Wednesday, June 1, 2011

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  • MarksEvilTwin
    Nov 26, 12:28 PM

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  • MacRumors
    Sep 30, 10:25 AM (

    Lotus Notes, a high-visibility enterprise class communications suite by IBM, will receive improved Macintosh support ( according to Mike Rhodin, general manager of IBM's Lotus group speaking to CRN.

    "We have millions of Notes seats on the Mac now, and some very large customers are active in the beta and are very vocal about that," Rhodin said in an interview with CRN. "The Mac is a resurgent platform."

    In addition, the next release will receive iNotes compatibility for Macs. Sametime 7.5 (, IBM's enterprise instant messaging solution (including VoIP support) also includes Macintosh client support.

    Many in the Mac community have been wondering whether Apple's Intel switch would bring forth increased interest from enterprise customers. Rhodin's comments can't be taken to represent the entire enterprise Mac market of course, but they can represent an interesting insight into how well the Mac version of a product that is used by government and many large corporations is doing.

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  • MacNut
    Feb 12, 09:35 PM
    We all knew it was matter of time before edesign was promoted. After the dozen paged thread about him who could refuse? :D

    Well I can only dream of achieving the moderator status. Maybe in 2 years Arn will give me a shot.Its always good to start kissing up now.

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  • thunng8
    Oct 3, 10:13 AM
    Yet another Notes hater here.

    I first came across it at work in 1992 or so, back with version 2. We used it for our customer support and sales databases, and the company were still using it in 1999 when I finally left them. By then they were also developing a web-server product based on the current Notes webserver component, and re-launched the company around this product, floating the company to obtain extra venture capital. It was quite frankly the worst performing web server I'd ever seen, and the company folded when the money ran out.

    As part of supporting this junk product I had to pass a Notes exam. For that I learnt how Notes mail handled multiple copies of the same large attachment within multiple mailboxes. I forget the full details, but there was a nightly process that ran through the mail database and consolidated such attachments. It was a horrible mechanism. The previous mail system I came from handled this in a far simpler way by simply using hard links.

    A collegue once ran the then current Notes release under the debug version of Windows 3.1, and had never seen so many reported errors in code.

    I'd also had to integrate Notes (version 4 I believe) into another E-mail sytem via a gateway at a customer. Configuring SMTP to an external source under Notes was a pain, and it took 3 'engineers' about 4 hours to try all of the combinations before we could get it to both send and receive mail.

    I've come across Notes a few times since then. Still horrible.

    The versions you have mentioned are from 10+ years ago. Why are you bringing this up? The Mac will get the latest version ported and I see it as a good thing. Whether you like it or not, Notes is used widely throughout many companies (over 120M "seats" worldwide) and having a modern up to date and supported version for the Mac is good.


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  • Blakeco123
    Apr 26, 12:44 AM
    Sorry if its been posted, i couldn't find it. so i have an old Digital audio powermac g4 and for some reason it wont boot to the os, it makes a loud beep (not the startup chime) the fans spin up and the hard drive spins, however if you plug a screen into the computer the screen goes into sleep mode. the power light just blinks on and off too, like once every second. Im dont know what is wrong with it.

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  • supersean579
    Mar 24, 10:29 PM

    All of you audio guys and gals out there, SoundsToys is giving away copies of their new plug-in Devil-Loc!
    Just follow this link to get your free plug-in:




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  • ipalove
    Dec 22, 09:24 AM
    I believe it can only be connected to one pair at a time...

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  • jtglenn
    Apr 17, 04:16 PM
    During which month they provide "Back to School" promotion?



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  • Gen3tix
    Oct 19, 12:22 AM
    Anyone going to the Apple Store in Freehold Raceway Mall?

    I should be able to get there around 3-4 if I choose to go to Freehold over Menlo Park, since both are only 20 minutes from me.

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  • ghboard2010
    Dec 11, 02:02 AM
    Keepin' it real simple:


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  • tjb1
    Feb 14, 09:17 AM
    Also just FYI, keep in mind the power consumption.

    "The original PS3 model will use about 200 Watts while running Folding@home. A later model PS3 (with a 40 GB hard drive) will use about 115 Watts."

