Sunday, May 22, 2011

brendan fraser hair piece

brendan fraser hair piece. starring rendan fraser as
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  • dan5.5
    Sep 15, 05:48 PM
    I got myself a used Canon XSi with a 18-55 IS Lens

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  • Brendan Fraser. Ben Watts

  • alent1234
    Apr 13, 01:57 PM
    they probably had it in the labs, but the pricing finally came down this year. 3D is a dud and internet enabled TV's dropped in price by 50% in some cases since last summer

    if apple doesn't get into this market then itunes is going to be dead in a few years along with other idevices

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  • baleensavage
    Jul 11, 03:15 PM
    I'd wager that the photo is probably fake, but the info sounds real. It makes sense that M$ would cash in on their successful XBox name. The problem with Origami is that they had other people do it and that the Windows name doesn't hold much clout nowadays. You would think that Microsoft would actually put some of their R&D team on Vista so they can release it within a decade of XP instead of coming up with all these other hair-brained ways to waste their money.

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  • Collin973
    Jul 10, 10:38 AM
    Good to see. I can't wait to buy it in 07. Knowing this was going to be released stopped me from getting Iwork 06...


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  • QCassidy352
    Jul 25, 10:08 AM
    oh, I forgot to mention one good thing about this mouse. Presumably it will work correctly with the option "allow bluetooth devices to wake this computer." 3rd party mice wake the computer up over and over ever since 10.4.6 when that option is checked. Of course, it would be nicer if apple would just fix their stupid OS version so that all BT mice worked correctly and not just their own... :rolleyes:

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  • stroked
    Apr 27, 02:11 AM

    And I'm not? Cut the bullying crap, you obviously have some kind of personal issue with any kind of gender-bending.

    It's not your bathroom. You don't own it, you don't have any real say in who gets to use it. Just like you don't own your daughter and don't have the right to beat anyone up on her behalf for any perceived slight. If I ever hypothetically made another woman genuinely uncomfortable in a restroom, chances are I'd remove myself from the situation at least until she had left, that's a concession I'd make to *her*, not you. The discussion came up at my university a while back and the most telling thing was that the only people who took issue with trans people using appropriate loos were men, I wonder why that is.

    Do you really actually think that's why we do it just to perv on women in the restroom? Do you have any idea what we go through to be who we are?

    Why are you scared by us? Why do we make you uneasy in yourself enough that you lash out with lame insults, make threats and refuse to acknowledge this girl's gender? I've got news for you, we walk among you, you don't often see us, but we do and we've been progressively gaining more and more rights. There's no place for attitudes like yours in the world today, as you can see your views are not popular in this thread and it's not because everyone who disagrees with you is trans themselves.

    As long as my daughter is in there, I will have a say who goes in the bathroom. my daughter isn't a woman yet, she is a girl, and I will do whatever it takes to protect her. Like it or not, I think gender bending is wrong, and people like you will not be in the bathroom with her. When she is finished, it is all yours.

    my views may not be popular in this thread, and I expected the regular insults that you libs dish out to people that disagree with you. If your afraid of dissenting opinions, then you need to stay on some of those forums that will always agree with you, and will nurture you, and your life style.


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  • cal6n
    Apr 25, 06:49 AM
    Sorry to burst everyone's bubble... but I don't believe this is a US phone. My iPhone 3gs has been on t-mobile for almost 2 years now... ...because that's the standard carrier in the Netherlands...

    The +1 before the phone number definitely lends to the probability that it's intended for foreign use.

    I can send a screenshot of both my and my gf's phones that clearly say: T-Mobile 3G on them... :D

    And the N94 part number denoting an entirely separate model?


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  • -SD-
    Nov 15, 05:45 PM
    Yeah, I don't get all the "OMG $250 on a jumper". Seriously, I assume you guys have never shopped in Burberry, Paul Smith, D&G etc...

    That Panerai watch looks awesome.



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  • twcbc
    May 4, 07:07 PM
    Maybe you misunderstood me... I don't care about market share... either hardware share or software share. I don't think it matters how much of one thing there are against another thing.

    You're right... Apple cares about profit... mostly from selling hardware. Which they do... lots of hardware. I think that's more important for a company.

    Apple is, and has always been, a hardware company.

    Google went down the route of putting their software on any device that wanted it... which is why I hate when people compare Android vs the iPhone.

    It's not about you, point is "market share is very important" to Apple. Saying market share is not a goal is just wrong.

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  • systole
    May 3, 07:48 AM
    Select an iMac lands here (

    Edit: Link up!


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  • Rowbear
    Apr 9, 03:39 PM
    A lovely day in Lincolnshire, C & C Welcome (

    Lovely composition of a surreal scene.

