Sunday, May 22, 2011

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  • zep1977
    Apr 29, 03:20 PM
    What is a gagalady and why should I pay $0.69 for it?

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  • Queso
    Oct 19, 07:56 AM
    Since when did HP become the number 1? I've not heard anything, do you have an article or something that I could possibly read?
    The Gartner report released yesterday had Dell and HP virtually tied for first place with 17.2% market share each (HP ever so slightly higher) and the IDC one had HP 300k units (or 0.2%) ahead.

    Dell are still #1 in the USA, but even there the gap narrowed, from Dell having a 2.2 million unit lead in the previous quarter to a 1.5 million unit lead in the quarter just ended.

    HP are really leaping ahead. I expect they will take the US #1 spot back from Dell sometime next year.

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  • dongmin
    Aug 15, 10:18 PM
    Really? I can't stand it. The buttons break Apple's own Human Interface guidelines and make the interface even less inconsistent. One of the first things I did when I got tiger was to install Mail Stamps ( to restore the old look.Agreed, about the buttons. But at least the sidebar is improved in a useful way. I hate how the text on the current sidebar hangs to the side of the images, taking up valuable width.

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  • BillyBates
    Apr 7, 01:26 PM
    Does anyone have any previous experience of buying WWDC tickets from eBay?

    If I can find a reasonably-priced one then I might go for it, but I don't want to get turned away at the door :(


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  • MacNut
    May 1, 10:31 PM
    Do we know where Chuck Norris was last week?

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  • asleep
    Apr 22, 07:21 PM
    Sweet. :apple:

    Dunno what all the whining is about.


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  • kirk26
    Apr 15, 11:56 AM
    how would you know? it's only been out a couple hours.

    It came out yesterday. Not a couple of hours ago. I stream Sirius radio on the weekdays at work and I notice a difference in the battery usage.

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  • maccompaq
    Feb 1, 09:37 AM
    Charlie, Charlie, when are you going to grow up?


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  • Dagless
    Nov 11, 07:14 AM

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  • nsjoker
    Jul 28, 05:00 PM
    "We do need a more consistent experience,",,,, introducing the Zune Blue Screen.

    :/ i've yet to see a blue screen from xp. i'm sure it's out there. but if you run sp2, xp is a pretty solid and reliable OS. zune won't beat the ipod, but it sure as hell won't fail.


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  • Kilamite
    Oct 3, 09:43 AM
    This is exactly why I turn 3G off on my iPhone. The reception in Edinburgh is appalling - I walk around the city and my phone is constantly skipping between GPRS and 3G. And sometimes it'll just say "No Service" until I turn 3G off and it forces GPRS connection.

    I think the iPhone has really outlined the flaws and poor reception that carriers have in some major areas.

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  • appie57
    Apr 11, 04:24 PM Waard 008.jpg


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  • everydave
    May 3, 08:00 AM
    I've not seen any word on if one could use the new iMacs as an external display like you could previously. A 27" display with a "built in" quad core media server for the price of a core 2 duo mini is sounding really good right now!

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  • dernhelm
    Oct 19, 07:39 AM
    Is there anything really innovative there? I don't think so. Yes, MacPro is an example of beautiful engineering, but there's not much innovation in there.

    So what are you expecting? The computer industry hasn't been truly innovative since the first ICs were produced. I suppose you could claim the invention of the mouse was relatively innovative, but certainly not the addition of the keyboard - those had been used in typewriters for years! For the rest of it, all it is is binary mathematics - with short and long term storage - this was all stuff mathematicians had a handle on for millenia. Nothing innovative there right? The internet? Not really innovative, people had been connecting PCs together with serial and parallel cables for years before that. The internet did it better, but so what? To be truly innovative, you must come up with something that no one else has ever done, right?

    In case you hadn't noticed, pretty much everything in the computer industry had been done before, or can be seen as an adaption of something else. So by your definition, there are no new ideas and therefore no innovation anywhere. Which leads me to ask, what innovative things are you looking for, that you feel you can criticize Apple for not being innovative enough?


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  • kazmac
    May 3, 08:03 AM
    Wow, those are some BTO options once you get to the high end 21.5".

    This is a very impressive upgrade. 16GB and 2 Drives in a 21.5" ? that's wonderful. This bodes very well for future Mac releases across the board. I really hope all of the kinks of the last 2 years are worked out.

    Will watch very carefully > I'm really not wanting to get another iMac but I hope these kinds of upgrades will become common place. This would be the machine I'd get for work since video/web design etc. is becoming part of my duties, if my job 1) supported Mac use and 2) funded the darn thing.

    C'mon Apple let's see these kinds of options for the Mac Mini (not everything but more RAM, two drives, separate GPU and thunderbolt would be sweet).

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  • Winnychan213
    Apr 14, 02:30 AM
    I hope there will be dual-core processor and 1Gb ram on the white phone, that's all i am asking for. Otherwise i am going to use my cheap cell phone until iphone 5 comes out.


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  • Corey Grandy
    Sep 12, 09:18 PM
    Best $400.00 anyone has ever spent.

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  • ToddJ
    Mar 31, 08:44 PM
    They ought to have a 'classic' mode for iCal so people can choose...i know it won't happen though

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  • beaner454
    Mar 31, 10:45 AM
    The answer here seems so obvious, how did Apple miss it?

    Bring over some of the nice eye candy features from the iPad, like animated calendar pages, but leave the clean professional look alone. I hate using Outlook for calendars and now iCal looks ridiculous and wastes more space than anyone could imagine...what's a man to do?

    Apr 28, 11:51 AM
    Not surprising the iPhone 3GS was #2.

    This is the real data. How are the actual phones selling... That is why when people try to convolute Android vs iOS on phones only it is silly.

    Apple is dominating the smartphone markets with their individual products. Opening up to Verizon has taken away one of Android's advantages in the US.

    All 4 iPhones are in the Top 10 of smartphones sold since the iPhone came out. In fact they are probably all in the top 6 or 7.

    Apr 22, 04:19 PM
    I don't see them enlarging the screen by a mere .2" it seems illogical to me. Plus the mock up really sucks lol surely Apple would come up with something much more appealing then this. My money is on the iPhone 5 to be nearly identical to the iPhone 4 except with better insides :)

    Oct 29, 10:59 PM
    i was running -8, should i be running -16?

    spotlight shouldnt have been an issue-- it had been on for hours and theres no user accounts on it. raid wasnt on yet.

    not stressing too much about it. it's nice to replace a bunch of random machines (especially imacs) with one big producer that actually has a big fan and is designed to get rid of heat fast. those imacs get so hot i get scared for the components. we've had several go out recently. the fan hole on the back is so small its almost comical. apple can't have a fan on the back thats bigger than the logo! it can't have a hard drive light or a cd eject! that would ruin the aesthetics! can't replace the harddrive without suction cups!! needless to say i hate imacs.

    Nov 1, 03:34 PM
    I'll be happy with my car/road tax getting paid and some iTunes giftcards :).

    May 2, 09:58 PM
    I hope everyone is signed up for the Apple Store is down e-mail. :p

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