May 23, 01:48 PM

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  • szark
    Dec 14, 06:16 PM
    I'm still not sure if I can make it to MWSF, but if I do, I'll definitely be at the meetup.

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  • cfairbank
    Mar 10, 02:22 PM
    Anyone going to wait in line tomorrow? Thinking I might head over to the store early in the afternoon to see. Probably could walk into a target or walmart and pick one up but more fun at the apple store. Who else is goin?

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  • ilsie
    Mar 18, 11:11 AM
    I got the Roll-O-Notes, and I love it! Small enough for me, fits the 12" perfect, and has lots of other compartments for cables, ipod, BT mouse, etc. Although if you wanted to fit some textbooks or something in there, you'd have a hard time.

    Got it brand new on eBay for $65, which is way lower than the crumpler price.

    Jun 29, 07:21 PM

    I see where this si coming from though.
    I think whats happening is Apple is expanding so quickly that its harder for them to keynote all the developments within apple.
    Soon iPhone is going to be even bigger, and Mac will keep moving, growing, but not as fast as the iPhone.

    Maybe one day well see seperate keynotes for each product/market line.

    Either way Apple is going strong and the potential for iPhone (and Apple gadgets) and Mac OS X to move forward are huge.

    No complaints here.

    I just wish theyd say somethin about the bloody mac mini

    Oct 27, 03:17 PM
    Ok, this is the dynamic of the buyer:
    -Oh, cool, I have the money but.... I can buy 2 of 19" or 2 of" 17" for that price. Of course I would need an special accesory to run a secund LCD accessory.

    Some people are gonna buy that thing, there is a market for ir, but, just imagine the time spend closing the lots of windows.

    I would buy one of those, would be like buying another computer. Now, I do not have the money for it, I may never have but there are companies with the resources to do it.

    May 4, 01:21 PM
    To intall in your MBP, the bare drive is all you need. There are four mounting nubby screws on the old drive you need to move to the new drive. Use a #6 Torx driver to remove them. Easy.

    THAT was exactly what I was lookin' for. Thanks!

    Sep 15, 11:18 PM
    Holy crap, that program is amazing. I just tried it out on a song that was labeled ZHFR from when I transferred music back from my ipod to my hard drive (long story) and it figured out exactly what it was. Craziest part is there was no tagging besides the 4 letters and it was an a cappella version from my college.

    Totally buying this tomorrow when I'm by my credit card.

    Apr 3, 08:42 PM
    Oh my god I was literally JUST about to post a thread on the no-quit-chrome problem when I saw this thread... hope you don't mind me hijacking, but I'll just state a couple of things that happened:

    ~woudn't quit, so I loaded force quit from the apple logo in the corner, which wouldn't even do it on the first try, but it quit on the second force quit
    ~reinstalling seems to solve the problem for the first couple openings of the app but then the problem arises again
    ~running the new beta, but I doubt that has anything to do with it cuz I saw THIS testimony, so....

    ANyway, I might just downgrade back cuz Chrome is my main browse, but maybe I'd just switch to safari... it DOES have some improvements in 10.7 :D

    I had that same problem yesterday. I had to force quit and then after restarting I never had the problem again (Mostly because I use Safari 5.1 much more often.) :D

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