    So, either 1 or 2 big light bulbs if you wanna look at it that way.

    Well im at school so it would be using there power :) Do these tasks kinda lock the PS3 down for a specific amount of time or what?

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  • turtle777
    Jan 13, 12:20 AM
    The 2012 Passat is good news. It will make the 2009/2010/2011 Passat's resale value drop.

    Let the sheeple "upgrade" to the better, uhm, newer model.



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  • StealthRider
    Sep 24, 07:06 PM
    No, your 'tar is "Chunky Barf Inducing"...a big ol' Chipotle burrito with (almost) everything on it is bliss. (Sorry, I'm starting to feel 3 days of no solid food).

    Anyway...18 is can't really stop your son. If you have objections, voice them, otherwise, don't make it harder than it has to be.

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  • AussieSusan
    Nov 29, 04:33 PM
    Don't the movie studios operate as commercial businesses? Don't they make a profit (overall - some movies flop I know)?

    They couldn't affort to spend $100M/movie if they didn't get the money back!

    Therefore, iPod sales are 'extra' income for them.

    I know that there may be some drop-off in theatre ticket sales if the same movie is available via iPod sometime in the future, but don't they face this now with DVD sales?

    It may be simplistic, but why not hold back offering the on-line sale of the movie until they have exhausted the 'theatre experience' the way they do with DVD sales, and then get ready for the '2nd wave' of additional income.

    I agree that you should pay for what you have, but I also think you should get what you pay for without excessive restrictions. Yes, electronic media differs from physical media and some rules should be different, but the underlying principles stay the same.



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  • gwfattwkr
    Jun 18, 05:18 PM
    i will be there around 5:30 - 6

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  • willber
    Apr 21, 09:13 AM
    Is anyone wanting the psd?


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  • RED�
    Oct 9, 03:07 PM
    Just try the link posted above and you'll be lucky :)

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  • ericinboston
    Mar 23, 11:30 AM
    While I'd love to see more Mac related articles, it's not like MR is holding them back. The site has always been about Apple and Apple news. Apple has more than one product line now.

    I know...but this place is called Mac Rumors...not Apple Rumors...and not Mac (and other stuff) Rumors. The site states " is a website focused on Apple news and rumors. " but I would agree with a lot of other people that so much of this news is 8 degrees from truly Apple news. Firefox news? Come on. Lines forming at select Apple stores? Sheeez. Don't litter this site with QUANTITY...fill it with QUALITY.

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  • mattwolfmatt
    May 2, 10:44 PM
    What's in it for me? Seriously, the owner of Macrumors makes $100K plus off this site (so much that he quit his job AS A DOCTOR.) Why should I give blood just to glorify the name of his website & make him richer?

    What's in it for me?

    Weirdest comment ever. But, it did make me realize that perhaps arn's medical history has persuaded him to push for blood donation. Great!

    Jul 26, 09:04 PM
    Get a $100 inkjet cd/dvd printer. I use the Epson R320 (has a few more bells and whistles). You can Google images and print just about any kind of image on your discs. They look GREAT!
    Generic ink is about $15 for a complete set! Doesn't look the best for photos but works fine for labels.


    I have a R200 and made a bulk-in to save some money on ink... but i'm not so much satisfied... original ink looks better anyway.

    Jun 6, 04:12 AM
    If anyone mistakes it for the real mousepointer and is confused for a millisecond, that's the evil intention behind it. Don't know if it will work though.

    Cepe Indicum
    Jan 9, 04:54 PM
    I'm with both sides on this argument.

    Not the best Keynote I've ever seen, but then again, with such an impressive device like the iPhone (and I think most people are agreed on that), it would have been a very long Keynote if Steve had demo'd Leopard features as well. :rolleyes:

    I'm gonna give them the benefit of the doubt, and wait for an announcement of another 'special event' in the near future. :) Hope so anyway.

    Kind of a bitter-sweet day for me.

    Apr 20, 06:05 PM
    We're winning! We're really winning this time!

    Suck on these :apple: :apple: :apple: :apple: fandroids.

    Feb 1, 10:46 AM
    iOS Fabric :D

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