Thursday, May 26, 2011

baby pictures wallpapers

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  • Doctor Q
    Apr 7, 12:53 PM
    It's amazing that they can still make money selling Centipede and its peers.

    Is there a Steve Jobs homage in Breakout?
    They should hide an Easter egg in Breakout so that a System 7.5 SimpleText window pops up! :D See Breakout, The Easter Egg (

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  • Baby Wallpaper.

  • jared1988
    Apr 19, 05:01 PM

    not my photo :o

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  • AmigoMac
    Nov 1, 11:27 AM
    It would be useful (this is not addressed just to you, Amigo) if instead of just listing a bunch of programs you gave a quick description of what each program does, like AL did in his original post. Links would be helpful, as well.

    I just want to promote the web searching. ;)
    I will tell how to fish, I won't give the fish. :cool: J/K

    Adium: Messenger
    Netnewswire lite :RSS reader
    Romeo: Bridge between Nokia 3650 and iBook (BT controller)
    KTA Tennis: Game
    Mactracker : Apple computers database
    Poisoned :P2P,
    Skype : Messenger, Internet Phone,
    VLC, MPlayer... Video players.
    MRChat: Macrumors IRC Client.
    MacJournal: if you are a writer.

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  • abc123
    Nov 6, 10:49 PM
    I've installed two or three versions of Sidetrack on my Powerbook now and have been using Sidetrack for about a year and have never had a singele problem. It's been such a staple that it's irritating when I use another laptop, much like Quicksilver - heck I even try to open Quicksilver using Quicksilver when I have to restart it! :p - so give it a go. I'm sorry to hear that another user had problems but it's been nothing less than perfect for me and the hot corners are great! :)
    haha i do the same thing with quicksilver and then get annoyed at the thought of having to go poke around in my applications folder.

    i've also never had any problems using sidetrack. i think it is fantastic, it makes my trackpad better than a mouse with a scroll wheel in my mind :)
    when i use my brothers computer i get all frustrated without it.

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  • Cute Baby

  • arn
    Oct 30, 09:47 AM
    doing some mysql repairs. :)


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  • dianeoforegon
    May 2, 09:42 PM
    For admin help ask on this list:

    MacEnterprise, Inc

    Subscription Options and Archives (

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  • rdowns
    Apr 14, 09:59 AM
    Just do what we do in the UK in our sports games and call the referee a wanker.

    Would just be a matter of time until Masturbation-Americans claim the word as their own. ;)

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  • newyorksole
    Apr 13, 11:05 AM
    Can you guys answer 1 question for me?

    When the next iPhone does come out how will iPhone 4 Verizon customers be able to upgrade? Do you think that Verizon and AT&T will work out an early upgrade for them?

    Or do you think people who want the iPhone on Verizon will have already waited for the 5.

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  • roadbloc
    Feb 1, 11:45 AM

    baby pictures wallpapers. aby pictures wallpapers.
  • aby pictures wallpapers.

  • CaoCao
    Apr 14, 11:10 PM
    Not necessarily. ACT UP was a very aggressive group in the 80's that used that motto to bring attention to the AIDS crisis. I didn't like them or their tactics much at all at the time either. But you know what? It worked. They definitely served their purpose and are responsible for bringing serious attention to HIV/AIDS. Because you know what? Standing up to bullies like social conservatives works.

    What doesn't work is letting them walk all over you, like they've been doing for decades. I'm talking about people who, no matter what you do, will NEVER respect you unless you stand up to them. Sometimes, violence is the answer. I'm sorry, but that's just a sad truth. It should always be the last resort, but it is the only answer sometimes. If people like this think you'll never fight back, you'll always lose. Because you know why? They think we're evil. They think we're the enemy. They've dehumanized us to such an extent that they think it's OK to beat the crap out of us, take our rights and even try to take our children. Would you sit still for that? They will never see us as even remotely human. And if we sit there and take it, we'll never get anywhere. These are not people you play nice with, because they won't play nice back.

    Um no, hemophiliacs and it getting in to the straight population is what caused the growth in awareness.

    When did man-man or woman-woman sex produce children?

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  • aby desktop wallpaper

  • Brinkman
    Oct 14, 08:41 AM
    Took this picture in Heidelberg Germany.

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  • celticpride678
    Mar 27, 12:28 AM
    It's a bug. Right now, Safari will only "resume" if you restart the computer.

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  • Jeffrosproto
    Dec 27, 08:32 AM
    What speaker are these? ...... does anyone know?


    More specifically, KRK Rokit RP6G2.

    I got:

    2 KRK Rokit RP5G2
    $35 in iTunes cards
    $10 Starbucks card
    $15 Tim Hortans card

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  • dscuber9000
    Apr 25, 10:46 AM
    I still think the white one is ugly as hell, but whatever.

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  • citizenzen
    Mar 20, 12:31 PM
    I send out a lot of resumes but no real nibbles yet.

    Don't send out resumes. Put together a portfolio and arrange a meeting.

    Tell them you're the best thing since sliced bread, and you'll do anything (almost ;)) to prove it to them. I wouldn't give a resume a second glance, but could easily spend 15 minutes looking over an aspiring designer's work.

    If your work is good and you present it and yourself well, it should be enough to get your foot in the door somewhere. Be prepared to discuss your decision making process in detail.

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  • pubwvj
    Apr 4, 11:05 AM
    FT? Who? Guess it doesn't matter.

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  • mikeschmeee
    May 2, 10:13 PM
    So many car shows over the last few days. I missed a few due to prior engagements but I tried to snap as many photos as I possibly could within the given time frame. Here we go...

    Japanese Classic: ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( (

    There were a few Fairladies and other Z cars (240 & 260) but I'm still working on them. The lighting was so harsh as always. Car clubs and other organizers always have their shows or meets on pure sunny days so its just too bright and the colours look cooked hah. But I tried my best.

    I'll be posting more in a few!

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  • Cute Baby wallpapers 13

  • JeremyDScott
    Mar 11, 03:24 PM
    I'm told there are about 100 people in line in Hingham.

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  • Posted in: Baby Wallpapers

  • Hildron101010
    Mar 23, 09:53 AM
    Haha, the caption for the picture is wrong. It says he is demoing Lion, but he's really showing Snow Leopard.

    Apr 7, 02:30 PM
    Yeah, I remember being so bummed out when our arcade swapped the sit-down Star Wars model for the smaller stand-up version. Boooo

    Don't forget also Star Trek Strategic Ops:

    Guy had the sit-down one local for $750 in perfect condition - wow, sold it in under 1/2 hour... :eek:

    Aug 21, 11:57 AM
    Awww! Thanks. :)

    Apr 6, 01:05 PM
    So what comes next after Petabyte? the Omgbyte?

    Feb 14, 01:12 PM
    Just to let know everybody that i just sent my first complain about edesignuk as a moderator.
    I'm gonna have to go with the crowd here and ask why? I'm not aware that I've done anything other than move a couple of threads, and ban a few spammers :confused:

    Its fair to say that you and I don't really get along often, but I'm certainly not out to get anyone.

    Feb 8, 08:37 PM
    How do I get the cool weather widgets like that?
    New to Apple Computers! On my first one now and wanna do a little bit of customizing it! I just bought it Saturday!

    He did it with an app called geektool. It takes a little know how to do, but there are plenty of dummy proof guides on youtube.

    I used to use geektool until I got a few Kernal panics and I noticed my mac taking a performance hit from it. Be careful when your messing with system tweaks!

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