    The only thing that bothers me are the 2 out of focus flowers lower right corner that pulls my eyes to them a bit. Very difficult to have everything in focus, so maybe cutting them if possible.

    Regardless, its a shot I'd love to have in my portfolio.

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  • Kajover
    May 3, 08:13 AM
    Is it now possible to use the 21,5" screen as an external display?
    Is the difference between hd 6750m and 6770m a noticeable one?


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  • Popeye206
    Apr 13, 08:37 PM
    No brown?????

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  • Yvan256
    Jul 28, 08:49 AM
    Don't discount microsoft - they have money to lose for years in trying to get #1 for MP3 - slowly they creep up and overturn Apple - apple doesn't ahve the same stamina.

    A long term commitment, not a short term thing.

    That's what worries me. They don't get #1 by being the best, they get to #1 because they can lose money for years and drive the competition to the ground. Look at the Xbox and Xbox 360 as a perfect example. They're still in the red, no a single cent of profit from the two consoles.


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  • cherry su
    Apr 28, 04:03 PM
    Volume switch issue? Please enlighten me, I don't know what you refer to.

    the placement of the volume buttons and the mute switch is slightly lower on the verizon iphone.

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  • Mystikal
    Mar 15, 07:56 AM
    and btw - I mentioned in another thread, but Fashion Island will be opening early at 9 AM, according to their sales people

    I'm here now (it's 6 AM lol). I expected people. Or a line...its a ghost town. Good news is if they really have iPads, I am definitely getting one. :D


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  • PghLondon
    Apr 28, 03:21 PM
    Is a fact that iPhones can not meet everyones needs some people want smart phones with a full keyboard some want an SD card. People will buy android phones over iPhones because they cater to their needs. I purchased my G2 because I wanted a full keyboard and a fast proccesor. I did not purchase an iPhone because I hate AT&T and I like SD cards and a file system.

    So yeah, you're a geek. Geeks aren't like normal people.

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  • satkin2
    Apr 15, 03:40 AM
    Apps universal between iOS and OSX would make sense, an iWorks suite that you can run on either your Mac and finish on your iOS device, that would be really nice.

    I wouldn't be suprised if this was just a coding error, but sometime in the future I can imagine that the ability to run the same apps on both systems will be possible.

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  • citi
    Apr 28, 04:22 PM
    If this requires case manufacturers to make a case specifically for the white iPhone on both carriers, I wouldn't be surprised if they just said screw it, were not making one. Apple released the white iPhone because they said they would, I don't think enough will be sold where it makes sense for case makers.

    Someone will make a case. Do you think these established companies want some newjack to come in and steal their entire market? Once you buy a case and like it, you typically stay with that company for your next one. Businesses would rather make money instead of making points.

    Dont Hurt Me
    Oct 18, 05:56 PM
    Must every thread have this post in it?Guess Im still pissed at Apple for discontinuing the Cube a few weeks before I could afford one!:mad:

    Jul 24, 04:57 PM
    I suppose I could use a standard AA battery recharger. I haven't seen one in use since about 10 years ago and they never used to be very good...

    The current NiMH rechargeables are much, much better than the old NiCds; they last longer and allow more recharge cycles. They still don't last as long per cycle as an alkaline, but for battery-hungry gadgets NiMH is great.

    Apr 26, 12:39 PM
    so instead you're going to store them all on multiple machines? what do you think the cloud is for? lol

    You cant really call what Apple has a cloud. Clouds are designed to span across multiple geographic locations...Apple has 1 datacenter, and zero experience running a cloud service. MobileMe runs on collocated equipment in someone else's datacenter.

    Amazon on the other hand are excellent at working with the cloud.

    Apr 30, 09:50 PM
    The only people who lump in tablets and PMPs into the platform are apple lovers who are in denial. Everyone else separates them by device. Smartphones are compared to smartphones. Tablets to tablets, etc.

    But that's what the iOS platform is: an OS that runs on tablets, PMP's and phones.

    The people who care about the platform are developers, which are kind of important to everyone who uses the platform.

    Dec 3, 07:23 PM
    .....<text removed>.......

    Perhaps a few of the people who said yes may think that, but don't assume all of us are like that! Please feel free to look into my post history, not that it is any of your business anyway. You will find that I am a true Apple and Mac fan through and through!

    I do not assume any such thing. There were two issues involved in my post. One was about the motivation, and reaction about security. The other was more generalized about the disinformation campaign (FUD), I am witnessing on this board. I did not reference any particular post, content, or person in this thread. So, I am unclear why you seem to feel I have attacked you, or (collectively) everyone.

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