Thursday, May 26, 2011

aylar lie wallpapers

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  • NT1440
    Jul 15, 11:56 PM
    Jobs doesn't deny the problem. He just said the facts are different than being reported and earlier acknowledged that how you hold it affects the signal. Learn to read, people.


    Someone with reading comprehension!

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  • iMacZealot
    Oct 13, 01:55 AM
    I was thinking that it'd be really cool to release it early at MacWorld, but I highly doubt it as they'll probably need another two or three months to get a golden seed. They announced Tiger sometime around August and put it out in April; I don't see why and how they could release it in January but it still would be cool and beat the crap out of Redmond.

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  • drummingcraig
    Apr 12, 04:15 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8G4 Safari/6533.18.5)

    Why do people think apple should buy Netflix? This would be the dumbest acquisition EVER. Apple can build a competing service with better instant selection for a little more money.

    Netflix sucks. I'm this close to cancelling my service.

    Apple will preload a media app on every I-device and advertise on television. Netflix will Lose half it's value overnight. Also, apple will possibly allow you to demo games on your tv..

    Building a better instant selection isn't solely up to Apple. Apple would need to negotiate rights & prices from the studios for streaming content. A big reason why Netflix's instant movie library is a little gimpy surely has to do with keeping the subscription rates competitive. Apple is not just going to be able to immediately offer the "coolest & best" new content in a streaming format without charging a premium for it (as demanded by the studios).

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  • Eidorian
    Jul 12, 07:04 PM
    I say keep the Core Solo Mac mini around. I know it's a few dollars less then a Core Duo but we need something to round out the $500 area again. The markets are really segmented at $499, $999, $1499, and $1999.

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  • OdduWon
    Oct 19, 09:57 PM
    why should this new ipod be just for video? if it is to be above and ipod, it should be an ipod pro. it will take things to the next step:D

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  • abeyk
    Jul 11, 09:31 PM
    i dont care what its made of, as long as its not plastic coated..

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  • jonnysods
    Apr 6, 02:26 PM
    I don't know what the griping is about. I use Outlook heavily for calendar and email via exchange. Works flawlessly for me, and is far more lightweight and user friendly than friggin Entourage. Forget that junk.

    Apple need to raise the iOS bar and get tasks on the phone to catch up with exchange. Hurry up guys.

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  • Adidas Addict
    Apr 11, 08:49 AM
    Carbon fiber defies it's cost and looks very cheap and tacky.

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  • twoodcc
    Feb 28, 07:04 AM
    Running tri-channel @ 1600mhz (2gb x3). Have -smp 11 flag. Task manager shows 90-93% like it should while all the cores are at 100%.

    Haven't downloaded the new client yet as I didn't know a new one got released. Will do that tomorrow when I get some time.

    let us know how it does with the new client. also, make note of which work unit that you are folding, as stated before the 2684's are tough units.

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  • conch575
    Apr 13, 02:36 AM
    How sad, I could have had that iPad.. Could you imagine being that iPad, being so excited to make someone's life become so awesome, then you get blended... Lucky iPad's don't have feelings, or do they?

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  • rtdunham
    Aug 7, 08:49 PM
    you would think by now they would have mastered the high demand keynote stream, but no, you'd be wrong. :rolleyes:

    I'm surprised that everyone casually excuses the failure to stream adequately, saying "but so many people are watching". Don't we criticize the phone company when it can't handle call volume that's expected, like around the holidays? Imagine if the movie you wanted to watch on cable tonight couldn't be viewed, because the cable company just couldn't serve all its customers. My point is, Apple's a computer company. More than that, it's one that promotes active multimedia use and consumption. Not being able to arrange sufficient servers for the necessary streams is an embarassment. Speaking as a shareholder, I don't like it.

    Now, the suggestion that the talk should've been posted to the ITMS is insightful. Besides, how many of us would've paid $1.99 to see it NOW? I know i would have. Impulse buys are what fuel the itms, aren't they?


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  • AppliedVisual
    Nov 17, 12:09 AM
    If the bottom half of the device is a touchscreen, you don't have to use physical overlays. You could expand on the concept of the Nintendo DS.

    There's also the upcoming keyboards that we'll see from a few different manufacturers this next year. They have printed OLED displays on each key which can show images of letters or other icons representing shortcuts/functions that change depending on your active application. ...Here's one of them (

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  • asphalt-proof
    Oct 20, 11:54 AM
    I disagree. I like how its seperate. What could you possibly need to sync between Mail and iCal anyways..... Event invties... ohh wait that works. I believe its better to have 3 seperate programs instead of entourage... that way you can be more efficient with your use. Like for instance, when I use my laptop in class I close Mail... cause I don't have Internet, but I still need iCal. So its perfect. I mean the only downside is that you have to click to open two apps. I don't see anything else. WHat can you integrate between the two other than contacts which is its own program.

    I think its perfect how it is. I would love to see new features, new features are always great; I just can't think of any. Ohh I know one. Making things in iCal have links to documents so if a To-Do is to like finish a project.. u can link to the files so its all there, due date, importance, notes, location of files. And maybe they could work on the calendars (categories). Smart calendars would be nice. And more flexibility with calendars. I don't really see any other problems. I'm sure there are I'm just not that good at looking.

    I have to disagree. In this case, integration is not a big deal. But in an office environment, having to switch between programs in order to take care of emails, contacts, appointments, and tasks is a big time waster. Yes, iCal has the event thingy and tasks but the fact remains that its not tightly coordinated like Outlook. I really don't understand why thye just don't put iCal in with Mail.

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  • alent1234
    Apr 12, 12:21 PM
    Totally, cause Apple's video content pricing mirrors it's song's. Oh wait?! Apples and Oranges dude...lets make a really simple example

    Netflix: 7.99 Unlimited Streaming*

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  • plumosa
    Mar 5, 09:25 AM
    Wow! That couple needs some serious marriage counseling. Hopefully, they can work out their issues and get back to a healthy marriage.

    riiiighhhht. because all marriages should be saved, even if its abusive!

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  • Flowbee
    Jan 5, 01:49 AM
    3:00 at the marked horseshoe lounge sounds great to me. I think I can make that any day next week. Like vniow, it would help if people knew what day(s) they'll likely participate in this.

    I like the idea of keeping a standing 3:00 meeting every day of the expo, since we'll all have different schedules. Some of us may show up on several days, just to see who else is there.

    But if we want to set one BIG meeting that everybody should plan to attend, I suggest Wednesday, Jan. 10th, 3:00 at the horseshoe. By then, some of the craziness of the first day will have died down, and we'll all have had a chance to see the new stuff on display in the Apple booth, and around the exhibition halls.

    Sound like a plan?

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  • David G.
    Apr 12, 02:08 AM

    aylar lie wallpapers. aylar lie wallpapers. Aylar Lie; Aylar Lie. bac4Christ. Nov 17, 12:32 PM. I#39;m sure that somewhere in their headquarters Apple
  • aylar lie wallpapers. Aylar Lie; Aylar Lie. bac4Christ. Nov 17, 12:32 PM. I#39;m sure that somewhere in their headquarters Apple

  • Silentwave
    Jul 11, 07:01 PM
    Many professional cameras use magnesium alloys for their chassis, makes for a very light but amazingly strong frame that will not burn any more than aluminum :)

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  • Lord Blackadder
    Aug 3, 12:25 AM
    US-made Budwesier is foul. Though, America does not have a monopoly on horrible beer, as anyone who has had a Foster's, Carlsberg, Heineken, Tecate or Molson will attest.

    Aug 3, 10:40 AM
    Have you ever seen us actually put a pic on our homepage? ;)

    Oh no I didn't mean it like that I just was looking for a direct link to the pic.

    Yea banner. Oh, and I'm putting money on the iChatMobile pic is real.

    I agree 100%

    Mar 7, 04:14 PM
    Perhaps, but they seemingly let it fly under the radar for a reason, and now it�s been exposed, what will the repercussions be?

    Why can't we just have a secret update to iChat that unlocks Facetime or something?

    Mar 8, 11:54 AM

    Link please!

    Apr 12, 06:15 AM
    What about:
    MacBooks made of carbon fiber (replacing white plastic).
    MacBook Pros made of Liquidmetal.

    IMO it would be the other way around...Carbon Fiber is a "Pro" a material as you get.

    Apr 29, 11:32 AM
    Spot-on commentary.

    PR nightmare for a company that likes to cultivate its image.

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